March 2017 Book Highlights

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B - Mar - The Djinn fall in Love
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B - Mar - The Erstwhile
B - Mar - Wild Chamber


Here’s our round-up of fantastic and fantastical reading for March.

We take in Adult Fiction, fantastical and general, creative and socially minded Non-Fiction, Children’s and YA and Graphic Novels. Whether you’re a general or genre reader or a bookshop looking to make sure your customers aren’t missing out we try to balance an inclusion of the biggest titles with slipstream / crossover hits and those hidden gems for all concerned.

Selections are by Tim Bayley and are drawn from publisher submissions, The Bookseller magazine’s own monthly highlights, Buyer’s Guides and more. Text is sourced from the publisher.

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So read on and check out the great reads in print coming your way in March.




B - Mar - The Song Rising B - Mar - The Song Rising Collectors Edition

THE SONG RISING * Samantha Shannon * 9781408877852 * THE SONG RISING – Limited Signed edition * 9781408886069 * HB * £12.99 * Bloomsbury * The Bone Season * 3

A rebel who becomes a queen The hotly anticipated third book in the bestselling Bone Season series – a ground-breaking, dystopian fantasy of extraordinary imagination Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of Underqueen, ruling over London’s criminal population. But, having turned her back on Jaxon Hall and with vengeful enemies still at large, the task of stabilising the fractured underworld has never seemed so challenging. Little does Paige know that her reign may be cut short by the introduction of Senshield, a deadly technology that spells doom for the clairvoyant community and the world as they know it…

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CB - Go - Apr - Nemesis

NEMESIS * Alex Lamb * 9781473206120 * PB * £9.99 * Gollancz

Years ago, one starship and its crew discovered an alien entity which changed everything. Its discovery finally bought an end to the interstellar war being fought between the masses of humanity and the few pockets of genetically engineered colonists. An uneasy peace was negotiated as the human race realised there was something else sharing our universe. Something that had plans for us.

But the aliens have remained silent. The earthers have begun to test the edges of the peace treaty. Will, once a roboteer, once a human, now the most powerful being alive, has been sidelined and ignored. And a system-wide conspiracy threatens to plunge humanity back into war.

Now one man, his head full of alien technology that lets him interact with machinery, must get to the bottom of the plot, find out what the aliens want, stop the oncoming war and save Will. And his journey will uncover a new threat to humanity.

Nemesis is coming.

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B - Mar - Luna Wolf Moon

LUNA: WOLF MOON * Ian McDonald * 9781473202269 * TPB * £16.99 * Gollancz * Moon * 2

Corta Helio, one of the five family corporations that rule the Moon, has fallen. Its riches are divided up among its many enemies, its survivors scattered. Eighteen months have passed. The remaining Helio children, Lucasinho and Luna, are under the protection of the powerful Asamoahs, while Robson, still reeling from witnessing his parent’s violent deaths, is now a ward – virtually a hostage – of Mackenzie Metals. And the last appointed heir, Lucas, has vanished from the surface of the moon. Only Lady Sun, dowager of Taiyang, suspects that Lucas Corta is not dead, and – more to the point – that he is still a major player in the game. After all, Lucas always was a schemer, and even in death, he would go to any lengths to take back everything and build a new Corta Helio, more powerful than before. But Corta Helio needs allies, and to find them, the fleeing son undertakes an audacious, impossible journey – to Earth. In an unstable lunar environment, the shifting loyalties and political machinations of each family reach the zenith of their most fertile plots as outright war between the families erupts.

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B - Mar - Invisible Planets

INVISIBLE PLANETS: COLLECTED FICTION * Hannu Rajaniemi * 9781473210233 * PB * £8.99 * Gollancz

Hannu Rajaniemi exploded onto the SF scene in 2010 with the publication of his first novel The Quantum Thief. Acclaimed by fellow authors such as Charles Stross, Adam Roberts and Alastair Reynolds and brilliantly reviewed everywhere from Interzone to the Times and the Guardian he swiftly established a reputation as an author who could combine extraordinary cutting edge science with beautiful prose and deliver it all with wit, warmth and a delight in the fun of storytelling.

