Marvel Headlines – what’s going on at the ‘House of Ideas’

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Whether you’re a general reader who enjoys a good graphic novel, a fan who’s a bit out of the loop, or a retailer who just doesn’t know where to begin, well it’s more crazy than ever at the moment with Marvel – and there’s a number of reasons for that!
You can browse our MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL’S publishing Jan-Jun 15 article for the titles themselves but if you want to know what’s happening as regards graphic novels and the films thereof, rights issues, and an overview of the MANY events in progress and to come then look no further: in brief headlines and paragraphs here’s what you need to know!

* Marvel have been publishing additional material set in the cinematic universe. CA - Avengers Age of Ultron
* Marvel have been modifying the comic universe in line with the cinematic universe.
CA - Star Brand NU * In the late 80’s Marvel launched the New Universe, a separate earth / universe with greater realism to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Versions of two of these characters have been appearing in the current Avengers comics. CA - Star Brand 616
CA - The_Ultimates_13 * In 2000 Marvel launched the Ultimate Universe, reframing well known characters in a more up to date setting. The cinematic universe has taken the best from both the main and the Ultimate comics universes. Despite early acclaim the Ultimate line drifted into creative limbo…
* Meanwhile while Marvel / Disney and Sony, who own the cinematic rights to Spider-Man, have enjoyed a good relationship which has recently brought to fruition the hope that Marvel’s flagship character, the same has not been true of M / D and Fox who own the cinematic rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. The upshot of this has been pretty consequential.
CA - Fantastic Four #645 * Marvel are actually cancelling the Fantastic Four comic for a start. On the mutant side of things, the X-Men are just far too valuable to cancel. Instead they’ve been developing their Inhuman characters as an alternative product line. No new X-Men characters are to be created and it looks like Marvel are literally altering their fictional reality to retcon numerous mutants as Inhuman so they can be used in the cinematic universe by them rather than Fox. CBP - Inhumanity
* With great characters dying comes great sales. Having killed off and brought back Captain America, Johnny Storm and then (effectively) Spider-Man to inevitably great sales every time, they have recently killed Wolverine to the same, bringing a bunch of ‘Death of’ and ‘World without’ Wolverine collections with it. The ‘Return of’ likewise brings in the money though as to when it’s likely to happen with Wolverine, well we guess it’ll be during Marvel’s ‘ultimate event’ which we’ll come to shortly… CBP - Death of Wolverine

* Italian publisher Panini, best known previously over here for their sticker books, acquired a lucrative licensing deal to publish Marvel’s material in the UK during Marvel’s bankruptcy in the late 90’s and continue to do so. This includes newly collected material, which is dual published by themselves and Marvel.

CBP - Miracleman Volume 3 * Marvel acquired the rights to Miracleman, long in legal limbo, which had been one of comics legend Alan (Watchmen) Moore’s early projects in writing sophisticated and high concept adult superhero comics. This was based on Mick Anglo’s Marvelman, the name being later changed to avoid legal complications with Marvel. Neil Gaiman took over after Moore departed the title. Marvel also acquired the rights to Neil Gaiman’s character Angela, whose ownership had likewise been contested by Gaiman and Todd McFarlane. CA - angela-asgards-assassin-11

* Marvel has finally been reprinting Miracleman from the beginning though, with Alan Moore having disassociated himself from certain creations and publishers, writing credits are given as ‘The Original Creator’ in accordance with his wishes. (It’s exceptionally good.) Angela has been brought into the Marvel Universe.

CBP - Axis * Marvel have published numerous big event titles over the last few years (AGE OF ULTRON, ORIGINAL SIN, AXIS) in which characters and reality itself have been changed, quite drastically in some cases. CBP - Spider-Verse
* The Spider-Man titles are currently centred around the Spider-Verse event involving every version of the flagship hero and related characters imaginable.

We’ve seen part of this before on a smaller scale when Marvel’s rival DC brought acquired properties into its main universe and rebooted / changed elements during and following the 80’s classic ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. They’ve done the same over the last decade in numerous events, most recently Flashpoint in which they rebooted everything from scratch.

CA - Secret_Wars_001 * Marvel has announced ‘Secret Wars’ – also the name of the vaguely related 80’s event and arguably the first major Marvel event – which happens after the current Avengers storyline ‘Time Runs Out’.
* The Avengers fail to stop another universe – the Ultimate universe – from crashing into their own. There will be some six months of weird alternate reality battles in the Secret Wars event before Marvel combine elements of both universes and others into one rebooted world.


Like DC have done Marvel are consolidating their earlier and acquired properties and aligning their characters more closely to the cinematic universe.