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“Defrocked scientist, writer.”


CPP - PM - 400 Billion Stars Paul James McAuley was born in Gloucestershire on St George’s Day, 1955. He has a Ph.D in Botany and worked as a researcher in biology at various universities, including Oxford and UCLA, and for six years was a lecturer in botany at St Andrews University, before leaving academia to write full time. He started publishing science fiction with the short story “Wagon, Passing” for Asimov’s Science Fiction in 1984. His first novel, 400 Billion Stars won the Philip K. Dick Award in 1988, and 1995’s Fairyland won the Arthur C. Clarke and John W. Campbell Awards. He has also won the British Fantasy, Sidewise and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. He lives in London. 9781473203938


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Four Hundred Billion Stars Confluence
CPP - PM - 400 Billion Stars CPP - PM - Secret Harmonies CPP - PM - Eternal Light CPP - PM - Child of the River CPP - PM - Ancients of Days CPP - PM - Shrine of Stars CPP - PM - Confluence The Trilogy
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The Quiet War Other Novels
CPP - PM - The Quiet War CPP - PM - Gardens of the Sun CPP - In the Mouth of the Whale CPP - PM - Evening's Empires CPP - PM - Red Dust CPP - PM - Pasquale's Angel CPP - PM - Fairy-Land
CPP - PM - The Secret of Life CPP - PM Whole Wide World CPP - PM - White Devils (Pocket Books) CPP - PM - Mind's Eye CPP - PM - Players CPP - PM - Cowboy Angels
Harper Voyager
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Novellas Collections
CPP - PM (Novella) - Making History CPP - PM (Novelle) - Doctor Who - Eye of the Tiger CPP - PM - King of the Hill CPP - PM - Invisible Country CPP - PM - Little Machines CPP - PM - A Very British History
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9781473203938 Paul’s latest from Gollancz – you can read more on our February New Book Recommends page. The sequel, Into Everywhere, is due in 2016.