It is exactly these qualities that are showcased in this his first collection of short stories. Drawn from antholgies, magazines and online publications and brought together in book form for the first time in this collection here is a collection of seventeen short stories that range from the lyrical to the bizarre, from the elegaic to the impish. It is a collection that shows one of the great new imaginations in SF having immense fun.

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B - Mar - The Double Edged Sword

THE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD * Sarah Pinborough * 9781473221895 * PB * £8.99 * Gollancz * The Nowhere Chronicles * 1

Sixteen’s an interesting age: not quite a fully grown man, but not a kid either. Anything is possible when you’re sixteen.’

Finmere Tingewick Smith was abandoned on the steps of the Old Bailey. Under the guardianship of the austere Judge Harlequin Brown and the elderly gentlemen of Orrery House, Fin has grown up under a very strange set of rules. He spends alternate years at two very different schools and now he’s tired of the constant lies to even his best friends, to hide the insanity of his double life. Neither would believe the truth!

But on his sixteenth birthday, everything changes. The Judge is killed, stabbed in the chest with a double-edged sword that’s disturbingly familiar, and from that moment on, Fin is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure. Through the Doorway in Fin’s London, a hole in the boundaries of Existence, lies another London — and now both are in grave danger.
For the Knights of Nowhere have kidnapped the Storyholder, the keeper of the Five Eternal Stories which weave the worlds together. Because of the Knights’ actions, a black storm is coming, bringing madness with it.

Fin may be just 16, but he has a long, dark journey ahead of him if he is to rescue the Storyholder and save Existence!”

Select Reissues: Trilogy first published by Gollancz in 2010, 11 and 12 under Sarah Silverwood
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CHALK * Paul Cornell * 9780765390950 * PB * £12.99 * Tor

Andrew Waggoner has always hung around with the losers in his school, desperately hoping each day that the school bullies — led by Drake — will pass by him in search of other prey. But one day they force him into the woods, and the bullying escalates into something more; something unforgivable; something unthinkable. Broken, both physically and emotionally, something dies in Waggoner, and something else is born in its place. In the hills of the West Country a chalk horse stands vigil over a site of ancient power, and there Waggoner finds in himself a reflection of rage and vengeance, a power and persona to topple those who would bring him low. Paul Cornell plumbs the depths of magic and despair in this brutal exploration of bullying in Margaret Thatcher’s England.

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B - Mar - The Traitors Gate

THE TRAITOR’S GATE * Sarah Pinborough * 9781473221918 * PB * £8.99 * Gollancz * The Nowhere Chronicles * 2

It’s Christmas-time, and Finmere Tingewick Smith (Fin to his friends) is back in Orrery House, with Christopher, one of his two best friends. They’re there for the Initiation of the new Knights of Nowhere. The boys have tried to find some normalcy after their recent adventures, but they’re badly missing Joe. He’s stuck in the Nowhere, guarding two of the Five Eternal Stories that weave all the worlds together; they’re held inside his own body.

In the Somewhere, Christmas is a time of glad tidings and gifts and goodwill, Christmas trees, carols and the celebration of good things. But there is no Christmas in the Nowhere, and in both worlds, things are not as settled as they look, for Justin Arnold-Mather is getting ready to make his move. In the Nowhere, something is moving through the streets, attacking people – random victims – and leaving them mad and disfigured. And in Orrery House, a tiny crack has appeared in the Prophecy table.

The Prophecy is coming alive. The battle lines will be drawn between even the closest of friends, for the fight is on. The Dark King is rising.

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B - Mar - The London Stone

THE LONDON STONE * Sarah Pinborough * 9781473221932 * PB * £8.99 * Gollancz * The Nowhere Chronicles * 3

The prophecy has come to pass.

The London Stone has been stolen and the Dark King rules the Nowhere. Only Mona and the new Seer dare to stand against him, leading an underground rebellion in the frozen wasteland . . . but what chance do they have, against both the Army of the Mad and Arnold Mather’s soldiers?

