Snowbooks – Publishing in 2016!

CPP - Snowbooks Logo Here’s a look at what Snowbooks have published and have coming for you over the period January to December 2016! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication and updating this page as later titles are confirmed.
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Harper Voyager – Publishing Jan-Jun 2016!

Logo HarperVoyagerUK Here’s an (edited) look at what Harper Voyager have coming for you over the period July to December 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. Note: Publication dates are liable to change and some jackets are still to come…
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Gig Review: BRITISH SEA POWER @ The Chalk Farm Roundhouse – 13/06/2015

CA - Sep - British Sea Power Having caught them live back in 03, Mark K went to catch them along with Bo Ningen for an evening of art rock and rock as art. The question seems less ‘was it any good’ so much as ‘in which way was it excellent’…
Read on and find out…


I must confess that it came as something of a shock to realise that British Sea Power’s debut album The Decline of British Sea Power was now sufficiently venerable to be afforded the full heritage treatment: i.e to be played in full in front of an adoring, appreciative, and above all, nostalgic audience. I had seen BSP touring the album as support to The Flaming Lips in 2003, and this aforementioned realisation made me feel, well… old. Still, before the nostalgia commenced we had Bo Ningen to give our senses a damn good shaking. Read the rest of this entry »

The War Of The Class Clown Is Never Won – A Home Defence Update (The Latest Paranoia from Our Friend ‘Al Likilla’ & Co)

CPP - Home Defence Here’s the latest dose of paranoia and, um, ‘speculative journalism'(?!) from Home Defence’s Al Likilla (Alan Devey) – just in time for the election!
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“Obviously, if you get your hair on the outside of your head, your brain will be a little more freer.” – Bob Dylan

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The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane by Philippe Druillet: Preview!

CBP T - 6 Voyages Titan Comics are doing a fantastic job returning classic comic works to print – and we’ve got here a look at the interiors of The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane by “Heavy Metal alumnus” Philippe Druillet! Check out the endorsements and hype about this volume, then browse down to view selections of the art inside!

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Extract / Preview: The Return of the Discontinued Man by Mark Hodder

CB - DR - Aug - Return of the Discontinued Man “You’re a drooling, bulge-eyed drug addict!”
The  accusation,  which  Algernon  Charles  Swinburne  screeched in his characteristically high-pitched and excitable tones, caused the entire saloon bar to fall momentarily silent.
Sir Richard Francis Burton glowered at his diminutive friend. “A little less volume, if you please.”
“You’re hooked! An addle head! What next for you, hey? The gutters, perhaps? Bedlam lunatic asylum? A Limehouse opium den?”
“Limehouse doesn’t exist. It burned to the ground last year, as you well know.”
“Pah! And I’ll say it again! Pah! In fact, once more for good measure! Pah to you, sir!”

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Gig Review: THE SMYTHS @ The Good Ship Kilburn – 24/05/2015

CP - The Smyths 1 Mark K’s been a tad skeptical of tribute bands but word of the Smyths had reached his ears and with positive noises; so, when he heard they were playing at The (becoming a somewhat legendary venue) Good Ship Kilburn he took the plunge and went to check them out. 
Here’s what he had to say…


I must confess that I’ve always viewed tribute bands with a degree of wariness. On the one hand I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that they’re too damn lazy to write their own material, and on the other hand been convinced that they will inevitably be disappointing.

However, having seen the odd tribute band at festivals and been pleasantly surprised, plus having had The Smyths enthusiastically recommended to me, and moreover having missed The Smiths themselves back in the day (an act of foolishness for which I offer no excuses), I decided to take a chance. Read the rest of this entry »

Extract / Preview: The Seventh Miss Hatfield by Anna Caltabiano

CBP - The 7th Miss Hatfield Prologue : 1887
A young woman adjusted the veil of her hat to make sure it covered her face. She watched as the item she’d been waiting so long to possess was introduced. It was a portrait of a woman, the frame’s gold leaf peeling with age. The woman in the painting was  seated in an armchair, its royal blue a dramatic contrast to her crimson dress, the thick fabric of the dress even more vivid next to her olive complexion and dark hair. But it was the remarkable expression she wore that made the painting so special. Her almost-black eyes pierced the viewer with their gaze.
The veiled young woman at the back of the room narrowed her own eyes. She’d been caught up in the thrill of the auction house just from watching others bid in a flurry around her. She took a deep breath as the auctioneer brought in the final piece from the estate.

