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CBP Clarke Award - The Girl with all the Gifts Many will now know Mike – or M.R. – Carey from the recent and massive success of the award-nominated The Girl with all the Gifts, already to become a film adapted by the author himself and starring Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. But he’s been around a lot longer than this, authoring fantastical prose and comics in the horror / dark fantasy genres for decades… CGP - PC - Lucifer V1

He’s scripted Lucifer, Hellblazer, the X-Men and his original series Unwritten on the comics side, and is currently writing Suicide Risk which is being published by Boom! Studios. A naturalised Londoner, his prose debut was The Devil You Know, the first of his London-based Felix Castor urban fantasy / horror series. He’s since written two novels with his wife and daughter (Linda and Louise Carey) for Gollancz and then The Girl with All the Gifts for Orbit as M.R. Carey, and is using the same for a new Orbit title due early 2016. In other news a loose adaptation of Lucifer is coming to Fox TV in 2016…

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Comics work / Graphic Novels


For many Neil Gaiman’s legendary Sandman sequence begins and ends with the creator’s work, even though spin-offs were endorsed / edited by Gaiman himself. Then Mike Carey was offered The Sandman’s most popular spin-off character, Lucifer, launching the writer’s rise to prominence, and a mythic masterwork spanning 7 years and 75 issues. Other works for Vertigo followed soon after… CGP - PC - Lucifer V1 CGP - PC - Lucifer V2 CGP - PC - Lucifer V3
CGP - PC - Lucifer V4 CGP - PC - Lucifer V5 CGP - PC - Lucifer V6 CGP - PC - Lucifer V7 CGP - PC - Lucifer V8 CGP - PC - Lucifer V9 CGP - PC - Lucifer V10
Crossing Midnight
CGP - PC - Lucifer V11
Also in / from the world of The Sandman…
CG - PC - Sandman Presents The Furies CGP - PC - God Save the Queen CGP - PC - Crossing Midnight V1 CGP - PC - Crossing Midnight V2 CGP - PC - Crossing Midnight V3
CGP - PC - Hellblazer V1 - Red Sepulchre CGP - PC - Hellblazer V2 - Black Flowers CGP - PC - Hellblazer V3 - Staring at the Wall CGP - PC - Hellblazer V4 - Stations of the Cross CGP - PC - Hellblazer V5 - Reasons to be Cheerful CGP - PC - Hellblazer V6 - The Gift CGP - PC - Hellblazer All His Engines
(Original graphic novel)
The Unwritten
CGP - PC - The Unwritten V1 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V2 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V3 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V4 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V5 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V6 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V7
CGP - PC - The Unwritten V8 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V9 CGP - PC - The Unwritten V10 CBP Vertigo - Unwritten Volume 11 CGP - PC - The Unwritten - Tommy Taylor and the Ship that Sank Twice
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(Original Graphic Novel)
The X-Men (Marvel)
Now with a good deal of DC / Vertigo work behind him (and still working on some) Mike got the dream job of writing the X-Men! During his 5+ year tenure the adjective-less X-Men title gained the ‘Legacy’ suffix (later to be taken up by fellow London scribe Si Spurrier) and refocused the drama from team-based to individual character-driven stories.
CGP - PC - X-Men V1 CGP - PC - X-Men V2 CGP - PC - X-Men V3 CGP - PC - X-Men V4 CGP - PC - X-Men V5 CGP - PC - X-Men V6 CGP - PC - X-Men V7
CGP - PC - X-Men V8 CGP - PC - X-Men V9 CGP - PC - X-Men V10 CGP - PC - X-Men V11 CGP - PC - X-Men V12 CGP - PC - X-Men V13 CGP - PC - X-Men V14
CGP - PC - X-Men V15 CGP - PC - X-Men V16 CGP - PC - X-Men V17 CGP - PC - X-Men V18 CGP - PC - X-Men V19 CGP - PC - X-Men V20
For 2000 A.D.
CGP - PC - Thirteen CGP - PC - Carver Hale
Suicide Risk (Boom! Studios)
CGP - PC - Suicide Risk V1 CGP - PC - Suicide Risk V2 CBP B - Suicide Risk V3 CBP B - Suicide Risk V4 CGP - Aug - Suicide Risk V5 Mike’s latest work with artist Elena Casagrande: a superhero deconstruction in a world where the supervillains vastly outnumber the heroes…
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Prose Novels

The Felix Castor series (Orbit)

CBP - Felix Castor v1 - The Devil You Know CBP - Felix Castor v2 - Vicious Circle CBP - Felix Castor V3 - Dead Men's Boots CBP - Felix Castor V4 - Thicker Than Water CBP - Felix Castor V5 - The Naming of the Beasts
#London #Urban-Fantasy #Horror

With Linda and Louise Carey (Gollancz)

As M.R. Carey (Orbit)

CBP - The Carey's - The City of Silk and Steel 9780575132733
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CBP Clarke Award - The Girl with all the Gifts
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Selected videos (YouTube)

Mike Reading Felix Castor at The Writers Festival 2009


Interview with Fantastic Forum on Comics (2011)


Interview with Mike and Sean Izaakse at the Cape Town Comics Festival (2014)