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CP - It Came Titan had been publishing graphic novels for some time and – in 2013 – took the logical and exciting step to establish Titan Comics! Launched in conjunction with Atomeka’s Dave Elliott, Titan Comics brought us a canny mix of wild and wonderful new material and older properties deservedly returned to print. At the time of writing they’ve clearly upped the ante even further with a fantastic list for 2015… CPP Titan - A1 Annual

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From Titan Comics:

CPP Titan - Nemesis Titan Comics is a bold new publishing initiative from Titan Publishing, offering readers the best new stories from new and established comics creators – and offering those creators a great deal to bring their stories to a worldwide audience! CPP Titan - TomorrowLand
From editorial to design, Titan Comics helps creators shape their ideas into the best comics possible – while they retain full rights over their creations and intellectual property.
CPP Titan - Monster Massacre Combining unique voices and idiosyncratic visions with strong marketing and a trusted brand, Titan Comics is the ultimate expression of our extensive editorial, design and sales experience. LE - Johnny Nemo
Titan Publishing has been a purveyor of comics, graphic novels, fiction and licensed publishing for over thirty years.
CPP Titan - The Crow Since 1981, we have been instrumental in the field of licensed film and television properties, including The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Transformers and Star Trek, as well as creator-owned successes such as Tank Girl and Lenore – but now is the time to nurture a new generation of creators, characters and properties. CPP Titan - Superior
As well as all-new monthly comics titles, Titan Comics continues to restore and reprint the best classic comics, bringing back seminal titles of yesterday in deluxe and lovingly-produced volumes.
CPP Titan - Tank Girl Titan also has a broad and active digital portfolio, with all comics and magazines available for simultaneous purchase across major tablet and web interfaces. CPP Titan - Sharky
Titan’s comic titles and collections are distributed to the Direct Market by Diamond, with our collected editions distributed to the book trade by Random House.