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About (from the author’s website):

CPP - SS Lobster Random After completing a degree in Film & Television Production at S.I.A.D. he worked as an Art Director for the BBC, and was awarded screenplay bursaries at the National Academy Of Writing and the Met Film School. CBP Marvel - X-Force V2
Since 2001 he’s become a major writer for the UK’s foremost adult comic 2000AD, and in recent years has published multiple projects through U.S. giants such as Marvel (X-Men, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider), D.C. (Poison Ivy, Power Trip), Avatar Press (Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Disenchanted), Dark Horse (In Fetu) and Image (Gutsville).

He began his career as a prose writer in 2003 with a novelisation of the Kuju Entertainment/Games Workshop videogame Fire Warrior. He subsequently produced work-for-hire genre novels for BL Publishing (Lord of the Night, Strontium Dog: Prophet Margin) and Abaddon Press (The Culled).

CPP - SS Contract In late 2007 Spurrier published his first creator-owned novel, Contract, through Hodder Headline. This was followed in 2011 by A Serpent Uncoiled. CPP - SS A Serpent Uncoiled
Spurrier was born in Somewhere-You’ve-Never-Heard-Of, grew up in the heartlands of Nowhere-Terribly-Interesting, and lives today in North London. He spends much of his time in quiet cafes and pubs, where he exerts an unwanted cosmic magnetism upon any loud or malodorous patrons who should enter.


He spends far more time than he should on Twitter.

Forthcoming (Jan-Jun 15)

CBP - Disenchanted 2 CBP Marvel - X-Force V2 CBP - Crossed V11 CBP B - Six Gun Gorilla CPP - SS X-Force 3 (comic)
Jan 15 – Disenchanted Volume 2 Jan 15 – X-Force Volume 2 March 15 – Crossed Volume 11 March 15 – Six-Gun Gorilla May 15 – X-Force Volume 3


Titles & series from Si Spurrier from recent years:

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