Cockaigne Weekly 23rd January 2015 (including catch up)

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A busy start to the year so a tad behind, but we don’t want you to miss out so here’s some of the brilliant stuff that’s come out online over the last few weeks (Fri-Thu) on all the good stuff: TV / Film, Music, Books, Short Fiction and Comics… All in order of date after which we note the site in question.
Check them out and know there’s plenty of other stuff beyond our highlights to enjoy on these great sites as well!

TV & Film

10th – Stranger Views Safety Not Guaranteed – Film Review

11th – Stranger Views The Conspiracy – Film Review

13th – Geek Syndicate Syfy to Launch Futuristic Prison Drama 51st State

14th – Geek Syndicate Syfy and The Asylum Announce ‘Sharknado 3’!!!

17th – Geek Syndicate Fox Confirms X-files Reboot A Possibility



10th Carabas Gig Review: XFM Winter Wonderland (@Brixton Academy – 17/12/2014) CW - Krill
12th London in Stereo Krill – Lucky Leaves // Album Review
12th London in Stereo The Charlatans – Modern Nature // Album Review
14th London in Stereo Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters // Album Review CW - pinkshinyultrablast
17th Carabas Gig Review: Gemma Hayes (@Hackney Oslo – 14/01/2015)
22th London in Stereo The Away Days – This // EP Review



CW - The Good Shabti 9th Pornokitsch Friday Five: 5 Fantastic Gardens
10th Pornokitsch The Good Shabti – Unwrapping Party
12th Stranger Views The Copper Promise by Jen Williams – Book Review
12th Stranger Views War Dogs by Greg Bear – Book Review
12th Stranger Views 6 Reasons why you need to read the Law of the Wolf by SA Hunt
13th Stranger Views Book Review – Gateway by Frederick Pohl

CW - Sworn in Steel

15th Pornokitsch Book Review – Sworn in Steel and the Elements of Sorcery
15th Stranger Views Michael Moorcock’s “A Nomad of the Time Streams.” Airships and other bizarre machinery in that trilogy
16th Geek Syndicate Book Review – The Death House
19th Geek Syndicate The Witcher returns to Gollancz
21st Stranger Views Red Plus Zone – Book Review


Short Fiction

9th –  Stranger Views: Ravenous – by Andrew Darlington

10th –  Stranger Views: Breath – A Short Story By Rena Robinett

13th –  Pornokitsch Fiction: “Mass Hysteria And You” By Amy Coombe

20th – Pornokitsch Fiction: “The Last Escapement” By James Smythe [Text and Audio]



14th Broken Frontier Exclusive Pages from ‘Henni’, a New Graphic Novel about Religious Extremism and Freedom of Expression CW - Comics Unmasked
16th Broken Frontier F*ck You! Kitty Jenkins – Backwards Burd Take Us on an Eccentric Spiritual Romp in Their First Long-Form Book
19th Geek Syndicate Graphic Novel Preview – Starlight
19th Broken Frontier BF Awards 2014 – Best Book About Comics: Comics Unmasked, Art and Anarchy in the UK by Paul Gravett and John Harris Dunning CW - southern-bastards-bfawards2014-01
20th Broken Frontier Broken Frontier Staff Picks for January 21, 2015: March Book Two, Ivar Timewalker, Powers, Burning Fields, First Year Healthy & More
22nd Broken Frontier BF Awards 2014 – Best New Series: Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour


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