Meeting of Styles Festival 2018 – A Street Art Gallery

For over 20 years Meeting of Styles has globally celebrated the vibrance of street art, the UK leg of MoS – brought to us by EndoftheLine – has having done so in the capital for the last 8. I’d been unable to attend the last having discovered it via the brilliant LDNGraffiti so no way I was missing out this year! Just a cracking afternoon with a great vibe and live graffiti and DJs in the wonderful Nomadic Community Gardens of Brick Lane and we highly recommend it goes in your diaries for next year (it was the 26th-28th May this year). Check out the amazing art from this year and earlier below!

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Preview: Art of the Street – Rio de Janeiro!

CN - Aug - Art of the Street Rio de Janeiro We’ve been keeping an eye out for books coming through on the vibrant art form of graffiti and street art generally and we spotted the latest from Art of Publishing and photographer Andy Cantillio, this volume focusing on Rio de Janeiro. We thought we’d give them a shout and see if they wanted to share some of Andy’s amazing photography of the ‘Marvelous City’ from it as a taster…
Check it out below!


AOSRio_Contents 1

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Artist Profile – Dan “Dank” Kitchener

CP - Dan Kitchener - Profile Image
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Street artist, illustrator, painter, animator, art director // Sponsored by DEPHECT clothing


From Dan’s Dephect page:

The cartoons I watched as a child and the comics I read still influence me massively now. I’ve stored up all the good bits in my mind and dip in when I need some ideas, quite often I do this without realizing it, like an endless resource. I get inspired now from all sorts of things, being out and about, trains, watching the scenery, moods, atmospheres. I like light and I like the way certain places feel, I quite often base my work on a feeling, usually dark ones! Read the rest of this entry »

Artist Profile – Otto Schade

Otto Schade - Profile Picture
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Otto is a chilean-german Artist, Architect and Urban Sculptor living in Europe since 2004


From Otto’s website:

Otto was born in Chile on the 30th October 1971. He initially studied Architecture at the Bio Bio University and Construction and Design Architecture in Concepcion, Chile. As a successful architect, he has been awarded for public and private projects. Read the rest of this entry »

Artist Profile: Paul Don Smith

CP - Paul Don Smith
From Twitter: London based URBAN ARTIST Est 1985


Paul Don Smith (2) When we released James Mathurin’s article on street art in Shoreditch and Brick Lane, we were introduced to a whole array of astonishing art both of and beyond the creators he highlighted. A few in particular really captured our attention, both from the quality of the visuals and subject matter that was particularly our scene: music and film, especially fantastical characters from the latter, and just brilliantly conceived original imaginative pieces. Paul “DON” Smith was one, DON being his street art name.
So here for you to discover and enjoy as a Profile of Paul / DON is a selection of his work, his pieces that most appealed to us – but there’s plenty more to discover on his website and via his Twitter account (see above). We look forward to more…

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Artist Profile – Vinnikiniki – Alien Street Art

CP - Vinnikiniki CP - Vinnikiniki - logo
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Artist from London, obsessed with Alien Life, Graffiti & UV Art murals


From the artist’s website: I have exhibited internationally and like to create art on my travels, I look forward to meeting other artists and people to talk about ideas and collaborations.

As most artists, I try to create art that is original and unique. I aim to constantly push and evolve my practice as an artist and enjoy collaborating with other artists and learning new art techniques.

I mostly work on large street art pieces but do knock out the occasional canvas, I use a variety of mediums; spray paint, markers, paint, ink but I also create purely digital pieces. Black light reactive graffiti art murals being a speciality, I’m also very partial to painting aliens and spray cans amongst other twisted and odd looking characters.


Check out our selection of Vinnikiniki’s pieces from London, Bangkok and elswhere with some choice videos as well…

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Street Scene: A Tour of London’s Street Art 1 – Shoreditch, Brick Lane and more by James Mathurin

I love street art. I always used to look forward to the pages near the back of Hip-Hop Connection (HHC) magazine, where they’d show pieces from around the UK. When I started getting more into photography, I started visiting places like Shoreditch, and particularly up and around Brick Lane. Those are areas that take a more relaxed view of graf, so artists are able to take their time, and express themselves more.

Paul Don Smith (1) Paul Don Smith (2) It’s not a coincidence that I was introduced to street art through HHC. Graffiti is inextricably linked to hip-hop. Along with Deejaying, Emceeing, and B-Boying / Breakdancing, it was one of the “4 pillars” of hip-hop when it originated. Its roots were also firmly working class, originally, as spraycans were a cheap and available way to find self-expressions for youth in New York. You could ‘bomb’ a train, and have it go around the city like a mobile gallery, showing off your artistic skills to more people than would ever see it otherwise. Paul Don Smith (6) Paul Don Smith (7)
As London artist Paul “Don” Smith put it in a 2013 interview:
“There’s the wonderful hip hop movement that picked a lot of us up. There was music, dance and art – creativity for people who needed to do something. It goes back to New York. You have loads of kids, some a little upset and they found themselves through this incredible movement. Writing music, poetry, dancing… how much energy is being vented? It’s just saved so many people. I think graffiti is the darker side of all of this. You had to go into places you shouldn’t be. It was all quite rock and roll, drink and drugs coming a bit hand in hand with it.”

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