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Pornokitsch Since 2008, Pornokitsch has been gleefully chatting about geek culture – with a focus on books, movies, games, comics and television. Our mission is to treat genre fiction seriously and examine it thoroughly, for better or for worse. CP - Anne Perry

Pornokitsch is edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.

Our regular contributors are Rebecca Levene, Jon Morgan, Molly Tanzer, Mahvesh Murad, David Bryher and Magnus Anderson. Pornokitsch was a finalist for the 2011 BSFA Awards for Non-Fiction, the winner of the 2013 British Fantasy Awards for Non-Fiction and a finalist for the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. Editors Anne Perry and Jared Shurin were selected to the h.club100 (for “innovators and pioneers in the creative industries”) in 2013. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter (Anne and Jared), YouTubeGoogle+ and Tumblr.


PK - The Pi Terrorist PK - Sagas Children PK - Put to Silence PK - Sketches by Zob PK - Red Hot Hate
As of January 2014, Pornokitsch became a paying market for short fiction – showcasing stories on a weekly basis on the site. As of April 2014, we began sending these stories as weekly emails as well.
PK - Georgia PK - Black Paintings PK - The Walled Garden

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We operate a (very) small non-profit press that publishes original fiction and non-fiction, organised around contemporary, relevant topics. Proceeds from these publications are donated to selected charity partners. PK - Stocking Stuffer 2014
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Additional: Anne and Jared began The Kitschies Awards in 2009 and remain involved, though its now run independently.