Creator Profile: Mike Carey

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CBP Clarke Award - The Girl with all the Gifts Many will now know Mike – or M.R. – Carey from the recent and massive success of the award-nominated The Girl with all the Gifts, already to become a film adapted by the author himself and starring Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. But he’s been around a lot longer than this, authoring fantastical prose and comics in the horror / dark fantasy genres for decades… CGP - PC - Lucifer V1

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Press Release: Pete Milligan returns to Bad Company & 2000AD, pays tribute to Brett Ewins…

CA - Bad Company December 1986 – and my fellow periodic 2000AD reading mates from next door share with me issue 500 and some script droids called Milligan and Ewins new strip BAD COMPANY.
Future war was nothing new to 2000AD mind, but this… this was something special. Comic uber-violence as you like it, with a dirty dozen like you’d never seen before. THRAX, some kind of vampire super-fighter; FLYTRAP, whose arm had been replaced by a carnivorous plant; The droid WALLBANGER;  MAD TOMMY CHURCHILL; MALCOLMDOGBRAIN (literally!); SHRIKE; JOE SCUMMERSTITCHES; and their awesome, monstrous leader KANO. We were rapt.
Nearly 30 years on, and after the recent tragic passing of artist Brett Ewins, Vertigo maestro Pete Milligan is returning for another tour with Bad Company with a story that will be a tribute to his co-creator.

2000AD had this to say…

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Writer Profile: Si Spurrier

CPP - Si Spurrier
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About (from the author’s website):

CPP - SS Lobster Random After completing a degree in Film & Television Production at S.I.A.D. he worked as an Art Director for the BBC, and was awarded screenplay bursaries at the National Academy Of Writing and the Met Film School. CBP Marvel - X-Force V2
Since 2001 he’s become a major writer for the UK’s foremost adult comic 2000AD, and in recent years has published multiple projects through U.S. giants such as Marvel (X-Men, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider), D.C. (Poison Ivy, Power Trip), Avatar Press (Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Disenchanted), Dark Horse (In Fetu) and Image (Gutsville).

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The Fantastical & The Speculative – Publishing January to June 2015!

Carabas Publishing Jan-Jun 15
Herein, via links to individual pages, lies the more-or-less complete output of UK SFF publishers and the major worldwide Graphic Novel publishers for January to June 2015!
We’ve applied selection criteria with the assumption that readers with a penchant for paranormal romance and titles more for the American market will have no problem finding their next read elsewhere; reissues and back-in-print classic titles are included sparingly.

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2000 AD / Rebellion – Publishing Jan-Jun 15!

CPP - 2000 AD Logo Here’s a look at what 2000 AD have coming for you over the period January to June 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. Note: Publication dates are accurate at time of writing but can change.

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