Nemo: River of Ghosts – Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill – PREVIEW!

For your enjoyment and anticipation: select visuals from the upcoming and concluding part of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Nemo Trilogy! Title information is copied below or check it out along with more greatness for the season from Knockabout here.

Nemo 1a



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Nemo: River of Ghosts publishes 2nd March 2015


CBP Knockabout - Nemo River of Ghosts
Nemo: River of Ghosts
Moore, Alan & O’Neill, Kevin
In a world where all the fictions ever written coalesce into a rich mosaic, it’s 1975. Janni Dakkar, pirate queen of Lincoln Island and head of the fabled Nemo family, is eighty years old and beginning to display a tenuous grasp on reality. Pursuing shadows from her past – or her imagination – she embarks on what may be a final voyage down the vastness of the Amazon, a last attempt to put to rest the blood-drenched spectres of old.
With allies and adversaries old and new, we accompany an aging predator on her obsessive trek into the cultural landscape of a strange new continent, from the ruined city of Yu-Atlanchi to the fabulous plateau of Maple White Land. As the dark threads in her narrative are drawn into an inescapable web, Captain Nemo leads her hearse-black Nautilus in a desperate raid on horrors believed dead for decades.
Through the exotic spectacle of an imagined South America, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill steer their fifty-year-long Nemo trilogy to its remarkable conclusion, borne upon a River of Ghosts.


CBP Knockabout - Nemo River of Ghosts