Extract / Preview: The Relic Guild by Edward Cox

CB - Jul - The Relic Guild PB

Doubt & Wonder

In the long game, defeat was only part of the strategy.
Alone and beaten, Fabian Moor strode across a narrow bridge of stone. Cold purpose drove each of his steps as his path arced over a chasm so deep that light itself was swallowed into an endless void. He looked up at the luminescent stalactites that hung from the ceiling of a vast cavern like the spires of an inverted cityscape, glowing with a violet radiance. With a surge of intolerance, Moor gritted his teeth as he glimpsed something moving among the shadows there. A silhouette, dark and sleek against the pale light, left the cover of a stalactite and sailed down towards him with the slow beating of huge wings.

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Extract / Preview: The Seventh Miss Hatfield by Anna Caltabiano

CBP - The 7th Miss Hatfield Prologue : 1887
A young woman adjusted the veil of her hat to make sure it covered her face. She watched as the item she’d been waiting so long to possess was introduced. It was a portrait of a woman, the frame’s gold leaf peeling with age. The woman in the painting was  seated in an armchair, its royal blue a dramatic contrast to her crimson dress, the thick fabric of the dress even more vivid next to her olive complexion and dark hair. But it was the remarkable expression she wore that made the painting so special. Her almost-black eyes pierced the viewer with their gaze.
The veiled young woman at the back of the room narrowed her own eyes. She’d been caught up in the thrill of the auction house just from watching others bid in a flurry around her. She took a deep breath as the auctioneer brought in the final piece from the estate.

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Author Profile: Paul McAuley

CPP - Paul McAuley (Orion) www.unlikelyworlds.co.uk On Gollancz (publishers)
www.unlikelyworlds.blogspot.co.uk On Orion (publishing group)
@unlikelyworlds On Wikipedia
“Defrocked scientist, writer.”


CPP - PM - 400 Billion Stars Paul James McAuley was born in Gloucestershire on St George’s Day, 1955. He has a Ph.D in Botany and worked as a researcher in biology at various universities, including Oxford and UCLA, and for six years was a lecturer in botany at St Andrews University, before leaving academia to write full time. He started publishing science fiction with the short story “Wagon, Passing” for Asimov’s Science Fiction in 1984. His first novel, 400 Billion Stars won the Philip K. Dick Award in 1988, and 1995’s Fairyland won the Arthur C. Clarke and John W. Campbell Awards. He has also won the British Fantasy, Sidewise and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. He lives in London. 9781473203938

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Extract / Preview: The Causal Angel by Hannu Rajaniemi

CBP - The Causal Angel Prologue
Alone on the timeless beach, Joséphine Pellegrini finds herself disappointed by the end of the world.
The sun is almost down, an orange flare just beyond the edge of the calm expanse of the sea. The globe of Earth hangs in the sky. There are dark tendrils chasing each other in the white and blue, spreading like spilled ink. Matjek Chen’s Dragons, turning matter and energy and information into themselves. Soon, they will burrow into the crust of the dying world to swallow the remnants of the subterranean bacterial biosphere. When that last bastion of life is gone, they will devour each other, and only a dead globe of dust and rock will remain.
As Ragnaröks go, she has seen better. The last one was the glorious birth of something new. This is merely the final withering of an ancient placenta, long since overdue.

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Author Profile: Sarah Pinborough

CPP - Sarah Pinborough www.sarahpinborough.com
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About (from the author’s site):

CBP - SP - The Hidden Sarah Pinborough is a critically acclaimed horror, thriller and YA author. In the UK she is published by both Gollancz and Jo Fletcher Books at Quercus and by Ace, Penguin and Titan in the US. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies and she has a horror film Cracked currently in development and another original screenplay under option. She has recently branched out into television writing and has written for New Tricks on the BBC and has an original series in development with World Productions and ITV Global. CBP - The Death House

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Author Profile: Simon Ings

CPP - Simon Ings photo www.simonings.com On Orion
On Wikipedia On Gollancz
@simonings On The Guardian
“He succeeds in getting you to care about what happens to these people and then he beats the living shit out of them” – Martin McGrath



Simon Ings debuted in 1992 with the widely acclaimed HOT HEAD and has since written a further seven SFF novels and a non-fiction work on the natural history of the eye with more of both to come. He  is the Culture Editor at New Scientist and the editor of their (on hiatus at present) Arc magazine. He was born in 1965 and lives in London.