There is still hope: if they can recruit a banished race to their cause, maybe Fin and his friends can force a final battle against the Dark King. But that aid will be hard-won, through an almost impossible quest, and even then there are no guarantees.

It will come down to three friends, standing together against all odds. And fulfilling their destinies, whatever the cost . . .

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CB - HV - May - The Malice

THE MALICE * Peter Newman * 9780007593194 * PB * £8.99 * Harper Voyager * Vagrant * 2

Following Peter Newman’s brilliant debut, THE VAGRANT. This is the much-anticipated sequel, THE MALICE.

In the south, the Breach stirs.

Gamma’s sword, the Malice, wakes, calling to be taken to battle once more.

But the Vagrant has found a home now, made a life and so he turns his back, ignoring its call.

The sword cries out, frustrated, until another answers.

Her name is Vesper.

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CB - Ho - Sep - Strange the Dreamer

STRANGE THE DREAMER * Laini Taylor * 9781444788983 * HB * £14.99 * Hodder

The dream chooses the dreamer, not the other way around – and Lazlo Strange, war orphan and junior librarian, has always feared that his dream chose poorly. Since he was five years old he’s been obsessed with the mythic lost city of Weep, but it would take someone bolder than he to cross half the world in search of it. Then a stunning opportunity presents itself, in the person of a hero called the Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors, and he has to seize his chance to lose his dream forever.
What happened in Weep two hundred years ago to cut it off from the rest of the world? What exactly did the Godslayer slay that went by the name of god? And what is the mysterious problem he now seeks help in solving?
The answers await in Weep, but so do more mysteries – including the blue-skinned goddess who appears in Lazlo’s dreams. How did he dream her before he knew she existed? And if all the gods are dead, why does she seem so real?
In this sweeping and breathtaking new novel by National Book Award finalist Laini Taylor, author of the New York Times bestselling Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, the shadow of the past is as real as the ghosts who haunt the citadel of murdered gods. Fall into a mythical world of dread and wonder, moths and nightmares, love and carnage.

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CB - Ho - Aug 16 - Poison City

POISON CITY * Paul Crilley * 9781473631601 * PB * £7.99 * Hodder * London Tau * 1

Cop. Drunkard. Low-grade magic user. My name is Gideon Tau, but most people just call me London.

Three years ago, someone killed my daughter. I sacrificed everything to learn his name – and then allowed that knowledge to be erased from my mind.

It was for a good cause: I was saving the world, after all.

But now I have to start over from scratch, with only my boss and my dog to help me find my daughter’s killer. The reanimated corpse of my boss, and my alcoholic, foul-mouthed demonic sidekick dog, that is.

Our journey will take us from Durban, South Africa to London, England.

And once we’re there… well, if things seemed dark before, they’re about to get a lot darker.

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B - Mar - The Djinn fall in Love

THE DJINN FALLS IN LOVE AND OTHER STORIES * Jared Shurin & Mahvesh Muhrad (Eds) * 9781781084168 * PB * £10.99 * Solaris

Contributors: Neil Gaiman, Nnedi Okorafor, Amal El-Mohtar, Catherine King, Claire North, E.J. Swift, Hermes (trans. Robin Moger), Jamal Majoub, James Smythe, J.Y. Yang, Kamila Shamsie, Kirsty Logan, K.J. Parker, Kuzhali Manickavel, Maria Dahvana Headley, Monica Byrne, Nada Adel Sobhi, Saad Hossein, Sami Shah, Sophia Al-Maria and Usman Malik.

Imagine a world filled with fierce, fiery beings, hiding in our shadows, in our dreams, under our skins. Eavesdropping and exploring; savaging our bodies, saving our souls. They are monsters, saviours, victims, childhood friends. Some have called them genies: these are the Djinn. And they are everywhere. On street corners, behind the wheel of a taxi, in the chorus, between the pages of books. Every language has a word for them. Every culture knows their traditions. Every religion, every history has them hiding in their dark places. There is no part of the world that does not know them. They are the Djinn. They are among us.

