Sneaky Peekers – Behind the scenes of Penny for the Workhouse’s latest EP!

CPP - PftW - Sneaky Peekers PftW 1 On the 24th June fantastic London indie-folk band Penny for the Workhouse release their 3rd EP, SNEAKY PEEKERS which they’re launching at the Good Ship Kilburn the same day: We thought we’d ask them to write something on how it all came creatively together…
So here’s a sneaky peek into the world of PftW, courtesy of songwriters Mel and Nathan!


Hello to all reading this on purpose or by accident, we are Penny For The Workhouse, a lively London band creating music to make you dance.

We’re on the verge of releasing our third EP “Sneaky Peekers” which is our loudest and rawest EP to date. Over the years we have wanted to create an EP that sounds as close to seeing us live as possible. Our first EP “Coins and Cards” which was released in 2012 is quite heavily folk influenced with acoustic guitars and lots of three way harmonies. On our second “Jack the Gunslinger and Other Tales” we started to mix the acoustic gentle sound with hints of electric. We were finding that we still weren’t replicating the energy we have on stage on record. As “Coins and Cards” and “Jack the Gunslinger” were both recorded using multi-track, this time we went loud and live! PftW 2 (scaled)

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A Pint with… Penny for the Workhouse!

Having seen Penny For The Workhouse live a couple of times, and each time having been knocked out by their material and their performance, I thought it would be worthwhile meeting them and trying to find out what makes them tick, and where their intriguing songs come from.


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Band Profile: Penny for the Workhouse

CPP - Penny for the Workhouse
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“It’s quirky, I love the title track Coins and Cards, good luck, keep working at it!” – Paul Weller

“The Best and most original young band in London!”– John Hellier, Darlings of the Wapping Wharf Laundrette Promotions.

“Delightful quintet of artists, writers and scallywags, Penny For The Workhouse are an unusual but addictively fun five piece that leaves the crowd cheering and exhausted in their wake!” – Ash Perrin – The Flying Seasgull Project


In their words (from their website):

Penny For The Workhouse are a London based band dishing out music to make you dance! Influenced by the style and swagger of old London Town, Penny For The Workhouse were formed in 2012 with catchy lyrics and tasty drum beats, full of personality always making their audience feel part of their performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Penny for the Workhouse + The Gyro + The Fix @ The Finsbury, 22/03/2015

PftW 1 (scaled) We were very much there to see Penny for the Workhouse who Mark K had lauded having seen them as support; though, while I’d thoroughly enjoyed the tunes I’d heard online, they were a new one live for me.
But first there were others to hear; it was a night that, to me, seemed very much about ‘credit where credit’s due’…
Article by Tim Bayley
Photos by Mark K & Jen Hay

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Gig Review: Evi Vine plus The Neverists, Penny for the Workhouse & The Quiet Quiet Band @ The Good Ship, Kilburn – 29/01/2015

CA - Give your Heart to the Hawks

Tonight is the launch event for Evi Vine’s new album Give Your Heart To The Hawks. However, before the main event we have three support bands to entertain us…

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