Record Store Day 2017!

Saturday April 22nd is 2017’s Record Store Day, a date to celebrate and support independent bricks-and-mortar music outlets – very much our kind of thing then!

There’s so much great stuff being released / re-released for the occasion but we just had to knock together something by the way of our ‘If money was no object’ highlights for your consideration – just some established favourites, intriguing morsels discovered on our browsing and, more generally, musical items that chime with our overall alternative culture remit.

Below that we thought we’d drop in the vids from RSD 2017’s Champions and it’s 10th Anniversary LEGEND and you can find all of this and more at the Record Store Day website (UK, you’ll find others easily enough) and follow the celebration on Twitter via the hashtag #RSD2017!

Check it all out below, browse more widely on their site, and go support RSD 17!



Record Store Day Champions 2017 talk RSD!





And Elton John is RSD’s 10th Anniversary LEGEND!