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B - Mar - Relics

RELICS * Tim Lebbon * 9781785650307 * PB * £7.99 * Titan

There’s an underground black market for arcane things. Akin to the trade in rhino horns or tigers bones, this group trafficks in mummified satyrs, gryphons claws, and more. When Angela Gough’s lover Vince goes missing, she sets out to find him whatever the risk. She learns that he was employed by the infamous London crime lord Frederick Meloy, providing bizarre objects beyond imagining. Descending into the city’s underbelly, she uncovers a deadly side to the black market. It might have claimed Vince, and Angela may be next. Gripping supernatural terror launching a new trilogy by the acclaimed author of Coldbrook ( distinct, unique, and absorbing ), The Silence ( truly addictive ), and the Alien-Predator Rage War.

“Tim Lebbon’s RELICS opens a darkly beautiful glimpse into another world, one lurking in the shadows, hovering at the corner of the eye. If Anne Rice and Clive Barker had written a story together, it might have looked something like this novel: richly imagined, fantastical, yet grounded in the grit and reality of modern-day London. I look forward to the wonders and terrors yet to come.” – JAMES ROLLINS, New York Times bestselling author of The Bone Labyrinth.

“A magical, perilous drama full of characters who live and breathe, darkness you can feel… “–Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Ararat.

“Tim Lebbon is an immense talent”;–Joe R. Lansdale, creator of Hap and Leonard.

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B - Mar - Wild Chamber

WILD CHAMBER * Christopher Fowler * 9780857523433 * HB * £16.99 * Transworld * Bryant & May * 14

Our story begins at the end of an investigation, as the members of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit race to catch a killer near London Bridge Station in the rain, not realising that they’re about to cause a bizarre accident just yards away from the crime scene. And it will have repercussions for them all…

One year later, in an exclusive London crescent, a woman walks her dog – but she’s being watched. When she’s found dead, the Peculiar Crimes Unit is called in to investigate. Why? Because the method of death is odd, the gardens are locked, the killer had no way in – or out – and the dog has disappeared.

So a typical case for Bryant & May. But the hows and whys of the murder are not the only mysteries surrounding the dead woman – there’s a missing husband and a lost nanny to puzzle over too. And it seems very like that the killer is preparing to strike again.

As Arthur Bryant delves in to the history of London’s ‘wild chambers’ – its extraordinary parks and gardens, John May and the rest of the team seem to have caused a national scandal. If no-one is safe then all of London’s open spaces must be closed…

With the PCU placed under house arrest, only Arthur Bryant remains at liberty – but can a hallucinating old codger catch the criminal and save the unit before it’s too late?

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B - Mar - The Erstwhile

THE ERSTWHILE * Brian Catling * 9781473636385 * HB * £20.00 * Coronet *

The Vorrh is a vast unmapped and very mysterious jungle in Africa. No-one comes out of it in one piece. Survivors report strange, mind-bending phenomena and horrific monsters. It is rumoured that the Garden of Eden still exists somewhere in the middle of it. In The Erstwhile it transpires that some angels have escaped Eden and the Vorrh and are living in hiding in London, some in disguise as lunatics in Bedlam. It’s also revealed that William Blake, a character in these novels, is interacting with these angels. Good and evil angels and humans, including William Blake, are heading towards a final, Miltonic apocalyptic battle for the soul of humanity. The Erstwhile is the second book in the Vorrh trilogy.

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CB - JF - Nov - Your Resting Place

YOUR RESTING PLACE * David Towsey * 9781782064435 * PB * £9.99 * Jo Fletcher Books

Haunting, elegiac, evocative and human’ Christopher Brookmyre, author of Dead Girl Walking Perfect for fans of The Walking Dead and The Road: the stunning, terrifying, moving conclusion to The Walkin’ Trilogy. Is there a future for those already dead? Rumours of the Drowned Woman are rife. Some say she can’t be killed, not in the usual ways. She hunts down wanted men – but never collects on the bounty; they say she is looking for one man in particular. He killed her husband and stole her daughter. There will be a reckoning.

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B - Mar - New York 2140

NEW YORK 2140 * Kim Stanley Robinson * 9780356508757 * HB * 20.00 Little Brown

The waters rose, submerging New York City.