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Gig Review: THE STRYPES + THE RAGLANS at the Guildford Boileroom – 18/05/2015

Strypes 2 So there’s a band from Ireland you want to check out with Irish support – where do you go? Guildford, naturally!
Which is just what Mark K did when he heard The Strypes were playing…

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A Panel and Chat with TPub’s Neil Gibson – The London Book Fair 2015

CA - Neil Gibson I’d been very intrigued about TPub having encountered them for the first time just before Christmas so, seeing founder, owner and writer Neil Gibson was running a panel at the LBF’s Interactive Theatre, I decided to pop along. Aside from a very interesting talk and Q&A (over headphones!), Neil was good enough to spare some time for a chat and interview afterward…

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Extract / Preview: Blood Red City by Justin Richards

CBP - JR May 15 2/26/42
REF: POTUS A-DIST 422602-1/H
RE: Los Angeles Incident 24 February 1942
The President has asked me to inform you that while we still have no tangible evidence of an airborne incursion it seems likely that the incident the press have called “The Battle of Los Angeles” was triggered by an unidentified aircraft.
The airplane was probably Japanese and may be connected to the submarine that shelled the Ellwood fuel facility, north of Santa Barbara, on 23 Feb. Reports that the plane manoeuvred and departed at extremely high speed and was of an unusual design cannot yet be discounted. Following that initial alert, RADAR later detected a trace 120 miles west of LA at 02:15 on night of 24/25 and tracked it in to the coast, where it was lost as it headed inland.

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Gig Review: Fawn Spots + Features and The Bodies @ Dalston Birthdays – 10/03/2015

Fawns 8 cond. Tonight at Birthdays we are served up with a bill that brilliantly demonstrates the broad church that indie has become…
Mark K on three bands that are still becoming but have a hell of a lot going for them right now…


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Gig Review: PALMA VIOLETS + FAT WHITE FAMILY, SLAVES & WYTCHES – NME Awards Tour @ Kentish Town Forum – 04/03/2015

CA - NME Tour As usual, NME have managed to gather together some of the most happening acts of the moment for their awards tour… 
MARK KELLY caught the tour at its leg at the Kentish Town Forum – and what a gig it was! (Images from the band’s sites / social media)


As usual, NME have managed to gather together some of the most happening acts of the moment for their awards tour; and, in the absence of The Amazing Snakeheads, they’ve corralled The Wytches. Read the rest of this entry »

Gig Review: Jane’s Addiction – Brixton Academy – 20th August 2014

Review by Mark Kelly

It’s becoming a depressingly familiar spectacle: a long established band revisiting one of their classic albums and playing it in order, allowing themselves and their followers to wallow in an orgy of nostalgia. However, when the band in question is Jane’s Addiction, and the album is Nothing’s Shocking, it’s unlikely that the evening will play out to be anywhere near so comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »

Gig Review: Delooze @ The Social, Tuesday 5th August

Review by Alison Gray

(Pictures – Kevin Wakefield)

The Fix is a regular free night at The Social, an intimate venue and perhaps a bit small for the dynamic sound of Delooze: they were second on the line-up but easily pulled off the most powerful performance of the night.

The band blend pulsing electronics, rock drums/guitar and the operatic vocals of Stacey Delooze to create an intense, melodramatic sound. Right from the start and the seductive tones of ‘Nature Boy’ through to the full on rock of final song ‘Lost Army’ this was a captivating show.

Delooze 3

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