Graphic Novel Preview: Pacific by Romain Baudy and Martin Trystram

PACIFIC In just two years Titan Comics have built an incredible list of comics / graphic novels, cannily acquiring and bringing quality works of yesteryear back into print (The Light & Darkness War), media adaptations (Dr Who and many more) and, of course, original works (Death Sentence, Surface Tension et al).
With a view to the latter they’ve also been tapping the wealth of untranslated talent on the continent and bringing it to the anglophone market. We’re always keeping an eye out for some select highlights to preview and thought we’d do so for Baudy & Trystram’s PACIFIC, coming in Hardback from Titan November 2016…

As Titan tells us:


It’s “Das Boot meets the Pagemaster” in this incredible new OGN, presented in a glorious landscape, hardcover edition.
Writing and Art by Romain Baudy and Martin Trystram – £18.99, November 9th, 2016
Young Udo’s first mission in the second world war is as a radio operator aboard a German U-Boat, patrolling the Pacific. In his personal effects, he carries a book banned by the Nazis. When the war hero and master of the vessel, Captain Kaleunt, tries to destroy it, it mysteriously reappears…


See below for preview art – we’ll be updating this page with new material as it comes…

Pacific Preview 2

PACIFIC Preview 1


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