A Coffee with Hodder Editor Anne Perry at The London Book Fair!

Logo Hodderscape In the interests of openness I should probably note that this is more of ‘An absence of Coffee with’ Anne Perry: it being the afternoon of the third day of the London Books Fair we’re both already highly caffeinated and we decide to coast on what we’ve already imbibed rather than risk any top-ups. Apologies if anyone feels cheated by this (or that that’s cheating) 😉

Anyway the London Book Fair is a lot of different things to a lot of different editors. For some it’s selling international rights and translations of their titles. Anne Perry is no less busy, though she’s more on the other side and on the lookout for acquisitions; but for her the LBF offers a rare opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the Atlantic. It makes all the difference being able to connect face-to-face with those people you know more by e-mail in this or any other industry, so I’m grateful she has a bit of time to talk.

CB - Aug - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Now you can hardly ask an editor which of her or his own books are their favourite, but just chatting about what’s going on at the world of Hodder, one name-slash-title just kept cropping up: that’s Becky Chambers whose Wayfarers series debuted in Hardback last August and Paperback in December with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (you can also read an extract on Carabas here!) Apparently it’s been through 7 printings(!) and was longlisted for the 2016 Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. The sequel is on its way as well – A Closed and Common Orbit (Waterstone’s link) is due Oct 2016 – and we’re to be assured that book one is not a fluke, rather that there’s an important writer emerging here and now. CB - Ho - Oct 16 - A Closed and Common Orbit

Something I become more clear on as we chat is that Hodderscape is not an imprint in the way that Tor or even Gollancz are: it’s the SF and Fantasy community identity of Hodder. The books themselves retain the more general Hodder branding and logo, or the more literary Sceptre imprint, home of the likes of David Mitchell and Anna Smaill. I’m learning all the time.

CB - Ho - Oct 16 - Dark Made Dawn So what’s happening right now? Well Anne’s currently editing the concluding book in JP Smythe’s Australia Trilogy (you can read an extract of Book 1 Way Down Dark here, and find title info on that and the sequel on our Hodder Jan-Jun 2016 page here) which is certainly getting some attention as well. The third is Dark Made Dawn, due in October this year. CB - Ho - May - Sockpuppet
The big buzz at the moment is Matthew Blakstad’s Sock Puppet which publishes in May and Anne notes reviewer Matt Craig’s description as it being a bit more The Thick of It meets Neal Stephenson (or William Gibson). Sounds like we got it right as a May highlight anyway – and that cover just strikes us as being deliciously perverse.

I’m always interested to find out what editors are reading and it’s hardly a surprise to hear that after a workday editing fantastical or historical fiction that Anne likes to relax with some popular science, natural history or romance. She’s just been reading – and is clearly a fan of – Esther Woolfson’s Corvus: A Life with Birds, which relates Woolfson’s rescue and adoption of a rook and further corvids and how amazingly companionable these birds were within her family home. Actually the subject of reading romance for pleasure came up earlier that day when I interviewed – and did indeed have a coffee with – 2000 AD comics legend Pat Mills (you can check that out here [still to be released]).

CB - Ho - Aug 16 - Poison City And later this year? Well there’ll be plenty of other titles from Hodder, Sceptre et al. But there’s something that sounds pretty big and very much up our street in the land of Carabas and that’s Paul Crilley’s Poison City. I confess it’s a new name on me but, having just done a bit of fact checking, Paul – a Scotsman in South Africa – is well established as a scriptwriter both for adults and children, and has written franchise tie-ins and original fiction for both besides.
Aaaanyway, Anne describes Poison City as Rivers of London meets Zoo City, though perhaps a little more Jim Butcher, and it’s a South African set urban fantasy. Do check the link to the advance info on Waterstones: It’s coming in August and will certainly be on our list…



Many thanks to Anne for her time. You can find her on Twitter here and discover more about Pornokitsch, the website she runs with husband Jared Shurin on Carabas here. And we did just hear over a coffee with Abaddon & Solaris that they’re publishing Jared’s latest anthology, which compiles the work of authors of different backgrounds on – also being entitled – Djinn. More on that soon!


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A Coffee with Hodder Editor Anne Perry at The London Book Fair!