But the residents adapted and it remained the bustling, vibrant metropolis it had always been. Though changed forever.

Every street became a canal. Every skyscraper an island.

Through the eyes of the varied inhabitants of one building Kim Stanley Robinson shows us how one of our great cities will change with the rising tides.

And how we too will change.

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B - Mar - The Remnant

THE REMNANT * Charlie Fletcher * 9780356502960 * HB * 18.99 Little Brown

The Oversight is most dangerous when most reduced. There are many dead and gone who did not remember that.””

The Oversight of London has been sworn for millennia to prevent the natural and the supernatural worlds from preying on each other.

Now, at its lowest ebb, with its headquarters destroyed and its last members scattered far and wide, this secret society will battle for survival and face the harshest foe it has ever met: itself.

Click here for Book 2, the Paradox
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CB - May - Creation Machine

CREATION MACHINE * Andrew Bannister * 9780857503350 * PB * £8.99 * Bantam

It is the aftermath of civil war in the vast pageant of planets and stars known as The Spin. Three years since he crushed the rebellion, Viklun Haas, industrialist and leader of the Hegemony, is eliminating all remnants of the opposition. Starting with his own daughter. But Fleare Haas, fighter for Society Otherwise has had a long time to plan her next move. Sprung from her remote monastery prison and reuniting with a team of loyal friends, Fleare’s journey will take her across The Spin to the cluster of fallen planets known as the The Catastrophe Curve – and from exile, to the very frontiers of war. Meanwhile, in the brutal and despotic empire of The Fortunate, word is reaching viceroy Alameche of a most unusual piece of plunder from their latest invasion. For hundreds of millions of years, the bizarre planets and stars of The Spin itself have been the only testament to the god-like engineers that created it. Now, buried in the earth of a ruined planet, one of their machines has been found…

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B - Mar - Pseudotooth

PSEUDOTOOTH * Verity Hollway * 9781907389412 * PB * £9.99 * Unsung Stories

‘The malaise continues. Today, I begin a rigorous programme of exercise to cleanse body and soul.’

Aisling Selkirk is a young woman beset by unexplained blackouts, pseudo-seizures that have baffled both the doctors and her family. Sent to recuperate in the Suffolk countryside with ageing relatives, she seeks solace in the work of William Blake and writing her journal, filling its pages with her visions of Feodor, a fiery East Londoner haunted by his family’s history back in Russia.

But her blackouts persist as she discovers a Tudor priest hole and papers from its disturbed former inhabitant Soon after, she meets the enigmatic Chase, and is drawn to an unfamiliar town where the rule of Our Friend is absolute and those deemed unfit and undesirable disappear into The Quiet…

Blurring the lines between dream, fiction and reality, Pseudotooth boldly tackles issues of trauma, social difference and our conflicting desires for purity and acceptance, asking questions about those who society shuns, and why.”

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THE BRICKS THAT BUILT THE HOUSES * Kate Tempest * 9781408857335 * PB * £8.99 * Bloomsbury

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Award-winning poet and rapper Kate Tempest’s electrifying debut novel takes us into the beating heart of the capital in this multi-generational tale of drugs, desire and belonging. Young Londoners Becky, Harry and Leon are leaving town in a fourth-hand Ford Cortina with a suitcase full of money. They are running from jealous boyfriends, dead-end jobs, violent maniacs and disgruntled drug dealers, in the hope of escaping the restless tedium of life in south-east London – the place they have always called home. (* This book has been printed with two different cover designs. We are unable to accept requests for a specific cover. The different covers will be assigned to orders at random*)

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PUNCH DRUNK KISSES * Alan Cowsill * 9780995699403 * PB * £7.99

Sex, football, beer and kebabs – Billy Cade is happy, or so he believes. But when single mum Becky Swan arrives on the scene Billy is forced to ask the ultimate question – is it true love or just another hangover?

“They say it’s grim up north but it’s not – especially if you drink enough.” Billy Cade.

This Northern love story from award winning writer and editor Alan Cowsill, follows two friends in a small northern town as they try to find love and heal their punchdrunk souls.

