The Light and Darkness War by Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy: Preview!

CBP T - The Light & Darkness War Originally released in 1988 from Marvel’s creator-owned Epic Imprint we first encountered the story in Marvel UK’s Meltdown anthology, along with Akira, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and The Last American. It’s the story of a disabled Vietnam vet who wakes up with his buddies on another planet to fight in the war in which they’re engaged; it’s scripted by veteran writer Tom Veitch and the glorious art comes from the fantastic Cam Kennedy. Titan Comics acquired the rights along with many other brilliant comic stories from yesteryear and brought it out as a collection in June.
Well we might be a little behind in bringing forth a preview but it’s a cracking piece of work from what we read so we absolutely had to put this up late or otherwise… Enjoy!

L&D preview 1
L&D preview 2
L&D preview 3
L&D preview 4


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