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CG - NB - Feb - An Unreliable History of Tattoos - R
Paul Thomas
The tattoo is an art form, a practice . . .for some, a ritual. Its history is long and colorful, dating back to the Neolithic, when our ancestors marked their bodies with symbolic lines derived from a carbon paste. Today, those same markings can be made on entering the neon parlors that line our cities. Maybe it’s time to stop taking them so seriously.
Paul Thomas’s work has also appeared in the “Sunday Times,” the “Times,” the “Independent,” the “Daily Telegraph,” “Private Eye,” and “Shares” magazine. He has illustrated three books by Hunter Davies for Random House.
CG - NB - Mar - Einstein - R
Anne Simon / Corinne Maier
The third in Corinne Maier and Anne Simon’s collection of graphic novels exploring the lives of some of the most influential figures in modern history lands its spotlight upon Albert Einstein, the German-born physicist who developed the theory of relativity.
He is considered the most influential physicist of the twentieth century.
You’ve probably heard of him, but you’ve never seen him like this!
Anne Simon was born in 1980 in France. She studied in the Beaux-Arts in Angouleme, and then in the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, one of the most prestigious art schools in France. In 2004, she received the “New Talent” prize at the Angouleme festival, and she released her first comic book “Persephone in the Underworld” in 2006.
Corinne Maier was born in 1963 in Geneva. As a writer, economist, historian, and psychoanalyst, she has produced around fifteen non-fiction books on subjects like psychoanalysis, society, history, and humor. Her books are bestsellers in her native France and some (such as “Hello Laziness”) have been translated into several languages.
CG - NB - Apr - Fantasy Sports No 2 - R
Sam Bosma
Wiz and Mug’s adventure continues as a teleportation spell accidentally drops them off in a ruined beach town. A mysterious tournament and the town’s amphibious inhabitants confront Wiz and Mug with the revelation that the United Order of Mages may not be exactly what it seems. In order to fulfill their mission, however, they’re going to have to abide by the ancient law of the land and better their opponent in a game of volleyball! The question is, can they trust each other and work together to defeat the great and powerful volleyball champions Yahma and Yahmi?
Fantasy Sports is a funny and action-filled graphic novel series that will capture the reader’s imagination and re-invigorate a love for the art of comics.
CG - NB - May - Geis - R
Alexis Deacon
Book one in a gripping action, supernatural and historical fantasy graphic novel trilogy where souls battle in a contest to become the ruler of an island. Geis is a story of strength, power, and the true way of the world.
CG - NB - Jun - How to Survive in the North - R
Luke Healy
1913… Captain Robert Bartlett sets sail aboard the Karluk, flagship of the Canadian Arctic Expedition. The journey ahead would be one of the most treacherous ever, when the Karluk becomes trapped in ice and is eventually crushed and destroyed. The survivors, Bartlett and an Inuk companion set out across the ice for the Siberian coast, in search of civilisation and help…
1921… 23-year old Inuit Ada Blackjack signs on as a seamstress for a top-secret Arctic expedition. But soon she finds herself alone and stranded in the treacherous landscape of the arctic…
Present day… A disgraced university professor, tracking the lives of these survivors soon finds history repeating itself as he follows in the footsteps of those before him…
With stunning narrative skill, this compelling book intricately weaves together true life narratives from 1912, 1926 and a fictional story set in the present day. How to Survive in the North is an unforgettable journey of love and loss that shows the strength it takes to survive in even the harshest conditions.


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