750 Years in Paris by Vincent Mahé: Preview!

CBP - NB - 750 Years in Paris We were always intrigued by Vincent Mahé’s 750 Years in Paris, even though we hadn’t a clue quite what it was going to be like! Well it’s sequential art all right, with 60 full-page panels narrating developments in the plot of Paris over years if not decades, ending on a very poignant, very recent event in the city’s history, and not a speech bubble in sight. Check out our preview below!
* Please note – there’s some change of resolution and positioning but it should certainly whet your appetite for more. And if you’re wondering why only the bottom half of the page is being used, well Paris gets rather bigger in the pages that follow these…








750 YiP Years 1

 750 YiP Years 1265







750 YiP Years 2

750 YiP Years 1270








750 YiP Years 3

 750 YiP Years 1275


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