A Coffee with… LEAH MOORE!

CA - LM - Electricomics ASPE Seeing that Leah Moore was at 2015’s LBF I was hoping she might have time for a coffee after the Comics Go Digital panel. Fortunately she did; less fortunately those outrageous slings and arrows one faces when launching a website can set things back and, with the great stuff we talked about, this was one casual interview I wanted to give proper time to. Besides which what we talked then is no less relevant now, so we’re pleased now, belatedly, finally, to present A Coffee with Leah Moore.

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Catching up with TPub & Neil Gibson at LSCC!

LSCC 16 TPub 2 I first met Neil at last years London Book Fair, and was treated to an insight into the rather unique comic enterprise of TPub. It was no surprise to find they were exhibiting at LSCC 2016 and I’d arranged to pop by and learn more firsthand of where they were since then.
I manage to catch Neil in a lull. TPub have sold a whole bunch of Twisted Dark and – when more potential customers come near – it’s easy to see why. On the one hand there’s a small photo display of TPub fans you may have heard of. Who? Well a certain Samuel L Jackson if you’ve heard of him? A Mr Frank Miller? Simon Pegg anyone?

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London Super Comic Con 2016!

LSCC 2016 V Logo We arrive, fashionably late, to the Excel Centre for 2016’s London Super Comic Con. First priority? Coffee. Second priority: get photo of Brit Cit Judge having a fag. Third priority: make note to bring camera-to-laptop cable tomorrow.
All is in full flow and a busy day ahead. Got a good few creators to catch up with, mostly artists, and panels to see (can’t miss Mark Buckingham and John Totleben’s MIRACLEMAN: KIMOTA! panel for one!) and then there’s the parties and general pub meets after.
Yep that extra hour in bed was probably a good idea!

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Creator Profile: Mike Carey

558px-10.10.10MikeCareyByLuigiNovi1 www.mikeandpeter.com – Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Mike Carey’s Goodreads page
On Wikipedia
On Comic Book DB (Database)
(Photo by Luigi Novi)


CBP Clarke Award - The Girl with all the Gifts Many will now know Mike – or M.R. – Carey from the recent and massive success of the award-nominated The Girl with all the Gifts, already to become a film adapted by the author himself and starring Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. But he’s been around a lot longer than this, authoring fantastical prose and comics in the horror / dark fantasy genres for decades… CGP - PC - Lucifer V1

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The Greatest Creations of Fantastical Fiction Part 6

Blade Runner 1.1

In which we explore a gloriously dystopian LA, the most sublime of the sublime of weapons in space opera, Gray Hulks, heroic child-proxies, and quantum-locked Assassins… (If you haven’t read the earlier entries you can find Part 1 herePart 2 herePart 3 herePart 4 here and Part 5 here…)

Los Angeles

Los Angeles * Setting * Blade Runner * Ridley Scott

The sprawl of LA in the year 2019: the opening scene of Blade Runner. Blade Runner 1Blade Runner 2
Industrial flame plumes against the darkness of city and night, the restrained, isolated strike of lightning. Aerodyne “spinners”, patrolling police-craft, come and go, beaming suspicious light wherever they journey. In the foreground are skyscraping edifices, in the background the domineering corporate ziggurat of the Tyrell Building projecting light into the sky: Look on ye might and despair.

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Artist Profile: James Mathurin

James Mathurin

CP - James Mathurin

Artist, Blogger – Ex-Londoner, now in Sydney

Comic art, urban photography
Website: www.jamesmathurin.com/
On Tumblr: www.stuffwotidone.tumblr.com/
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamesmathurinart
On Twitter: @jameswiseson


JM1 JM Ac 1 JM Next 1
JM2 JM Next 2 JM3



Creator Profile: Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin A


Creator Profile: Dan Boultwood

Comic Artist and Writer; Misanthropic Picturesmith

CP - Dan Boultwood
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/lace.mine.with.ether
On Twitter: @_Cogs
On Deviant Art: www.bazazatron.deviantart.com/


G.P. Taylor Adaptations with Tony Lee (2011)

CP - The First Escape CP - Great Mogul Diamond CP - Secret of Indigo CP - The Tizzle Sisters & Erik


The Baker Street Irregulars with Tony Lee (2011)

CP - Missing CP - Phantom CP - Baker St Irregulars V1 CP - Family Re

Anthony Horowitz Graphic Horror adaptation with Tony Lee (2010)

CP - Scared CP - Phone goes Dead CP - Hitchhiker CP - Edge Killer Camera


Others with Tony Lee

CP - Hope Falls CP - The Gloom




Writer Profile: Corey Brotherson


corey_brotherson_portrait Magic of Myths cover Clockwork Watch Bayou Arcana cover Stolen cover Vampire Boogie cover


WEBSITE: www.cbrotherson.blogspot.co.uk/ – other sites for Corey’s work can be found here

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/CoreyBrotherson

Writing Gaijin (cbrotherson “at” gmail.com) is a writer who creates copy and content for websites, publishers, magazines and TV. He’s also a published comic book writer: the co-creator/writer of Bad Luck Inc., L33tspeak, A Twilight’s Promise, Fragile, The Twilight Cleaner, Magic of Myths and other forthcoming projects including several ongoing series’ and full length graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths. Since 2000, Corey has worked as an editor, staff writer, producer and critic for over a dozen publications and companies, including Channel 4 Teletext’s Game Central, Eurogamer, Games Domain, Sony, Yahoo, Official PS2 Mag, Vivendi Universal, ComiX-Fan, Electronic Arts, Sky One,Central/ITV, Boomtown, and more.