Art Exhibition – A London Eye: Three Artists Look

News from London artist Miranda Benzies (the London Face series etc) about a new exhibitions featuring her work along with Nicholas Borden and Marc Googerham in October and November:

A London Eye: Three Artists Look

Miranda Benzies; Nicholas Borden; Marc Gooderham
Also featuring a painting by Michael Quirke
22nd Oct – 15th Nov 2014
Private View Tuesday 21st Oct 6:30 – 9:00pm 
At The Leyden Gallery
Leyden Gallery · 9/9a Leyden Street · London, London E1 7LE 

‘In our long-awaited London show we have invited three contemporary artists to offer their impression of London, its streets, sights, people, and ever- changing landscape. Looking at the city as a mutable and vibrant space their look is an attempt to trace its marked affects. We hope you are able to join us in this landmark exhibition that brings the work of three exceptional London artists into dialogue.‘ Leyden Gallery

Waterloo Bridge at Dusk, oil on wood, 20x40cm, 2014
Miranda Benzies
In her series of paintings called  ‘London Faces’, Miranda Benzies explores the correlation between people and cities, the architecture that is used and maintained by city dwellers over the centuries is anthropomorphically re-visioned. The buildings are viewed as the organs of the city, as if living proof of its inhabitancy over time. Blending into this way of seeing London, Miranda Benzies is also interested in the idea of legacy, suggesting the inherent human need to leave traces behind.
The Ghost of Southward Street, acrylic on canvas, 24×30″, 2014
Marc Gooderham

Having always lived and worked in London, Marc Gooderham finds the city to be a perfect source of inspiration. In concentrating on the city’s decaying and unique architecture, Gooderham manages to capture the singular beauty to be found in those neglected buildings that have fallen into disrepair, as the living city continues to evolve around them. The artist will exhibit a newly commissioned painting  and a series of drawings and prints of familiar London scenes.
Cavendish Mansions, Clerkenwell Rd, pencil on paper, 2013
Nicholas Borden
Borden brings his distinctly accessible and vibrantly painted views of London Street scenes to this exhibition – the scenes are painted plein air and present a pleasing conjunction of the delightfully known and the curiously viewed. For this show the artist presents exquisite line drawings and a newly commissioned painting made high above the city skyline in Petticoat Towers where the famous Middlesex Street, at the heart of Petticoat Lane Market, is seen anew.