Alternative Stuff to do this Week in London – 13-19th June!

Carabas This Weeks Event Recommends...

For our full months event recommendations see our London Events page and Regular Events page also – if we’re missing something (your own event or someone else’s) let us know!

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This July: Lola Colt release Moonlighting!

CP - Lola Colt - Moonlight Mixing We’d been keeping an eye out for developments with LOLA COLT since TWO of our main reviewers – “from the moment Lola Colt came on I knew this was going to be a special gig” / “fresh and exciting” – waxed lyrical about them in the early days of Carabas.
Well we just heard about their next single Moonlight Mixing being released – got a bit of a tingle listening to as well – so figured we’d best get something up straight away. Here’s the publicity with the song on Soundcloud embedded below.


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SURFACE TENSION by Jay Gunn – Preview (Now optioned for TV!)

CGJJ16 - Ti - Feb - Surface Tension Jay Gunn’s Surface Tension was entirely on our radar – we’d plucked it out as one of our February Recommends and, bumping into and chatting with its creator at LSCC 2016, Jay had written an article for us on his musical inspirations for it. Well apparently we weren’t the only ones who were impressed: because – news just in from Titan Comics – it’s just been optioned for a TV series by Awesome Media!
Anyway we’d been meaning to follow up with some preview material for the series and, given we hadn’t got round to before, what better time than now? So find below Titan’s trailer for Surface Tension and some interior art as well.

Many congrats to Jay and enjoy!

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Sneaky Peekers – Behind the scenes of Penny for the Workhouse’s latest EP!

CPP - PftW - Sneaky Peekers PftW 1 On the 24th June fantastic London indie-folk band Penny for the Workhouse release their 3rd EP, SNEAKY PEEKERS which they’re launching at the Good Ship Kilburn the same day: We thought we’d ask them to write something on how it all came creatively together…
So here’s a sneaky peek into the world of PftW, courtesy of songwriters Mel and Nathan!


Hello to all reading this on purpose or by accident, we are Penny For The Workhouse, a lively London band creating music to make you dance.

We’re on the verge of releasing our third EP “Sneaky Peekers” which is our loudest and rawest EP to date. Over the years we have wanted to create an EP that sounds as close to seeing us live as possible. Our first EP “Coins and Cards” which was released in 2012 is quite heavily folk influenced with acoustic guitars and lots of three way harmonies. On our second “Jack the Gunslinger and Other Tales” we started to mix the acoustic gentle sound with hints of electric. We were finding that we still weren’t replicating the energy we have on stage on record. As “Coins and Cards” and “Jack the Gunslinger” were both recorded using multi-track, this time we went loud and live! PftW 2 (scaled)

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A Soundtrack for Fen: a Short Story Collection by Daisy Johnson

CB - Jun - Fen Daisy Johnson’s Fen, according to publisher Jonathan Cape, “is a place where animals and people commingle and fuse, where curious metamorphoses take place, where myth and dark magic still linger. So here a teenager may starve herself into the shape of an eel. A house might fall in love with a girl. A woman might give birth to a – well what?”
It’s the kind of mercurial WTF title that nailed itself of its own accord into our June 2016 Book Recommends… And, given I was looking at some articles on music and writing, I just had to ask Daisy if she’d like to share something of that nature as relates to Fen.
Here’s what she had to say… (NB. Links to Apple Music / ITunes provided where available)

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SURFACE TENSION – Musical Influences by Jay Gunn

CGJJ16 - Ti - Feb - Surface Tension We’re all about the music at Carabas, and all about the comics. So when I got chatting with writer-artist of SURFACE TENSION from Titan Comics JAY GUNN at the London Super Comic Con and was told he worked to a ‘soundtrack’ in it’s creation I nearly bit his arm off to get the inside story (track) – Here it is…
I’m sure many creators listen to music for inspiration when writing or illustrating, music helps to enable us to conjure up images and stories and thus it can become the soundtrack to our art. The soundtrack to Surface Tension was provided by the Bradford based band, New Model Army.

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Carabas April 2016 New Book Recommends!