* Indie Author Highlight: Check out our profile of UK comics veteran Mr Alan Cowsill on Carabas here, and his YA Zombie novel Zombie 18 in our Kids / YA section below!
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BLACK WAVE * Michelle Tea * 9781908276902 * PB * £10.00 * And Other Stories

Desperate to quell her addiction to drugs, disastrous romance, and nineties San Francisco, Michelle heads south for LA. But soon it’s officially announced that the world will end in one year, and life in the sprawling metropolis becomes increasingly weird.

While living in an abandoned bookstore, dating Matt Dillon, and keeping an eye on the encroaching apocalypse, Michelle begins a new novel, a sprawling and meta-textual exploration to complement her promises of maturity and responsibility. But as she struggles to make queer love and art without succumbing to self-destructive vice, the boundaries between storytelling and everyday living begin to blur, and Michelle wonders how much she’ll have to compromise her artistic process if she’s going to properly ride out doomsday.

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LONDON LIES BENEATH * Stella Duffy * 9780349007830 * PB * £8.99 * Little Brown

In August 1912, three friends set out on an adventure. Two of them come home.

Tom, Jimmy and Itzhak have grown up together in the crowded slums of Walworth. They are used to narrow streets, the bustle of East Lane market, extended families weaving in and out of each other’s lives. All three boys are expected to follow their father’s trades and stay close to home.

But Tom has wider dreams. So when he hears of a scouting trip, sailing from Waterloo to Sheppey and the mouth of the Thames – he is determined to go. And Itzhak and Jimmy go with him.

Inspired by real events, this is the story of three friends, and a tragedy that will change them for ever. It is also a song of south London, of working class families with hidden histories, of a bright and complex world long neglected. London Lies Beneath is a powerful and compelling novel, rich with life and full of wisdom.

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NF - Mar - Magic City

MAGIC CITY: THE ART OF THE STREET * Carlo McCormick, Don Stone Karl, Amber Grunhauser * 9783937946702 * PB * £24.38(?) * From Here to Fame

Our MAGIC CITY is a place and a non-place. It is not the physical city of brick and mortar but rather the urban space of internalized meanings. It is the city as subject and canvas, neither theme park nor stage set, but an exhibition showcasing more than 40 of the most original and celebrated artists working on and in the city today. This is a celebration of the universal character of cities as well as a love letter to their infinite diversity. Cities have been designed to facilitate work, but artists have transformed them into playgrounds for the imagination and ideas. This is the invitation called outside our window by friends and strangers with restless spirits: come out and play. MAGIC CITY The Art in the Streets features the work of: AIKO, AKRylonumerik, Andy K, Asbestos, Benuz, Jens Besser, Biancoshock, Mark Bode, Bordalo II, Ori Carino & Benjamin Armas, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, Isaac Cordal, Daze, Brad Downey, Tristan Eaton, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, FINO’91, Ganzeer, Anders Gjennestad, Ben Heine, HERAKUT, Icy & Sot, Leon Keer, Loomit, MadC, OAKOAK, Odeith, OLEK, Qi Xinghua, Replete, ROA, Jaime Rojo, Skewville, SpY, Truly, Juandres Vera, WENU, Dan Witz, Yok & Sheryo and Ernest Zacharevic.”


SLOW BURN CITY * Rowan Moore * 9781447270201 * PB * £10.99 * Pan MacMillan

With a new introduction for the paperback. London is a supreme achievement of civilization. It offers fulfilments of body and soul, encourages discovery and invention. It is a place of freedom, multiplicity and co-existence. It is a Liberal city, which means it stands for values now in peril. London has also become its own worst enemy, testing to destruction the idea that the free market alone can build a city, a fantastical wealth machine that denies too many of its citizens a decent home or living. In this thought-provoking, fearless, funny and subversive book, Rowan Moore shows how London’s strength depends on the creative and mutual interplay of three forces: people, business and state. To find responses to the challenges of the twenty-first century, London must rediscover its genius for popular action and bold public intervention. The global city above all others, London is the best place to understand the way the world’s cities are changing. It could also be, in the shape of a living, churning city of more than eight million people, the most powerful counter-argument to the extremist politics of the present.

