A Man Lies Dreaming – Oct 14 Recommend

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* Title Author ISBN Fmt RRP Pub. Series Vol.
Oct - A Man Lies Dreaming A Man Lies Dreaming Lavie Tidhar 9781444762938 PB 13.99 Hodderscape N/A N/A
The next novel from Lavie Tidhar, the award-winning author of THE VIOLENT CENTURY.
Deep in the heart of history’s most infamous concentration camp, a man lies dreaming. His name is Shomer, and before the war he was a pulp fiction author. Now, to escape the brutal reality of life in Auschwitz, Shomer spends his nights imagining another world – a world where a disgraced former dictator now known only as Wolf ekes out a miserable existence as a low-rent PI in London’s grimiest streets.
An extraordinary story of revenge and redemption, A Man Lies Dreaming is the unforgettable testament to the power of imagination.

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