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Author Profile – Paul Cornell

CPP - Paul Cornell
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Paul Cornell has had work produced and published since 1990 in all mediums, TV, Books and Comics. Read the rest of this entry »

Writer Profile: Si Spurrier

CPP - Si Spurrier
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About (from the author’s website):

CPP - SS Lobster Random After completing a degree in Film & Television Production at S.I.A.D. he worked as an Art Director for the BBC, and was awarded screenplay bursaries at the National Academy Of Writing and the Met Film School. CBP Marvel - X-Force V2
Since 2001 he’s become a major writer for the UK’s foremost adult comic 2000AD, and in recent years has published multiple projects through U.S. giants such as Marvel (X-Men, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider), D.C. (Poison Ivy, Power Trip), Avatar Press (Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Disenchanted), Dark Horse (In Fetu) and Image (Gutsville).

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Marvel Comics – Publishing Jan-Jun 15!

Marvel logo Here’s a look at the Graphic Novels Marvel have coming for you over the period January to June 2015!
We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together shortly by month of publication.
CBP - ASM Edge of Spider-Verse CBP - Guardians 3000 CBP - Axis CBP - Thor V1 Goddess CBP - Ant-Man V1 CBP - Death of Wolverine CBP - AV TRO 1

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The Fantastical & The Speculative – Publishing January to June 2015!

Carabas Publishing Jan-Jun 15
Herein, via links to individual pages, lies the more-or-less complete output of UK SFF publishers and the major worldwide Graphic Novel publishers for January to June 2015!
We’ve applied selection criteria with the assumption that readers with a penchant for paranormal romance and titles more for the American market will have no problem finding their next read elsewhere; reissues and back-in-print classic titles are included sparingly.

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The Greatest Creations of Fantastical Fiction Part 6

Blade Runner 1.1

In which we explore a gloriously dystopian LA, the most sublime of the sublime of weapons in space opera, Gray Hulks, heroic child-proxies, and quantum-locked Assassins… (If you haven’t read the earlier entries you can find Part 1 herePart 2 herePart 3 herePart 4 here and Part 5 here…)

Los Angeles

Los Angeles * Setting * Blade Runner * Ridley Scott

The sprawl of LA in the year 2019: the opening scene of Blade Runner. Blade Runner 1Blade Runner 2
Industrial flame plumes against the darkness of city and night, the restrained, isolated strike of lightning. Aerodyne “spinners”, patrolling police-craft, come and go, beaming suspicious light wherever they journey. In the foreground are skyscraping edifices, in the background the domineering corporate ziggurat of the Tyrell Building projecting light into the sky: Look on ye might and despair.

It’s all a play of dark and light, a thematic spectacle continued as we descend past the gigantic digital ghost of a geisha and into the rain spattered streetscape. Read the rest of this entry »

Comics Round-up: The Big Two, now and October…

Comics are big business and, since the acquisitions of Marvel and DC by Disney and Warner Bros if not before, we’ve been deluged with story events and other strategies to get us to part with our hard-earned cash. Sure, many of us have experienced ‘event fatigue’ but that hasn’t stopped the majority buying, so that’s what the Big Two are continuing to do. And characters are brands and both are doing all the brand-building and product diversification they can, especially now with major film properties and their sequels coming out (there are now no less than 7 Avengers titles, and that’s not counting the series of their solo characters).

So where are we at the moment and what’s coming later, circa October 2014?

Marvel Now Right now Jason Aaron’s Original Sin, Marvel’s current event, is in full swing. This is a choice of writer and story that actually avoids the feelings of malaise of endless events by virtue of quirkiness. It’s a cosmic murder mystery, the deceased being the alien Watcher, best known for breaking his oath of non-interference with the coming of the world-devouring Galactus. But the Watcher’s secrets have psychically leaked into the minds of heroes, stirring animosity in their ranks.

Oh and while the Punisher and Doctor Strange (of all combinations) are trying to work out whodunit, others are running around with the dead Watcher’s eyes for whatever power they might bequeath!

It’s also Marvel’s 75th Anniversary (well from its origins as Timely anyway, so we can expect another one in twenty-odd years) so there are various specials and posters coming through to celebrate, including one-shot imaginings of what their key characters might be like on their 100th (on the latter score the recent Kingpin-Venom Spider-Man issue was inspired!)

Marvel 75th Anniversary Spider-Man 100th Anniversary

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