Comic Preview: Blade Runner 2019 by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Andres Guinaldo!


2019: The year in which Rick Deckard was tasked with hunting down the Nexus-6 replicants in the original Blade Runner. This year Titan Comics published – and have now collected –Blade Runner 2019.

We’re the more selective in the tie-ins we cover next to entirely original works. But then this is co-created by Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green along a writer who’s no stranger either to high profile adaptations having written more Star Trek comics than anyone else – Mike Johnson with whom Michael collaborated on Superman / Batman. And that’s not forgetting artist Andres (Justice League Dark, Captain America) Guinaldo!

Here’s what we thought of it – followed by preview pages of the first issues and more below…

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Press Release & Preview: Fighting Fantasy’s Freeway Fighter comes to Titan Comics!

ca-freeway-fighter-original We just had to shout about this the moment the news came in – especially as we’ve got interior art to share! Well we loved the old Fighting Fantasy Books back in the day, and of course are entirely pleased that Wizard / Icon Books returned them to print. But a story with original creator, the legendary Ian Livingstone from the fab Titan Comics? Stop everything, hold onto your Mad Max, hit the nox and get shouting! Full press release, preview pages and Youtube video below… ca-freeway-fighter-wizard-books


From Titan Comics:



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Graphic Novel Preview: Pacific by Romain Baudy and Martin Trystram

PACIFIC In just two years Titan Comics have built an incredible list of comics / graphic novels, cannily acquiring and bringing quality works of yesteryear back into print (The Light & Darkness War), media adaptations (Dr Who and many more) and, of course, original works (Death Sentence, Surface Tension et al).
With a view to the latter they’ve also been tapping the wealth of untranslated talent on the continent and bringing it to the anglophone market. We’re always keeping an eye out for some select highlights to preview and thought we’d do so for Baudy & Trystram’s PACIFIC, coming in Hardback from Titan November 2016…

As Titan tells us:


It’s “Das Boot meets the Pagemaster” in this incredible new OGN, presented in a glorious landscape, hardcover edition.
Writing and Art by Romain Baudy and Martin Trystram – £18.99, November 9th, 2016
Young Udo’s first mission in the second world war is as a radio operator aboard a German U-Boat, patrolling the Pacific. In his personal effects, he carries a book banned by the Nazis. When the war hero and master of the vessel, Captain Kaleunt, tries to destroy it, it mysteriously reappears…


See below for preview art – we’ll be updating this page with new material as it comes…

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SURFACE TENSION by Jay Gunn – Preview (Now optioned for TV!)

CGJJ16 - Ti - Feb - Surface Tension Jay Gunn’s Surface Tension was entirely on our radar – we’d plucked it out as one of our February Recommends and, bumping into and chatting with its creator at LSCC 2016, Jay had written an article for us on his musical inspirations for it. Well apparently we weren’t the only ones who were impressed: because – news just in from Titan Comics – it’s just been optioned for a TV series by Awesome Media!
Anyway we’d been meaning to follow up with some preview material for the series and, given we hadn’t got round to before, what better time than now? So find below Titan’s trailer for Surface Tension and some interior art as well.

Many congrats to Jay and enjoy!

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Preview – Rivers of London Comics: Night Witch by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel and Lee Sullivan

CPP - Rivers of London Last year saw the debut of original, canonical stories of Ben Aaronovitch‘s bestselling Rivers of London in comic form, courtesy of the author, Dr Who show-runner Andrew Cartmel, comic artist and veteran of Who strips Lee Sullivan and Titan Comics. Titled Rivers of London: Body Work (our preview page of that volume), it was released as a collection in March of this year (brought forward a little from April). RoL NW #1 Cover
But that’s not the end for the comic adventures of policeman and wizard Peter Grant – because Ben, Andrew, Lee and co have gone almost straight into the sequel. So here it is – issue 2 now just published at time of writing – our series preview page for the latest, Rivers of London: Night Witch! Check out the interior art and check back for more which we’ll add as and when we receive it…


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SURFACE TENSION – Musical Influences by Jay Gunn

CGJJ16 - Ti - Feb - Surface Tension We’re all about the music at Carabas, and all about the comics. So when I got chatting with writer-artist of SURFACE TENSION from Titan Comics JAY GUNN at the London Super Comic Con and was told he worked to a ‘soundtrack’ in it’s creation I nearly bit his arm off to get the inside story (track) – Here it is…
I’m sure many creators listen to music for inspiration when writing or illustrating, music helps to enable us to conjure up images and stories and thus it can become the soundtrack to our art. The soundtrack to Surface Tension was provided by the Bradford based band, New Model Army.

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Series Profile: THE TROOP – by Noel Clarke & Joshua Cassara!

The Troop #1 Cover Joshua Cassara Across the planet and unknown to each other, a group of troubled teenagers lead lives of quiet desperation. But hell is about to befall them and they find their lives destroyed when they are targeted by dark forces. On the run, they discover they have unbelievable powers and must come together – as The Troop!  – Titan
This month (Dec 15) TITAN COMICS release #1 of Noel Clarke (Mickey from Dr Who) and Joshua Cassara’s THE TROOP. A quite deliberate riff on the X-Men, with an eclectic mix of ages, personalities and abilities, The Troop follows a bunch of super-powered misfits avoiding the sinister men-in-black and religious nutcases with secrets and hidden agendas to be revealed.
Read on for the press release, title info, launch videos and interior art from #’s 1 and 2!

