Zenith Phase IV by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell: Preview!

CG - TT - Jul - Zenith Phase Four 2000 AD had never done superheroes, and no one had ever done superheroes like they, Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell did with Zenith back in the late 80’s / early 90’s! Superheroes vs Cthulhu entities? Damn straight!
Collected here is the forth and final Phase (arc / volume) and it takes the meta-action to a whole new level. On top of which it has Acid Archie the Anarchist Android (MAD MENTAL CRAZY!) – top, top stuff. Here’s our preview…


CE - Zenith Phase IV p1


CE - Zenith Phase IV p2


CE - Zenith Phase IV p3


CE - Zenith Phase IV p4


CE - Zenith Phase IV p5


CE - Zenith Phase IV p6


And, not that Zenith himself necessarily takes the lead in his named strip, here he is as things begin to kick off…


CE - Zenith Phase IV L1


CE - Zenith Phase IV L2


Like you’re not wanting to read the rest after that!


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