“Kids Want A Savior, Don’t Need a Fake” – A Home Defence Election Special (The Latest Paranoia from Our Friend ‘Al Likilla’ & Co)

CPP - Home Defence Here’s the latest dose of paranoia and, um, ‘speculative journalism'(?!) from Home Defence’s Al Likilla (Alan Devey) – just in time for the election!
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“Seems to me, politics have entered too much into the decisions of our leadership.”  – John Wayne

Hello and welcome to the first of our UK General Elections for the year 2015. And with the tensions, stakes and Boris Johnson all hotting up, what better way to submerge the floating voter than with Home Defence’s Election Special update?

First up, with the Conservatives bouncy, ebullient and on the up, Al Likilla reports back on an exemplary campaign in National News. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD Election Day - nat_bullingon87
CA - HD Election Day - loc_brand7 Carabas - Arrow Left As young females of the world look to him for guidance, we provide an in-depth examination of Russell Brand’s Political Philosophy.
Couldn’t find the time or will to catch the televised debates? Well, Zeus Maode was enduring them for you, and he got The Electoral Sweats. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD Election Day - BgBH
CA - HD Election Day - OE Carabas - Arrow Left Our Election News Round Up features new Greens, outraged Englishmen, a torn Prime Minister and a great deal of disillusionment.
But! To combat our constitutional crisis, Archibald Scamp has a suggestion, and it’s arisen after a Lifestyle Study of a Prime Minister-in-waiting. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD Election Day - DD
CA - HD - Election Day - rup_cleggbbus3 Carabas - Arrow Left Our Special Report comes direct from the Liberal Democrat Battle Bus, where Nick Clegg is determined to take Thursday’s result lying down.
With his time as an MP nearly up, there’s one last chance for Quentin Workshy-Fopp to win voters over with his latest Letter to My Constituents. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD - Election Day - fopp_snp
CA - HD - Election Day - mort_maggies_ghost_2 Carabas - Arrow Left Who really runs David Cameron? And what is the fabled Bullingdon Code prophecy? AJ Kirby provides the details in a shocking Investigation.
Earlier, HDUK was granted exclusive access to the recent UKIP Manifesto Launch. Al Likilla reports back for Local News. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD - Nigel Farage
CA - HD - Election Day - nat_electanalyst Carabas - Arrow Left Jumping ahead, we look at the coming days of turmoil engulfing the British Isles, post-election. International News has a sneak preview of your future
And away from the ballot box, the Reverend Harry Figgis looks at the strange case of Mel Gibson’s celebrity endorsements in How I Spend My Days. Carabas - Arrow Right CA - HD - Election Day - figgis_gibson1

That should be enough to dry the brow of the most fevered election enthusiast so, until next time, make sure you’re ready to vote, and also tooled up. Because we might need to take the streets and protest the outcome, whatever it is.

Stay lively,