Titan Books – Publishing Jan-Jun 15!

CPP - Titan Square Here’s an (edited) look at what Titan Books have coming for you over the period January to June 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. Note: Publication dates are liable to change and some jackets are still to come…
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Del Rey – Publishing Jan-Jun 15!

CPP - Del Rey Square Here’s a look at what Del Rey have coming for you over the period January to June 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. Note: Publication dates are liable to change and some jackets are still to come…
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September 2014 Carabas’ New Book Recommends

BR - The Martian The Martian
Andy Weir
Del Rey
“Gravity” meets Robinson Crusoe in this story of a man stranded on Mars, shortly to be made a film directed by Ridley Scott. The author grew up wanting to be an astronaut, but has settled for writing instead. Source: The Bookseller
Check the new film edition on our October 2015 New Book Recommends.and read an extract on Carabas here!
BR - Dragons at CC Dragons at Crumbling Castle
Terry Pratchett
Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of time travel and tortoises, monsters and mayhem!
Now in Paperback – see our June 2015 New Book Recommends here!
A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction
Terry Pratchett
A Slip of the Keyboard brings together the finest examples of Pratchett’s non fiction writing, both serious and surreal: from musings on mushrooms to what it means to be a writer (and why banana daiquiris are so important); from memories of Granny Pratchett to speculation about Gandalf’s love life, and passionate defences of the causes dear to him. With all the humour and humanity that have made his novels so enduringly popular, this collection brings Pratchett out to speak for himself – man and boy, bibliophile and computer geek, champion of hats, orang-utans and Dignity in Dying.
BR - Last Dark The Last Dark
Stephen Donaldson
The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
The long-awaited final part of the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Can Thomas and Linden stop the Worm of the World’s End from unmaking time? Source: The Bookseller Magazine
Delayed: arrived in Feb 2015…
The Relic Guild The Relic Guild
Edward Cox
It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir. But when the Thaumaturgist overlords went to war the Labyrinth became an abandoned forbidden zone, where humans were trapped behind walls 100 feet high. Now the Aelfir are a distant memory and the Thaumaturgists have faded into myth. Young Clara struggles to survive in a dangerous and dysfunctional city, fearful that someone will discover she is touched by magic. But when a strange man named Fabian Moor returns, Clara learns that some myths are much more deadly in the flesh. The only people Clara can trust are a secret band of magickers sworn to protect the Labyrinth; but the Relic Guild are now too few. To save the Labyrinth – and the lives of one million humans – Clara and the Relic Guild must find a way to contact the worlds beyond their walls. * MARQUIS SEPTEMBER PICKDebut
NOW OUT IN PAPERBACK – see it on our July 2015 New Book Recommends page here!
You can also read an extract of THE RELIC GUILD on Carabas here…
And check out our Author Profile of Edward Cox here!
Dangerous Women Dangerous Women: Part One
George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois (Ed)
Harper Voyager
Anthology that includes a 100-page novella from Martin entitled “The Princess and the Queen” about the origins of the Targaryen civil war. Source: The Bookseller
BR - Sleeping Late... Sleeping Late on Judgement Day
Tad Williams
Bobby Dollar
Bobby Dollar thinks he’s seen it all – after all, he’s been to Hell and back again. Literally. But he has another thing coming. Bobby’s going to have to pull himself together and make a few tough decisions before time runs out. The problem is, time could run out at any moment. In the final Bobby Dollar novel in Tad Williams’ groundbreaking epic fantasy trilogy, fallen angel Bobby Dollar will finally be force to confront the one problem he can’t talk his way out of: his own. Tag: Urban Fantasy.
NOW IN PAPERBACK – see our April 2015 New Book Recommends here!
BR - Lagoon Lagoon
Nnedi Okorafor
A marine biologist, a famous rapper, a troubled soldier… when a meteorite plunges into the ocean, these three must band together with a visitor from beyond the stars to save the world. Source: The Bookseller
BR - Gleam Gleam
Tom Fletcher
Jo Fletcher
Factory Trilogy
The gargantuan Factory of Gleam is an ancient, hulking edifice of stone, metal and glass ruled over by chaste alchemists and astronomer priests. As millennia have passed, the population has decreased, and now only the central district is fully inhabited and operational; the outskirts have been left for the wilderness to reclaim. This decaying, lawless zone is the Discard; the home of Wild Alan. Clever, arrogant, and perpetually angry, Wild Alan is both loved and loathed by the Discard’s misfits. He’s convinced that the Gleam authorities were behind the disaster that killed his parents and his ambition is to prove it. But he’s about to uncover more than he bargained for.
Now available in Paperback: Check out our March New Book Recommends here…
BR - The Sword of Feimhin The Sword of Feimhin
Frank P Ryan
Jo Fletcher
The Three Powers
The Tyrant’s control of the Fáil has increased so much that now he threatens Earth as well as Tír. In a violently dystopic London, where Mark and Nantosueta are searching for Padraig and the Sword of Feimhin, Penny Postlethwaite, a gifted teenager, is mapping two Londons, the tormented ‘City Above’ and an eerie ‘City Below’. On Tír, Alan’s Shee army is intent on attacking Ghork Mega, the Tyrant’s capital city, but obstacles obstruct his path at every turn. And in Dromenon Kate finds herself entering the Land of the Dead in her hunt for the serpent-dragon Nidhoggr. Day by day and hour by hour, the looming threat grows. Tag: Urban Fantasy, London
BR - The Fourth Gwenevere The Fourth Gwenevere
John James
Jo Fletcher
Gwenevere, Arthur’s Saxon wife, is a problem. As the dynastic cement between the British and the Saxons, her marriage to Arthur will result in a child that will unite both sides. At least, that would have been the plan, had the Great Duke Arthur not died and left the petty kings of Britain to squabble over his title. Only Morvran, Arthur’s chief fixer, has the wit to see that the Fourth Gwenevere is the key to maintaining a crumbling peace. But when she is abducted, it seems that all hopes might disappear with her… By John James (completed by Caitlin and John Matthews)
BR - Hidden Hidden
Benedict Jacka
Alex Verus
Alex Verus is a diviner who can see probable futures – a talent that’s gotten him and his friends out of many a tough scrape. But what happens when someone doesn’t want Alex’s help? Alex’s friend, the life mage Anne, distanced herself from him when she found out about his past as a Dark apprentice. Now she’s in serious trouble, but wants nothing to do with him. Alex has to start wondering if Anne’s problem is really with him – or if there’s a secret she’s trying to hide. On top of that, rumours are swirling around London that Alex’s former master may be back in town. Alex has no idea what his agenda may be, or who it involves . . . * MARQUIS’ SEPTEMBER PICK * Urban Fantasy, London 
Check out our Author Profile of Benedict Jacka here…
BR - The Whispering Skull The Whispering Skull
Jonathan Stroud
Random House
Lockwood & Co
Things seem to be looking up for Lockwood & Co when the team is called to Kensal Green Cemetery to investigate the grave of a sinister Victorian doctor. As usual, Lockwood is confident; as usual, everything goes wrong – a terrible phantom is unleashed, and a dangerous object is stolen from the coffin. Lockwood & Co must recover the relic before its power is unleashed, but it’s a race against time. And if that’s not bad enough, the skull in the ghost-jar is stirring again…
Paperback now available…
BR - Robogenesis Robogenesis
Daniel H Wilson
Simon & Schuster
The long-awaited sequel to Robopocalypse, which is in production with Steven Spielberg. Source: The Bookseller


