The Spectators – Victor Hussenot: PREVIEW!

CBP - NB - The Spectators We’re lucky to have some interior art to share from Victor Hussenots ‘THE SPECTATORS’ – Some seriously inspired sequential art. Check it out!
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CBP - NB - The Spectators
The Spectators
Victor Hussenot
What if we are merely shadows, our characters defined by a simple inflection of light? The realm of possibilities opens up, because in our world we are nothing but spectators.
The Spectators unfolds as a poetic and philosophical introspection on the nature of man. Hussenot’s palette is awash with subtle colour, gently carrying the narrative and allowing the reader to envelop themselves in the lyricism of the work. Reminiscent of French New Wave cinema with its clipped dialogue, gentle pacing and departure from a classic narrative structure, Spectators is an exciting new graphic novel by a unique illustrator.
About the Author
After obtaining a degree in graphic design from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy, Victor Hussenot, born in 1985, returned to Paris. It was during his last year of study, having been twice nominated for the Young Talent award at Angouleme that Victor signed his first book deal with Éditions Warum.
This led to the publication of his first graphic novel for adults La Casa, in 2011. In this story it is the panels themselves that are the subject of the narrative, treating his characters’ relationship to the panels as though they were apartment blocks, or homes. In January 2014 he published his first French children’s book with a Geneva-based publisher La Joie De Lire, entitled Au Pays des Lignes (sic. In the land of the lines) a beautiful, wordless picture book that explores line and narrative through the exclusive use of line work, with the notable exception of the villain, who is represented using only form and colour.
Hussenot’s work frequently displays a penchant for the metaphysical and ruminates not just on the form of the book or the medium itself, but on life and storytelling in often witty turns of phrase that dispense judgements on both effortlessly.