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The Stranger Views website is run by two guys (John Ridley and Graham Sim) who were united by their love of great science fiction shows beginning with the letter ‘F’: Firefly, Farscape and the little known Swedish classic Farnswargglee.

The site is focused on:

Book reviews: We’ll be reviewing pretty much any book we read, but are particularly trying to showcase books from self published authors

Film Reviews: We love films. Okay there may be a slight bias towards science fiction films but there will still be a fair bit of variation in our choices. We think you will be particularity interested in our reviews if you have Netflix and aren’t sure what to watch one night as that’s how we’ve ended up viewing half of these films.

TV Shows: There may be a lot of Dr Who in this section we’re not going to lie, but again we’ll try and introduce some variation.

We love suggestions for books to review and if you would like to submit your own article/review or short story let us know and there is a very good chance we will put it up.

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