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NF - Mar - Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd

BEYOND WATCHMEN AND JUDGE DREDD: THE ART OF JOHN HIGGINS * John Higgins * 9781786940278 * PB * £20.00 * Liverpool University Press

Watchmen, Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, Before Watchmen, Razorjack: John Higgins has been the artist or colourist on some of the most iconic comic books of recent years. Here, collected together for the first time, is the best of Higgins breathtaking work. Alongside never before seen preliminary drawings of now iconic characters, the book includes insights into the career of the comic book artist. Before Coloring the Watchmen is partly an essential book for all enthusiasts and partly an instruction manual for those wanting to understand just what it takes to land a contract with DC Comics.

Foreword by Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons…
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N - Feb 17 - Considering Watchmen

CONSIDERING WATCHMEN * Andrew Hoberek * 9780813590363 * PB * £24.95 * Rutgers * Comics Culture

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen has been widely hailed as a landmark in the development of the graphic novel. It was not only aesthetically groundbreaking but also anticipated future developments in politics, literature, and intellectual property. Demonstrating a keen eye for historical detail, Considering Watchmen gives readers a new appreciation of just how radical Moore and Gibbons’s blend of gritty realism and formal experimentation was back in 1986. The book also considers Watchmen’s place in the history of the comics industry, reading the graphic novel’s playful critique of superhero marketing alongside Alan Moore’s public statements about the rights to the franchise. Andrew Hoberek examines how Moore and Gibbons engaged with the emerging discourses of neoconservatism and neoliberal capitalism, ideologies that have only become more prominent in subsequent years. Watchmen’s influences on the superhero comic and graphic novel are undeniable, but Hoberek reveals how it has also had profound effects on literature as a whole. He suggests that Watchmen not only proved that superhero comics could rise to the status of literature-it also helped to inspire a generation of writers who are redefining the boundaries of the literary, from Jonathan Lethem to Junot Diaz. Hoberek delivers insight and analysis worthy of satisfying serious readers of the genre while shedding new light on Watchmen as both an artistic accomplishment and a book of ideas.

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NF - Mar - Drawing the Line

DRAWING THE LINE: COMICS STUDIES AND INKS, 1994-1997 (STUDIES IN COMICS AND CARTOONS) * Lucy Shelton Caswell, Professor Jared Gardner * 9780814254004 * PB * £22.75 * Ohio State University Press

Drawing the Line: Comics Studies and INKS, 1994-1997 collects some of the most important essays from INKS: Cartoon and Comic Art Studies, the first peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted exclusively to comics studies. The volume, edited by Lucy Shelton Caswell, the journal s founding editor, and Jared Gardner, editor of the new Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society, celebrates this foundational moment in the fast-growing field of comics studies and also serves as a call to contemporary scholars to revisit the roads-not-taken mapped out by these scholars and cartoonist critics.

Included in the volume are essays by pioneering comics scholars on newspaper comic strips, Japanese manga, Chinese lianhuanhua, comic books, graphic novels, and editorial cartoons, alongside writings and artwork by celebrated cartoonists such as Will Eisner, Oliver Harrington, Charles Schulz, and Frank Stack. This volume serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history and study of the comics form, visual culture, or the history of journalism.

NF - Mar - Superman The Persistence of an American Icon

SUPERMAN: THE PERSISTENCE OF AN AMERICAN ICON (COMICS CULTURE) * Ian Gordon * 9780813587516 * PB * £23.56(?) * Rutgers University Press

In Superman: The Persistence of an American Icon, Ian Gordon explores Superman’s status as an American icon and examines how a fictional character has managed to sustain that pre-eminent standing for almost eighty years. Explaining how this super hero became an icon of American culture is not simply a process of establishing some essential hallmarks of the character and then tracing these signs in each new incarnation of Superman. Instead, Superman is shown by Gordon to be an amalgam of factors including myth, memory, nostalgia, intellectual property regimes like copyright and trademark, authors, readers, fans, collectors, comic books, comic strips, radio series, movie serials, television shows, animation, toys and collectibles, and feature films. Superman is a mythos because of the sheer amount of material and the competition over which memories are essential to the character. And what we need Superman to represent has been affected by the country’s needs in times of poverty, war, prosperity, and other challenges. Gordon shows that an understanding of Superman requires us to address the way these factors figure into any negotiation of this character; he therefore analyzes Superman as a process, rather than as a fixed phenomenon. In this way, Superman: The Persistence of an American Icon answers the question of how a comic book character became and remains a symbol of American culture, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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NF - Mar - Zombie Cinema

