“They’ve Worked Out The Kinks In Your DNA” – A Home Defence Update (The Latest Paranoia from Our Friend ‘Al Lillika’ & Co)

CPP - Home Defence Here’s the latest dose of paranoia and, um, ‘speculative journalism'(?!) from Home Defence’s Al Likilla (Alan Devey)…
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“I don’t think the end of the world is the end of the world.” –  Lee Ryan

Welcome all, to a sunny springtime of corruption, war and unwell dogs. And what better way to celebrate 2015 getting into gear than with a read of the interweb’s deluxe Paranoia and Lifestyle Webzine, Home Defence?

Three Cornish Schoolboys Leave UK “To Fight For House Targaryen”. This time we start in Cornwall, where three families are horrified to discover their sons intending to fight in a dangerous foreign war. That’s International News. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - Home Defence Mar 15 St Austell
CA - HD Mar 15 - nat_millihands Carabas - Arrow Left Back home in National News, Ed Milliband and Andy Burnham have been forced to reveal Labour’s intention to fully weaponise the NHS.

New recruit Zeus Moade pushes himself to the edge, bingeing on House of Cards Season 3 and subsequently getting The Culture Sweats.

An exclusive Investigation considers recent statements by literary sensation Zadie Smith and soon uncovers the truth about her personal life.

CA - HD Mar 15 - The Capstan Shafts Carabas - Arrow Left Our Classic Album you really won’t have heard of this time is a 2010 indie-pop opus. Yes, The Capstan Shafts’ ‘Revelation Skirts’ is covered in Music.
As the coalition defends its record, we have a Special Report on the unofficial UK government policy of culling the underclass. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD Mar 15 - int_diddyangry2

And finally, back by popular demand, our Editorial pushes the multimedia experience that is 50 Shades of Sh*te.

That’s all for now. Join us again in a couple of months for a bumper Home Defence General Election Special!

Until then, make sure you keep a dog-food taster on speed-dial, just in case.