Writer Profile: Corey Brotherson


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WEBSITE: www.cbrotherson.blogspot.co.uk/ – other sites for Corey’s work can be found here

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/CoreyBrotherson

Writing Gaijin (cbrotherson “at” gmail.com) is a writer who creates copy and content for websites, publishers, magazines and TV. He’s also a published comic book writer: the co-creator/writer of Bad Luck Inc., L33tspeak, A Twilight’s Promise, Fragile, The Twilight Cleaner, Magic of Myths and other forthcoming projects including several ongoing series’ and full length graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths. Since 2000, Corey has worked as an editor, staff writer, producer and critic for over a dozen publications and companies, including Channel 4 Teletext’s Game Central, Eurogamer, Games Domain, Sony, Yahoo, Official PS2 Mag, Vivendi Universal, ComiX-Fan, Electronic Arts, Sky One,Central/ITV, Boomtown, and more.