Vacancy Part 1 – Jen Lee: PREVIEW!

CBP - NB - Vacancy We’re lucky to have some interior art to share from the first part of Jen Lee’s ‘VACANCY’ – Some seriously inspired sequential art. Check it out!
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CBP - NB - Vacancy
Vacancy part 1
Jen Lee
17×23 / Vacancy
In a dishevelled and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon has been forgotten by his owners. Simon contemplates breaking free and eventually partners up with a raccoon and a deer who take him into the woods. But Simon realizes he is not quite ready to live in the wild.
Vacancy, along with many of Lee’s works, explores the ways that animals think; how they may internalize their changing environment and express their thoughts, fears or excitement. And in the abandoned and destroyed areas of the town strange things begin to happen…
About the Author
Jen Lee was born in Manhattan but grew up in a beach town in Florida. Lee started to draw and make stories in elementary school; they were usually about animals.
Lee studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC for a BFA in illustration, whilst also taking classes in comics, graphic design, and writing. After graduation she picked up a job in graphic design/marketing with a software company. Lee currently freelances in a farmhouse out of Idaho, some of her clients include Drop Dead Clothing, Burton, Boom! Studios, and Nickelodeon. Her work is influenced by artists such as Marc Boutavant, Dave Cooper and Andrei Tarkovsky.