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CPP NB Logo Here’s a look at what Nobrow have coming for you over the period July to December 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. 
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CG - Jul - Cyber Realm
Wren McDonald 
Before the end, all technology was locked away for safekeeping in a place deep underground. This place is known as the Cyber Realm. The only known entrance is safeguarded by “The Master” where he and his minions control all of the power within and use that technology to oppress what is left of the human race. Due to the massive gap in technology, those who are without it are helpless. That is, until now. Follow Nicolas as he attempts a desperate and seemingly impossible mission to make things right.
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CBP - NB - 750 Years in Paris
Vincent Mahe
If you could stand still for 750 years, what could you learn about the world? It’s time to find out.
A literary graphic novel unlike anything else on the racks, 750 Years tells the story of our time, focusing on one single building in France as it sees its way through the upheavals of history. Beginning in the 13th Century and making its way towards today, this historically accurate story is the eagerly anticipated debut from Vincent Mahé.
About the Author:
Vincent Mahé is fast being recognised as one of the most exciting illustrators to come out of France. As well as his contribution to Nobrow 8: Hysteria, including a cover design, he has been widely commissioned across the world to illustrate for publications such as the New York Times and XXI Magazine. Mahé lives in Paris, France.
Check out our preview of 750 Years in Paris here!
CG - Sep - Mean Girls Club
Ryan Heshka 
This bold and beautiful comic is full of sassy club-slinging sisters who you don t wanna mess with… Introducing: Pinky, Sweets, Blackie, McQualude and Wanda. Together they form the Mean Girls Club, a menacing powerhouse of ruthless rebels. Ryan Heskha creates a subversive comic that re-interprets the image of the stereotypical 50 s female and gives a new and defiant voice to these ladies of leisure.
CG - Oct - Curveball
Jeremy Sorese
(From Perseus U.S.) A stunning love story of futuristically epic proportions that juxtaposes mechanical breakdown against humanity’s quiet tenderness.
After years of technological advancement, the relationship between humans and robots is changing. Reduced energy stores mean humans can no longer rely on the support of their robotic counterparts. In the midst of this turmoil, one woman faces her own breakdown at the hands of a manipulative friend. Jeremy Sorese explores how heartbreak can make us feel like the center of the universe and how the realization that we aren’t is often more painful than the heartbreak itself.
This is the gorgeous debut of a talented young cartoonist telling the most universal of tales: a love story.
Jeremy Sorese was born in Berlin, raised in Virginia, and educated in Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design before becoming a resident of La Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme, France. He is the creator and current writer of the Steven Universe comic series, published monthly by BOOM studios. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.