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Raising awareness of Arab Science Fiction online and at events: “Star trekking across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Welcome aboard!”
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From Carabas:

We attended Sindbad Sci-fi’s ARAB SCIENCE FICTION: From Imagination to Innovation in November and were absolutely blown away. If you’re the slightest bit intrigued then just go to their next event – you’ll come away with a head-full of ideas and an insight into the wider scene of the genre we love. And if you’re not intrigued then go anyway and realise how badly you got it wrong…

You can read our coverage of that amazing event here, with links on to our article on the events fantastic sponsors Yatakhayaloon and our review of their first book Hawjan as well!



‘…a fantastic evening.’ (Amal El-Mohtar,

‘…if the buzzing enthusiasm of the sold-out audience at the Dana Centre was anything to go by, Arab sci-fi’s place in the future it seeks to understand seems assured.’ (Lydia Green, BBC)


Previous Events


ARAB SCIENCE FICTION: From Imagination to Innovation

Science Museum | London | South Kensington
BBC broadcaster, Samira Ahmed chairs a stellar panel of visionary thinkers who offer new perspectives on whether nurturing creativity through science fiction could be more crucial to our global progress than we might realise.
What is the link between technological innovation and artistic imagination? Science fiction is often thought to be the ultimate bridge between science and the arts. Could exploring this symbiotic relationship enable the next generation to envision an alternative future of the Middle East? Can inventive forms of art, film and literature help to inspire new waves of scientific development in the Arab world today and beyond?
In true geek spirit, this event is about brokering dialogue and engagement between different spheres; science and the arts, ‘East’ and ‘West’, academia and popular culture. And we also hope participants will have a good time!


Sindbad Sci-Fi Presents the World at Worldcon: Arabic SF/F
3pm, Sunday 17th August 2014

LonCon 3

Fantastical storytelling in Arabic doesn’t begin with and end with The Thousand and One Nights; in fact there is a long history of speculative fiction in Arabic, stretching all the way back to medieval intellectuals like al-Farabi and Ibn al-Nafis. This panel will explore the past, present and future of Arab and Arabic Science Fiction Narratives, incluyding authors writing in Arabic- such as Ahmed Khalid Towfik and Noura al-Nouman – and the work of members of the Arab diaspora, such as Amal El-Mohtar and Saladin Ahmed.

SPEAKERS: Ibrahim Abbas, Noura Al-Nouman, Yasser Bahjatt and Amal El-Mohtar

VENUE: Capital Suite 8+11, Excel, London Dockland, UK

Join us!


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