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Top Gig Picks: April – Michael Counsell

There can’t be many more people better placed to tell us which bands we ought to be listening to or heading to gigs of than one of the main guys at the London Indie Music Meetup: and Michael Counsell’s evidently got a busy April’s worth of gig-going for you if not himself! CPP - Michael Counsell (Indie MU)
Five for you to check out, plus support to boot – with You Tube vids and links on for your convenience. Link on to the Indie MU page at the end if you fancy joining them at any of these gigs!

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Penny for the Workhouse + The Gyro + The Fix @ The Finsbury, 22/03/2015

PftW 1 (scaled) We were very much there to see Penny for the Workhouse who Mark K had lauded having seen them as support; though, while I’d thoroughly enjoyed the tunes I’d heard online, they were a new one live for me.
But first there were others to hear; it was a night that, to me, seemed very much about ‘credit where credit’s due’…
Article by Tim Bayley
Photos by Mark K & Jen Hay

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Gig Review: Meatbodies + Arrows of Love @ Dalston Birthdays – 03/03/2015


A support act you need to catch while there’s still standing room and a headliner that fills the floor entirely…

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Gig Review: Gemma Hayes (@Hackney Oslo – 14/01/2015)

Gemma Hayes returns to Hackney Oslo as part of the promotional campaign for her current album Bones and Longing

Review by Mark Kelly

(Pictures by Lorenzo Arena)

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Gig Review: XFM Winter Wonderland (@Brixton Academy – 17/12/2014)

CA - xfm banner

XFM’s Winter Wonderland has always been something of a curate’s egg, and this year’s gig is no exception…

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Gig Review: Anna Calvi and the Heritage Orchestra and Choir @ St John’s Church, Hackney 13/12/2014

Review by Mark Kelly

Photos by James McGalliard

Anna_Calvi_Strange_Weather_EP Tonight’s gig is a somewhat fascinating prospect: being part experiment, part Christmas treat for the fans. Promised are collaborators old and new, cover versions and new songs. Can’t wait!

However, wait we must. The doors open at 7pm, there is no support act, and Anna is not due onstage until 8.45pm (she appears at about 9). No matter, for a church the venue is quite cosy, and it is that most rare of animals, a consecrated church with a (albeit temporary) licensed bar. Hot mulled cider with rum whiles away the time quite agreeably.

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Gig Review: Gary Numan + Gang of Four (@ Hammersmith Apollo – 28/11/2014)

Review by Mark Kelly

(Images sourced online as labelled for reuse)

220px-Splinter_SFABM_Cover A bill consisting of Gary Numan and Gang of Four could lead one to expect something of a nostalgia fest; happily this is not the case.
Andy Gill is now the only remaining original member of Gang of Four following vocalist Jon King’s departure in 2012. However, John Sterry does a more than reasonable Jon King impersonation, and the band sound pretty authentic. Gill stares out the crowd, and the band have a pleasingly unsettling aura.

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Gig Review: Delooze @ The Social, Tuesday 5th August

Review by Alison Gray

(Pictures – Kevin Wakefield)

The Fix is a regular free night at The Social, an intimate venue and perhaps a bit small for the dynamic sound of Delooze: they were second on the line-up but easily pulled off the most powerful performance of the night.

The band blend pulsing electronics, rock drums/guitar and the operatic vocals of Stacey Delooze to create an intense, melodramatic sound. Right from the start and the seductive tones of ‘Nature Boy’ through to the full on rock of final song ‘Lost Army’ this was a captivating show.

Delooze 3

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