Creator Profile: Tim Bayley

Tim Bayley

Website: www.carabas.co.uk – you’re here already 😉 Click logo links at top of page to Like Carabas on Facebook and Follow on Twitter
Writing Website – London based Urban Fantasy: www.bigcitymagic.com (ft. Marwood, Journeyman Magician in the big city)


On Twitter (personal / writing): @TimBayley1


Fireball Tim hies from the West Midlands, has lived in London for some 17 years and has been organising social events for the last eight. He has worked for Blackwell’s and Oxford University Press and has taken time out since to focus on writing, events and the website you’re currently reading.

It was after finishing the penultimate draft of a young adults book that the urban fantasy character lurking at the back of Tim’s mind jumped up and said ‘My turn’…

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He’s hoping you’re enjoying this here site and the stories on Big City Magic if you’d be so inclined to check them out…

Any feedback on either and support or interest of any kind is very much appreciated.

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LonCon3 Friday – The Urban Fantasy: London panel…

Having read Hellblazer in my late teens it never occurred to me that the adventures of, for example, a modern day wizard would be something considered fresh and innovative; enter Jim Butcher and his Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden, now around a decade on and a Sunday Times – as well as a New York Times – bestseller. And he’s not the only one to have success on the urban fantasy scene, a genre very much alive and ever more so in modern day London.

So what is UF and what’s going down behind the scenes in the big city? With Gollancz’s Gillian Redfearn moderating five authors discuss: Tony Ballantyne (author of Dream London and others), MaryAnn Johanson (critic and author, who came over to London from NYC three years ago and has yet to leave), Suzanne McLeod (author of Spellcrackers.com), Tom Pollock (author of the Skyscraper Throne trilogy), and Russell Smith (Author of the Grenshall Manor chronicles).The moderator opens by asking them ‘What is urban fantasy to you?’

It must have at least something of our world, Susan McLeod shares and Mary-Ann Johanson agrees: it’s about the use of the real city, and the author making it ‘alive and haunting’. Tom Pollock continues the thread talking of how cities have their own personality and, given that London is both London and all the old towns and villages that grew together to form it, there’s a great deal of personality to explore in our big city.

So what is it about cities? Russell Smith expresses a sense of authorial spirituality here and later, saying that there are more stories than there are authors to tell them. But, of all cities, what is so special about London? It’s the juxtaposition of the historic and the modern, says Mary-Ann Johanson – that and all the places in which things could be hidden. We move on to its multicultural aspect, London being a melting pot of people from all over but who, collectively, bring a flavour to the area in which they live. It’s noted that its multicultural nature has been the case since the city was called Londinium.

Dream London
Sweet Smell of Blood
The City's Son Could the authors write an urban fantasy elsewhere and where would they like to? Berlin, says Tom Pollock without hesitation, to do so being an ambition of his (it’s an apt choice, the city having been infused with years of turmoil, of the Second World War and then the Cold War, division and being united and is still a city very much in the process of becoming). For Suzanne McLeod it’s Edinburgh, a selection met with the vocal approval of the panel. Russell Smith likewise has his answer ready: ‘Unquestionably Barcelona’.Then we’re into the discussion of whether you could write an urban fantasy in a city or place without the depth of history common to such cities. Perhaps this sort of question is a red rag to a writer, and maybe any creative: can something be written if…? Yes, yes and thrice yes. (In fact Jim Butcher’s non-urban fantasy series, the Codex Alera, seems rather too random compared to the well developed Dresden Files until you realise that he wrote them as a ‘bet’ with just that in mind. A good writer can turn anything into a good book, was along the lines of what he’s supposed to have said and, when his friend challenged him on this: give me two elements. All right – Pokemon and the Roman Empire.)
Oblivion Storm

But yes, you can write an urban fantasy in a city without history, the panel agrees: the apparent conflict of such a lack will bring its own solution – and doubtless something new to the genre.



Check out more Urban Fantasy including Tom Pollock’s concluding volume of The Skyscraper Throne on our Jan-Jun 15 Urban Fantasy Page here!