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“Broken Frontier is a comic book and graphic novel news site established in 2002. Our international team of staff writers covers quality stories from all corners of the comics universe, with a penchant for independent and creator-owned material.”



Big news of Wednesday 6th May: Broken Frontier have just begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a creator-owned comic anthology – MASSIVELY exciting, and that’s even before you read who the creative teams are!

Here’s an extract from their Kickstarter campaign page:

CPP - Broken Frontier Anthology banner Over 250 full color pages. More than 40 incredibly talented creators, 27 amazing stories, 1 beautifully designed over-sized hardcover. But above all: a comic book experience you won’t find anywhere else!
All wrapped in a stunning cover by Spider-Gwen’s Robbi Rodriguez, the Broken Frontier Anthology is beautifully designed and assembled with the highest production value. Larger than a standard graphic novel, the book’s 11.2”x7.6” format allows the amazing artwork and stories to leap off the page.
The book has everything: The last man in the galaxy? Check! An immortal on the edges of the universe? You bet! Cosmic horror on previously unimagined scale? Of course! The list goes on: Time travel, dystopian deserts, bewildered Vikings stumbling upon the supernatural. Yes, Vikings, because why the hell not?!
You’ll also see some dimension hopping, an existential murder mystery, a man digging to the center of the Earth… and much more!


Who’s in? Check THIS out:

A. DAVID LEWIS – The Lone & Level Sands, Some New Kind Of Slaughter * ADAM EGYPT MORTIMER – Ballistic * ALISON SAMPSON – Genesis, Outlaw Territory, Mad Max: Fury Road * AYŞEGÜL SINAV – Legendary Comics Featured Artist * BOX BROWN – Andre The Giant, Everything Dies * CARLA BERROCAL – Vertigo CMYK, El Brujo * CULLEN BUNN – The Sixth Gun, Magneto, Harrow County * DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON – Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet * DAVID HINE – Storm Dogs, Strange Embrace, Spawn * EDIEOP – Maleficium, Dangerfun * FACUNDO PERCIO – Caliban, Anna Mercury * FRED VAN LENTE – Resurrectionists, Ivar: Timewalker, Marvel Zombies * FREDERIK HAUTAIN – Broken Frontier Anthology * GREG PAK – Action Comics, Incredible Hulk, Princess Who Saved Herself * INJ CULBARD – Celeste, Brass Sun, The New Deadwardians * JAMIE COE – Art Schooled, Nobrow Magazine * JASON WORDIE – Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Prophet * JEFF MCCOMSEY – FUBAR, Flutter * JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV – The Bunker, The Life After, I Vampire * JUSTIN ZIMMERMAN – Safe, The Killing Jar, Other Worlds Anthology * KARRIE FRANSMAN – The House That Groaned, Death Of The Artist * KURT BELCHER – Winter War, Risers * MARGUERITE BENNETT – Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Sleepy Hollow, A-Force * MARK STAFFORD – The Man Who Laughs, Cherubs! * MIKE LAWRENCE – Muddy Max, Star Scouts * NATHAN FOX – Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers, Dogs Of War, Haunt * NOAH VAN SCIVER – Saint Cole, Blammo, The Lizard Laughed * NOEL TUAZON – Elk’s Run, Family Ties * PHIL HESTER – The Coffin, Green Arrow, The Darkness * PJ HOLDEN – Numbercruncher, 2000 AD, Dept of Monsterology * ROB CROONENBORGHS – Scum of the Earth, Jesus Hates Zombies * ROBERT SAMMELIN – Cimarronin, Zero * RYAN KELLY – Saucer Country, Local, Three * SALGOOD SAM – Sea Of Red, Revolver, Therefore Repent * SEAN WANG – Runners, The Tick * STEVE BRYANT – Athena Voltaire * STEVE ORLANDO – Undertow, Midnighter * THOMAS MAUER – Copperhead, Umbral * TOBY CYPRESS – The White Suits, Rodd Racer * TOM RANEY – Outsiders, Stormwatch, Avengers Academy * TYLER CHIN-TANNER – American Terrorist, Adrenaline * VARGA TAMÁS – Zoë, Furion * YAROSLAV ASTAPEEV – Undertow CBP Black Mask - Ballistic LE - BRASS SUN CA - The House that Groaned
CPP - Broken Frontier Anthology
CBP I - Punks V1 CBP - ASM Edge of Spider-Verse SS Number Cruncher 13
CGP - Genesis - Alison Sampson CBP - Storm V1 CA - Resurrectionists

You can find their kickstarter campaign for the Broken Frontier Anthology here.


And here’s some videos on the projects – you can find more via their Youtube channel link above, or browse on from these!






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