THE CURIOUS INCIDENT, FOSSA and MAN MADE: Tunde’s Top Gigs in Review, Winter 2015-16

Tunde's Winter 2015 Top Gig's Arriving at a new venue always brings a sense of anticipation, the hope of something great and memorable being unveiled that night. This winter I had my first visit to Underbelly Hoxton but returned to now-familiar places like Lexington and Barfly. Here are my handpicked favourite bands of my winter gig crawling…


The first band that particularly caught my attention was The Curious Incident, a London four-piece bringing freshness to the pop-rock scene, and you should be curious, too. Their influences, as the band tell us, include Crystal Fighters and UB40; personally I heard something of the Scissor Sisters – not at all a bad thing in my opinion – and the unique voice of the lead singer Cavey Roberts was an extra bonus. They looked entirely comfortable on stage and the crowd was thoroughly entertained throughout their acoustic performance. CA - The Curious Incident

This gig was a fantastic taster what The Curious Incident can do and I look forward to catching another gig playing electronically in full.

Check out their biggest tune, “The Money”, which already has an impressive number of views on YouTube.


FOSSA @ THE LEXINGTON – 02/12/2015

It was already a full audience when Fossa, also a London four-piece, came on stage and the crowd was already nicely warmed up; even so I don’t think anyone expected what was to follow.

CA - Fossa The mood changed the moment these guys began, immediately grabbing everybody’s attention. Fossa have a style all of their own, alternative electronic music with acoustic instrumentals and smooth vocals. Lead singer Louis swiftly changes effortlessly from guitar to keyboard then back again. His performance is genuine, understated one moment, intense and passionate the next; if anyone wasn’t actually enthralled from the start they very shortly became so and the audience was compelled to offer up profuse applause.
Beyond the lead himself the whole band’s performance is so absolutely polished it stuck with me long after the gig had finished. A band well-deserving of discovery.

Check out “Five Days” – just a small taste of what this band is about.


MAN MADE @ THE BARFLY – 14/12/2015

For those not in the know, Barfly now hosts a regular event dedicated to showcasing upcoming talent. Organized by newly revamped X Radio under the name of X-Posure it’s presented, as on this night, by radio host John Kennedy.

The three piece band is imported from Manchester and made a special trip down to South just to perform at Barfly. The auditorium filled up nicely despite being a Monday evening and no one left empty handed.

CA - Man Made Visually, the band ticked all the boxes, the lead singer all glittered up occupied the stage with accustomed confidence. But the band’s strength lies in their convincing songs, guitar riffs and appealing rhythm, and they received a great reaction from the room which was buzzing in no time. With only a few videos on YouTube it was a treat to hear the rest of the catalogue from their album, expected to be released in 2016. If not entirely groundbreaking it is solid; these guys really have something and I suspect the best is yet to come.

Check this performance from BBC Introducing “TV broke my brain” at Reading.


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