Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts Volume 1 by Pat Mills et al – Preview!

CG - TT - Oct - Ro-Busters Along with Strontium Dog, Ro-Busters was one of the successful series taken in by 2000 AD after it’s merger with it’s sister publication Starlord. Conceived along the lines of Thunderbirds with robots, it was actually the Thunderbirds that you never knew you wanted; grittier… and with robots! The first volume of the collected ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Ro-Busters – featuring the wonderful Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws (never got the pun back then) – hits print in October, but check out our preview of it below!

Ro-Busters CN&B V1 P1
Ro-Busters CN&B V1 P2
Ro-Busters CN&B V1 P3&4
Ro-Busters CN&B V1 P5
Ro-Busters CN&B V1 P6




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