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Extract / Preview: Crashing Heaven by Al Robertson

CBP Jun - Crashing Heaven Chapter 1
[Look out of the window, Fist,] said Jack, speaking inside his mind so only the little puppet could hear him. [Snowflakes.]
As their shuttle wheeled around, the sun snatched at the snow- flakes’ great ice bodies and made them  blaze,  leaving  even Hugo Fist with nothing to say. There were a dozen of them hanging in the cold, empty space before Station. The smaller ones sparkled with reflected light. Maybe five hundred metres across, they revolved in the void, bodies shimmering gently. The larger ones were majestic crystal shapes, dense with fractal complexity. They glowed partly with the sun’s fire, partly with their own inborn light. The abandoned Earth roiled behind them, its toxic cloudscapes an insult to their  cold perfection.
[A Totality battle formation – here?] whispered Fist. [We really did lose the war, Jackie  boy!]

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Author Profile: James Barclay

CPP - James Barclay www.jamesbarclay.com
At Gollancz
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On YouTube
As Scott Barclay (acting name) on Spotlight


About (from the author’s site):

I’m the author of the two Raven trilogies: Chronicles of The Raven and Legends of The Raven, and the epic fantasy duology, The Ascendants of Estorea. Ravensoul, was the final installment in the Raven saga. The Elves trilogy was completed in 2013 and I’ve written two novellas, Light Stealer and Vault of Deeds. I’m currently editing the first in my new Blood & Fire duology.

More about James on his site…


Books by the author (Gollancz unless otherwise stated)

Chronicles of the Raven Legends of the Raven Then
CPP - James Barclay - Dawn Thief CBP - James Barclay - Noonshade CBP - James Barclay - Nightchild CBP - Elfsorrow CBP - James Barclay - Shadowheart CBP - James Barclay - Demonstorm CBP - James Barclay - Ravensoul


Also… The Elves Trilogy
CBP - James Barclay - Light Stealer
Prequel novella – PS Publishing
CBP - Legends - Stories in Honour of David Gemmell
‘Or so Legend Has It’ short in Legends from NewCon Press
CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Once Walked with Gods CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Rise of the TaiGethen CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Beyond the Mists of Katura


Separate settings:

CBP - James Barclay - Cry of the Newborn CBP - James Barclay - Shout for the Dead
The Ascendants of Estoria duology
CBP - James Barclay - Vault of Deeds
Novella – humorous fantasy from PS Publishing


Videos (Scott Barclay)





Extract / Preview: Steeple by Jon Wallace

CBP - Steeple The van shakes and tips, rushing over speed humps. We are heading for the exit, the great gates where Effra Road meets Brixton Wall. I am finally leaving home.
A hood is drawn tight over my face. I taste detergent and sweat. The Diorama guard pulled this thing over my head, drawing it tight with a yank of a white cord. He bound my hands behind my back, guided me into the van and shackled my feet to the floor. He is back here with me. I can hear his fingers drumming on a rifle stock.
Strange. I could snap the bonds and punch through the van doors, so why these prison measures? Have my owners not read my specifications? What is it they think I want to escape?

I hear the protesters beyond the wall, chanting as we near the gates. A megaphone voice interrupts the beat of their song: pleas to disperse. We slow to a stop, wait, lurch forward again. The gears grind with every shuffle.
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Author Profile: Den Patrick

CPP - Den Patrick http://www.denpatrick.com/ From Gollancz (amended): Den Patrick was born in Dorset in 1975 and shares a birthday with Bram Stoker. He has at various times been a comics editor, burlesque reviewer, bookseller and Games Workshop staffer. Anything to avoid getting a real job in fact. He lives and works in London. His first three books for Gollancz, the War Manuals, were released in autumn 2013. Two of the three novels in The Erebus Sequence have now been published. With fellow author Jen Williams Den organises and hosts the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (SRFC).
Follow on Twitter
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Creator Profile: Mike Carey

558px-10.10.10MikeCareyByLuigiNovi1 www.mikeandpeter.com – Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Mike Carey’s Goodreads page
On Wikipedia
On Comic Book DB (Database)
(Photo by Luigi Novi)


