CECAF 2016 – A Gallery of Cartoon and Comic Art

LE - Jun - CECAF 2016 Having missed it in previous years we just had to get along to this years CECAF, the Crouch End Cartoon Art Festival, even if – as was the case – it was one of our classically late arrivals. CECAF, created by Sean Azzopardi, features as part of the Crouch End Festival though is very much it’s own thing and, as we discovered, really is a great mix of creators indie and mainer-stream, all sharing a real love of the scene and medium.
If you weren’t aware of it, couldn’t make, or were just even later than us (!) here’s a look at the books and folk at CECAF 2016 with Web and Twitter details: explore, discover, follow and enjoy!

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Alternative Stuff to do this Week in London – 20-26th June!

Carabas This Weeks Event Recommends...

For our full months event recommendations see our London Events page and Regular Events page also – if we’re missing something (your own event or someone else’s) let us know…

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YA & Children’s Book Recommends Jan-Jun 2016 – for Independents

Car YA & Childrens with text As we all know, anyone who thinks they’re too old for Children’s Books has a lot of growing up to do. So for those of us who know better, here are our picks of the vibrant and fantastical Middle Grade and Young Adult (YA) titles publishing January to June 2016!
(Title description is from the publisher – you can check out any extra thoughts from us via the link to our more general Monthly Recommends page link below each section.)

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YA & Children’s Book Recommends Jan-Jun 2016 (Waterstones Links)

Car YA & Childrens with text As we all know, anyone who thinks they’re too old for Children’s Books has a lot of growing up to do. So for those of us who know better, here are our picks of the vibrant and fantastical Middle Grade and Young Adult (YA) titles publishing January to June 2016!

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A Coffee with… Pat Mills at the London Book Fair! Part 2

CA - LBF 16 - PM2 We were lucky enough to catch 2000 AD creator Pat Mills for a coffee at the London Book Fair and got to chat about so much great stuff we had to split it into three articles! If you want the first it’s here… Otherwise read onwards on what we chatted on Slaine, Celtic consciousness and myth, and comics and Scotland!



We’d just been chatting on ethical concerns and subversive writing. With no diversion from this we move on to what is undoubtedly my favourite of Pat’s comics and characters: Slaine. Read the rest of this entry »

Progressive and Socially Minded Books publishing Jan-Jun 2016!

Social & Progressive Jan-Jun 16 I created Carabas to champion ‘all the good stuff’: imaginative, fantastical and cult fiction and film, alternative music, comics and graphic novels across genres – also worthy non-fiction of and around the same, and those books which provide an insight into the social concerns of today. This page, long planned, is for customers and shops as well to discover great books – non-fiction and fiction besides – that challenge perspectives and raise awareness that they may wish to buy or stock and sell.

In entirely related news we’re now on the Hive affiliate program. Hive supports independent bookshops by enabling customers to order online with some great offers to match more corporate suppliers and nominate their local independent to receive a cut of the sale value or pick it up from them. We believe in supporting bricks-and-mortar – you’ll find book links to a preferred chain (rather than Amazon) on other pages – but we particularly believe in supporting great independent businesses and we wanted to have joined Hive before releasing these and other recommends.

CP - Hive So please find our round-up of socially minded, progressive non-fiction, and fiction in prose and graphic novel form, from January to June 2016 below. If a customer please support independents (especially if they’ve been good enough to tweet / RT us) by either purchasing direct from them or choosing them on Hive – we also get a small percentage of the latter which will help pay site costs and keep us going. Carabas - Logo


Tim B

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THE CURIOUS INCIDENT, FOSSA and MAN MADE: Tunde’s Top Gigs in Review, Winter 2015-16

Tunde's Winter 2015 Top Gig's Arriving at a new venue always brings a sense of anticipation, the hope of something great and memorable being unveiled that night. This winter I had my first visit to Underbelly Hoxton but returned to now-familiar places like Lexington and Barfly. Here are my handpicked favourite bands of my winter gig crawling…

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Preview – Rivers of London Comics: Body Work by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel and Lee Sullivan

CPP - Rivers of London In 2011 Ben Aaronovitch stole London’s supernatural stage with the debut of the first volume of his PC Peter Grant urban fantasy series. Now with five out, the sixth coming this November, TV rights optioned and over a million copies sold worldwide, it’s been nothing short of a phenomenon. CGP - Rivers of London Body Work 1
Another author would happily sit on their nicely defined prose career, with a safe mainstream following: not so Ben A.
Because courtesy of the author, Dr Who show-runner Andrew Cartmel – Ben himself having two episodes to his name – and comic artist and veteran of Who strips Lee Sullivan, comes an entirely canonical Peter Grant comic series from Titan Comics!

“I’ve been a massive fan of the series for a long time and it’s always a dream to bring something you revere to life as a comic, especially when you’re working with such an incredible team of creators!”
says Steve White, Titan Comics Senior Editor.

Set between Broken Homes and Foxglove Summer (books 4 and 5) Rivers of London: Body Work arrives as a collected graphic novel in December, but the first comic of five was released on the 15th July for those who simply can’t wait – and why should you?

Here’s a trailer and a taster from Titan as to what you can look forward to…

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Gig Review: Anna Calvi and the Heritage Orchestra and Choir @ St John’s Church, Hackney 13/12/2014

Review by Mark Kelly

Photos by James McGalliard

Anna_Calvi_Strange_Weather_EP Tonight’s gig is a somewhat fascinating prospect: being part experiment, part Christmas treat for the fans. Promised are collaborators old and new, cover versions and new songs. Can’t wait!

However, wait we must. The doors open at 7pm, there is no support act, and Anna is not due onstage until 8.45pm (she appears at about 9). No matter, for a church the venue is quite cosy, and it is that most rare of animals, a consecrated church with a (albeit temporary) licensed bar. Hot mulled cider with rum whiles away the time quite agreeably.

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The Greatest Creations of Fantastical Fiction Part 5

(In which we indulge ourselves with warped halflings, perhaps the greatest lesser known post-apocalyptic setting, demonic currency, space opera super-ordinance, and they amongst whom ‘There can be only one’)  

If you haven’t read the earlier entries you can find Part 1 herePart 2 herePart 3 here and Part 4 here.



Gollum / Smeaghol * Antagonist * The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings * JRR Tolkien

‘Suddenly up came Gollum and whispered and hissed: “Bless us and splash us, my precioussss! I guess it’s a choice feast; at least a tasty morsel it’d make us, gollum!” And when he said gollum he made a horrible swallowing in his throat. That is how he got his name, though he always called himself ‘my precious.’’- The Hobbit Gollum 1

Gollum stands alone and apart in both book and film as something truly special, and it would seem unworthy to try and dissemble him here so we’ll mostly let Tolkien’s words speak for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Weird Al Yankovic – New Tunes July 14!

Over the next week the almighty “Weird Al” Yankovic is releasing videos online with the launch of his latest album ‘Mandatory Fun’ via different sites – Will be collecting and updating them here! Weird Al Yankovic

21st July: Weird Al satirizes management bull$#!+ speak in Crosby, Stills and Nash style in MISSION STATEMENT completing his 8 songs in 8 days album launch of MANDATORY FUN!

Watch video: http://smarturl.it/MSvid

Listen here on Youtube:

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