Limbo by Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard – Preview!

CG - Im - Jun - Limbo We’ve been following Watters and Wijngaard’s LIMBO from the start and it really is a brilliant read. We got the kind of feeling we had all those years back when Vertigo first got going – that feeling of not knowing quite what the hell was going on but enjoying being too dazzled by the wonderful crazed ideas visualised therein to care, safe in the knowledge all would become (somewhat) apparent by the end of the ride. (Text from our June New Book Recommends page)
So we’re very pleased to have a preview to share, the first 6 pages from the graphic novel collection. Check the art, check the script – then do yourself a favour and go buy a copy.


Limbo P1
Limbo P2
Limbo P3
Limbo P4
Limbo P5
Limbo P6


CG - Im - Jun - Limbo
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