CBP Clarke Award - The Girl with all the Gifts Many will now know Mike – or M.R. – Carey from the recent and massive success of the award-nominated The Girl with all the Gifts, already to become a film adapted by the author himself and starring Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. But he’s been around a lot longer than this, authoring fantastical prose and comics in the horror / dark fantasy genres for decades… CGP - PC - Lucifer V1

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Author Profile: Stephen Hunt

9780575092105 http://stephenhunt.net/
On Wikipedia

Stephen Hunt had had numerous shorts and other writings beforehand began his rise to prominence on the SFF scene with the publication of his Steampunk / Gas Lamp Fantasy book The Court of the Air. This was published in a three-book deal, the subject of a high-level bidding war between the major publishers and won by Harper Voyager, was extended to six and became the Jackelian series. His latest, the Far-Called series, was acquired and published by Gollancz.

Known to have been something of a pioneer of the internet, it’s perhaps no surprise that he’s rather cannily grabbed two very broad, genre-based names for his Facebook pages (above) for the fans of his own works and of the genres themselves.

Stephen Hunt on Carabas (Search)

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Author Profile: Ben Aaronovitch

CPP - Ben Aaronovitch
CPP - Rivers of London CPP - Moon over Soho CPP - Whispers Underground
On Gollancz
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Broken-Homes Nov - Foxglove Summer


Bestselling Urban Fantasy author of the RIVERS OF LONDON and the PC PETER GRANT sequels!

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Extract / Preview: Foul Tide’s Turning by Stephen Hunt

9780575092105 ONE
It was cold coming out of the east in winter, a biting chill that even the flames from the burning, overturned wooden coach couldn’t cover, nor the whipping snowstorm conceal. Young Thomas Purdell – Tom to those in his confidence – suspected he might not live long enough to warm himself at the wreckage’s inferno, though; not the way the bandits were working their way through the surviving passengers. So far, they had only slit the throats of those travellers who’d put up a struggle while resisting the sudden attack. Tom was far from hopeful he was out of the woods yet. It was hard to question a dead man or woman; and this attack wasn’t quite as it appeared. Not that the wilds of Northern Weyland weren’t infested with bandits and marauders. But such men usually rode cheap nags and carried old single-shot rifles. These eight killers were suspiciously well-equipped with lever-action rifles from the Landsman Repeating Arms Company, and though Thomas wasn’t much of a judge of mounts, their horses were healthy grain-fed sorrel-coloured steeds rather than the usual nags rustled as prizes by the likes of these. The dirty and well-patched clothes were fully in keeping with their supposed ignoble profession, however.

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Extract / Preview: Bete by Adam Roberts

Bete - Adam Roberts


Turing-testing the cow

As I raised the bolt-gun to its head the cow said: ‘Won’t you at least Turing-test me, Graham?’
‘Don’t call me Graham,’ I told it. ‘My wife calls me Graham. My mum calls me Graham. Nobody else.’
‘Oh, Mister Penhaligon,’ the cow said, sarcastically. We’ll have to assume, for the moment, that cows are capable of sarcasm. ‘It won’t much delay you. And if I fail, then surely, surely, go ahead: bye-bye-bos-taurus. But!’
‘You’re  not helping your case,’ I said, ‘by  enunciating so clearly. You don’t sound like a cow.’
‘Moo,’ said the cow, arching one hairless eyebrow.

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May 2015 Carabas New Book Recommends

Carabas - New Book Recommends CBP May - OF CBP - May - Day Four CBP - May - Resistance is Futile May - isbn9781473606616-detail CBP - SB - Sharkpunk


May brings another great package of debuts, latest-in-series, hardbacks and new in paperbacks of the science fictional and fantastical – here’s our top recommends of the month!

Generally if we have to limit our picks (and we do!) we’ll err on the side of new titles and those now in mass market paperbacks. But there’s a bunch of fabulous reissues in May, no less than four, that we just couldn’t not include – one being a top personal favourite: Michael Marshall Smith’s Only Forward. If you haven’t already bought and read you really have to do yourself and favour and do so now! Similarly, and having endeavored to limit ourselves to a single ‘Top Recommend’ over the last months, we just had to go for two in May.

Both have actually been out in a different form before. One has been a YA wattpad phenomenon, now deservedly in print; the other was released by the author in a limited print edition a few years back and now has its mainstream debut.

And if you don’t know what these might be then read on and find out – but don’t go too fast and miss the rest of the awesome publishing in May!

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