Carabas - New Book Recommends CB - Apr - Mother of Eden CG - Ti - Apr Rivers of London Body Work CBJJ16 - HZ - Apr - Conjuror CB - Apr - London Overground CB - Orbit - Apr - Fellside


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Introducing Knockout – A Chat with Sky Wolf at LSCC!

LSCC - Knockout Late start Sunday and plenty to write up already but there were some small press debuts I wanted to catch. First up is Sky Wolf, the team of Andrew Richmond and Valentina Sannais and their first issue of KNOCKOUT. Set in Andrew’s home of Bath, Knockout is a ‘crazy mix of kitchen sink drama, SF and horror’ featuring a young lady who sees monsters – or is it all in her head? LSCC - Skywolf logo


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Catching up with TPub & Neil Gibson at LSCC!

LSCC 16 TPub 2 I first met Neil at last years London Book Fair, and was treated to an insight into the rather unique comic enterprise of TPub. It was no surprise to find they were exhibiting at LSCC 2016 and I’d arranged to pop by and learn more firsthand of where they were since then.
I manage to catch Neil in a lull. TPub have sold a whole bunch of Twisted Dark and – when more potential customers come near – it’s easy to see why. On the one hand there’s a small photo display of TPub fans you may have heard of. Who? Well a certain Samuel L Jackson if you’ve heard of him? A Mr Frank Miller? Simon Pegg anyone?

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NoBrow – Publishing Jan-Jun 2016!

CPP NB Logo Here’s a look at what Nobrow have coming for you over the period January to June 2016! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. 
*** Publisher Page – link / profile ***
*** See Other Publishers Jan-Jun 16 ***

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FIELD DAY – Victoria Park, Hackney – 7th June 2015

CPP - Field Day

Mark K opted for Field Day’s Sunday line-up and it’s guitar-based greatness – and a damn fine time he had! Read on for the many highs and a couple of lows of “London’s premier indie festival”… 


Since its inception in 2007, the Field Day has become London’s premier indie festival. This year, for the first time, the two days have been loosely themed. Saturday has more of an electro-cum-dance theme, whereas Sunday is broadly dedicated to guitar bands. Having never been too much of an electro-head, I opt to attend on the Sunday.

CPP - Field Day aerial banner

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A Pint with… Penny for the Workhouse!

Having seen Penny For The Workhouse live a couple of times, and each time having been knocked out by their material and their performance, I thought it would be worthwhile meeting them and trying to find out what makes them tick, and where their intriguing songs come from.


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Extract / Preview: Steeple by Jon Wallace

CBP - Steeple The van shakes and tips, rushing over speed humps. We are heading for the exit, the great gates where Effra Road meets Brixton Wall. I am finally leaving home.
A hood is drawn tight over my face. I taste detergent and sweat. The Diorama guard pulled this thing over my head, drawing it tight with a yank of a white cord. He bound my hands behind my back, guided me into the van and shackled my feet to the floor. He is back here with me. I can hear his fingers drumming on a rifle stock.
Strange. I could snap the bonds and punch through the van doors, so why these prison measures? Have my owners not read my specifications? What is it they think I want to escape?

I hear the protesters beyond the wall, chanting as we near the gates. A megaphone voice interrupts the beat of their song: pleas to disperse. We slow to a stop, wait, lurch forward again. The gears grind with every shuffle.
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Video – Deadpool vs Deadpool: Dawn of Deadpool

We realised our Awesomeness, Stuff and Nonsense category was not nearly as full of awesomeness, stuff and nonsense as it ought to be when we spotted this!


Nuff said 😉


The Greatest Creations of Fantastical Fiction Part 4

(In which we dabble with coherent blades of energy, Hollywood monsters of Chinese folklore, the worst witch (for her enemies), god-like automatons, and the space craft that makes the rest look like the cardboard boxes you pretended to fly to space in as kids…)


If you haven’t read the earlier entries you can find Part 1 herePart 2 here and Part 3 here.



Type: Weapon * From: Star Wars * Creator: George Lucas

Luke Skywalker Quite seriously you couldn’t not include this “elegant weapon for a more civilised age” in an article on this subject and very little needs be said. There were precedents in fiction and if George Lucas hadn’t incorporated a sword of coherent energy into the original and subsequent Star Wars films someone else would have used it; it was a creation that was always waiting to be born both in written word and on the big screen.

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