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Titan Graphic Novels – Publishing Jan-Jun 16!

CPP - tc-logo-sq Here’s an edited look at the Graphic Novels Titan Comics have coming for you over the period January to June 2016! FYI we tend to leave tie-ins (TV / Film) titles to other sites and focus on original material on Carabas. We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication.
*** Check out our publisher profile of Titan Comics here, and you can also see the fabulous output of Titan Books on their own Jan-Jun 16 page here (links on also to their profile and more)

Note: Publication dates correct at time of writing but can change.

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Masked Volume 2 by Serge Lehman and Stephane Crety: Preview!

CG - Titan - Oct - Masked V2 We’ve been looking forward to checking out Lehman & Crety’s MASKED series, brought to the UK by Titan Comics in collected volumes, this being the second. So we’re behind on our reading but no reason you should be. Scroll on and have a peak into Volume 2, coming in October!


NB. Pages in order but not sequential.

Masked Vol 2 Preview 1

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Series Profile: DEATH SENTENCE! (Updated)

CS - Death Sentence V1
First on our radar from Mark Millar’s rave recommend on his site on publication, Monty Nero’s and Mike Dowling’s apocalyptic superhuman romp grabbed critical acclaim and rave reviews. Now, with artist Martin Simmonds, Death Sentence is back and zooming in on London (as if it hadn’t been f***ed up enough already ;)) C - Death Sentence London Cover_A
Mind there’s always that concern of that ‘awkward second album’, especially with a change of band-member – not to worry here though: Martin Simmonds is knocking it out of every park in the big city!

Anyway, while we tend to focus on graphic novels / collected editions of comics, we are particularly keen to see crazy stuff happening to the city of our residence; so here’s our profile of what’s here, coming and been in the world of Death Sentence and Death Sentence: London!

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The Light and Darkness War by Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy: Preview!

CBP T - The Light & Darkness War Originally released in 1988 from Marvel’s creator-owned Epic Imprint we first encountered the story in Marvel UK’s Meltdown anthology, along with Akira, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and The Last American. It’s the story of a disabled Vietnam vet who wakes up with his buddies on another planet to fight in the war in which they’re engaged; it’s scripted by veteran writer Tom Veitch and the glorious art comes from the fantastic Cam Kennedy. Titan Comics acquired the rights along with many other brilliant comic stories from yesteryear and brought it out as a collection in June.
Well we might be a little behind in bringing forth a preview but it’s a cracking piece of work from what we read so we absolutely had to put this up late or otherwise… Enjoy!

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Showman Killer by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Nicolas Fructus: Preview!

CG - Titan - Nov - Showman Killer V1 Showman Killer – coming November from Titan Comics – looks absolutely crazy in the best way! Should have some (static) interior art to share before too long, but this fantastic trailer from the publisher very much does the job – Enjoy!

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Ring of Roses by Das Petrou and John Watkiss: Preview!

CG - Titan - Aug - Ring of Roses We’ve been looking forward to this – another example of Titan Comics bringing solid comics goodness of yesteryear back into print. Alternate Reality? Check. London? Check. Steampunk-ish? Check. Well at the very least falling under ‘associated fantastical anachronism’. Industry legend Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN, SECRET SERVICE) called it “fresh and invigorating… arresting and vivid!” See below for previews of John Watkiss’ fab interior art and links on to title information!

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Preview – Rivers of London Comics: Body Work by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel and Lee Sullivan

CPP - Rivers of London In 2011 Ben Aaronovitch stole London’s supernatural stage with the debut of the first volume of his PC Peter Grant urban fantasy series. Now with five out, the sixth coming this November, TV rights optioned and over a million copies sold worldwide, it’s been nothing short of a phenomenon. CGP - Rivers of London Body Work 1
Another author would happily sit on their nicely defined prose career, with a safe mainstream following: not so Ben A.
Because courtesy of the author, Dr Who show-runner Andrew Cartmel – Ben himself having two episodes to his name – and comic artist and veteran of Who strips Lee Sullivan, comes an entirely canonical Peter Grant comic series from Titan Comics!

“I’ve been a massive fan of the series for a long time and it’s always a dream to bring something you revere to life as a comic, especially when you’re working with such an incredible team of creators!”
says Steve White, Titan Comics Senior Editor.

Set between Broken Homes and Foxglove Summer (books 4 and 5) Rivers of London: Body Work arrives as a collected graphic novel in December, but the first comic of five was released on the 15th July for those who simply can’t wait – and why should you?

Here’s a trailer and a taster from Titan as to what you can look forward to…

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The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane by Philippe Druillet: Preview!

CBP T - 6 Voyages Titan Comics are doing a fantastic job returning classic comic works to print – and we’ve got here a look at the interiors of The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane by “Heavy Metal alumnus” Philippe Druillet! Check out the endorsements and hype about this volume, then browse down to view selections of the art inside!

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September 2015 New Graphic Novel Recommends!

Carabas - Graphic Novels Recommends There’s another great helping of Graphic Novels / Comic Collections coming our way this month: so here’s our top picks of the fantastical, the weird, the literary and the superheroic all together publishing in September!

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