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CPP - Snowbooks Logo Here’s a look at what Snowbooks have published and have coming for you over the period January to June 2015! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication…
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CBP - SB - Anatomy of Darkness Feb Anatomy of Darkness Sherry Roit 9781909679801 TPB 9.99
Viktor’s need for ever more extreme pleasures drives him to places far darker than the music he creates with his bandmates. But it is possible to go too far. A creature of carnality and rampant addictions, Viktor discovers that something far worse is lurking within him while his band is touring. Something violent. Something uncontrollable. Something terrifying. Something which may cost him more than he could imagine, and may well cost others their lives.
Anatomy of Darkness is a twisted, sexually charged story of horror, lust and madness from the acclaimed author of the Paris Immortal vampire series and supernatural thriller Grimalkin Manor.
CBP - SB - Whispers in the Dark Feb Whispers in the Dark Scott Harrison, Thana Niveau et al 9781909679306 TPB 8.99
Four CTHULHU novellas by today’s leading horror writers, set throughout the twentieth century. One Nameless Thing by Alison Littlewood, set in present day England. The Gamekeeper by Johnny Mains set in Scotland in the 1940s & 1970s. Not To Touch The Earth by Thana Niveau set in San Francisco in 1967 [added, Carabas] also by Scott Harrison.
CBP - SB - Seven Cities of Old Apr Seven Cities of Old Mike Wild 9781909679269 TPB 8.99
“Do I have a plan? I just found out! Of course I don’t have a f**king plan!”
They call them The Altered States: Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and beyond. Half a continent gone to hell. Half a continent home to grotesques, monsters and madmen. Between it and civilisation stands Westwatch and the men and women of the Department for Research into Advanced Weaponry – the agents of D.R.A.W. – who are about to have a very bad day.
For what starts as a routine investigation of smuggled ancient artefacts catapults Ginny Dare, Posse Cat, Jiminy Crocket and Marshal Marshal Marshal into a race to stop a being older than the universe bringing about the end of all worlds. Runaway trains, besieged airships, raging river rafts and a gunfight with an army of the dead – with, if they’re lucky, a whisky, in between – are just a few challenges they’ll face before unlocking the secret of the Altered States, buried deep beneath the earth in one of the Seven Cities of Old …
CBP - SB - the Realt May The Realt James Brogden 9781909679535 TPB 8.99
War has come to the Tourmaline Archipelago. The Amity finds itself threatened by an Elbaite fleet armed with weapons of unparalleled destructive power supplied from our world – the Realt – by the shadowy forces of the Hegemony.
Fleeing from this devastation, Alison Owens – the last survivor of the raft-island Stray – takes refuge in the city of Carden, where she begins to discover the scope of her abilities as a lucid dreamer in this world on the other side of sleep. Meanwhile, Bobby Jenkins must inflitrate the Hegemony itself to find the secret of how to return to Tourmaline and the woman he loves.
But there are darker forces than the Hegemony in play. The Brood of Lilivet have taken hosts, and they seek to awaken an unspeakable evil which lies neither in Tourmaline, nor the Realt, but the dreaming space between.
CBP - SB - Sharkpunk May Sharkpunk Jonathan Green 9781909679962 TPB 12.99
SHARKPUNK: an anthology of killer shark stories!
Sharks – the ultimate predators, masters of their watery domain, a world that is entirely alien and inhospitable to man. So many aspects of the shark are associated with humankind’s most primal fears. The tell-tale dorsal fin slicing through the water, the dead eyed-stare, the gaping jaws full to unforgiving teeth, the remorseless drive to kill and feed…
Inspired by such classic pulp movies as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea – as well as such ludicrous delights as Sharknado and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus – the stories contained within are rip-roaring page-turners and slow-build chillers that celebrate all things savage, pulp and selachian. Covering the whole range of speculative fiction genres, from horror and Steampunk, through to SF and WTF, these are stories with bite!
Come on in. The water’s fine…
CBP - SB - The Locksley Exploit Jun The Locksley Exploit Philip Purser-Hallard 9781909679429 TPB 7.99
The Devices Trilogy Book 2
It’s 2015, and Camelot and Sherwood are at war.
The Circle, the UK paramilitary agency whose Knights carry the devices of the members of King Arthur’s Round Table, is hunting the Green Chapel, eco-activists allied to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. For the Knights, this quest is personal as well as political: the Chapel’s leader, Jory Taylor, is himself an errant Knight – and he has stolen the Holy Grail from the British Museum.
But this war is fought with modern weapons, and nowhere – from the Circle’s Thameside fortress to a Bristol squat, from the oldest pub in England to a music festival in Cheshire – will remain untouched.
Before long, the enmity between its greatest heroes will tear Britain apart.