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For the last 8 years I’ve been organising regular successful London-based social events, currently under the banner of (CARABAS presents:) ALTERNATIVE DRINKS, just a good old gathering of people who love (and create) all the good stuff – SFF, Music, Film, Comics et al. The next is on Wednesday 9th November in Covent Garden! Alternative Drinks
You can see the venue details and book a free ticket here on Eventbrite or just note the venue and time and drop me a line (tim@carabas.co.uk) to RSVP and / or be added to the invite & news list. It’s free but just need to know numbers ahead via eventbrite or my e-mail so I can reserve enough space at the venue.


M Gorillaz 3

The events are monthly and open to everyone. There are normally some 30-40 people and a great mix of ladies and gents (guys and girls if you prefer) and of ages.

It’s an ‘informality prevails’ kind of thing (no themes /speeches) and a general love of alternative genres like science fiction and fantasy and media like comics, and books, film, and music besides – but an interest in any of that is secondary to the enjoyment of a few drinks in good company.

There’s a strong creative contingent and it’s very much for writers, comic writers, artists and musicians whether aspiring or professional (as a growing number of us are) and for industry folk as well.

We also have access to the sound system at the venue and you can expect crowdpleaser alternative / indie favourites of bands (such as the ones you can see here), and there’s a plasma screen as well on which we put up a reel of eye candy including recommendations of upcoming and published books and graphic novels…

If you’ve got something coming out or coming up that you want on there drop us a line!

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