ZOMBIE CINEMA (QUICK TAKES: MOVIES AND POPULAR CULTURE) * Ian Olney * 9780813579474 * PB * £14.64(?) * Rutgers University Press

It’s official: the zombie apocalypse is here! The living dead have been lurking in media and popular culture since the 1930s, but they have never been more popular or ubiquitous on screen than they are today. Zombies have colonized the movies, television, video games, the internet-even smartphones-and the invitation shows no sign of ending soon. Our hunger for them, like hunger for us, seems insatiable. Zombie Cinema charts the transformation of these horror film monsters into pop culture icons, exploring their enormous appeal to views in the twenty-first century. It traces the evolution of the living dead on film from the voodoo slaves of White Zombie and I Walked With a Zombie to the reanimated ghouls of Night of the Living Dead and Zombie Flesh Eaters to the rabid infected of 28 Days Later and World War Z, and surveys the present cinematic landscape, in which zombies have overrun every imaginable genre from the indie comedy, Zombieland, to the teen romance, Warm Bodies, to the animated children’s movie, Paranorman. The book also maps the recent outbreaks of zombies on television, in hit shows like The Walking Dead and Dead Set, and points to signs of an impending apocalypse in new media, including video games, Left 4 Dead, web series, Bite Me, and smartphone apps, Plants vs. Zombies. Zombie Cinema is a lively and accessible introduction to this massively popular genre. It offers an historical overview of zombies on screen that is both wide-ranging and global in scope. Surveying movies and television shows from North America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, it covers the “greatest hits” of zombie cinema as well as forgotten, unsung, or less familiar texts.

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NF - Mar - Cheech is not my Real Name but Don't Call Me Chong

CHEECH (IS NOT MY REAL NAME BUT DON’T CALL ME CHONG) * Cheech Marin * 9781455592340 * HB * £20.99 * Grand Central Publishing

Cheech Marin came of age at an interesting time in America and became a self-made counterculture legend with his other half, Tommy Chong. This long-awaited memoir delves into how Cheech dodged the draft, formed one of the most successful comedy duos of all time, became the face of the recreational drug movement with the film Up in Smoke, forged a successful solo career with roles in The Lion King and, more recently, Jane the Virgin, and became the owner of the most renowned collection of Chicano art in the world.

Written in Cheech’s uniquely hilarious voice, this memoir will take you to new highs.

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NF - Mar - Sound System

SOUND SYSTEM: THE POLITICAL POWER OF MUSIC (LEFT BOOK CLUB) * Dave Randall * 9780745399300 * PB * £12.99 * Pluto Press

Musicians have often wanted to change the world. From underground grime artists to pop icons, many have believed in the political power of music. Rulers recognise it too. Music has been used to unsettle the most fundamental political and social conventions and to prop up the status-quo. Sound System is the story of one musician s journey to discover what makes music so powerful. Years of touring, playing and protesting have given Dave Randall a unique insider s view of the music industry, enabling him to shed light on the secrets of celebrity, commodification and culture. He finds remarkable examples of music as a force for social change as well as something that has been used to keep people in their place throughout history. This is a book of raves, riots and revolution. From the Glastonbury Festival to the Arab Spring, Pop Idol to Trinidadian Carnival, Randall finds political inspiration across the musical spectrum and poses the question: how can we make music serve the interests of the many, rather than the few?

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NF - Mar - The Republic of Rock


In his 1967 megahit “San Francisco,” Scott McKenzie sang of “people in motion” coming from all across the country to San Francisco, the white-hot center of rock music and anti-war protests. At the same time, another large group of young Americans was also in motion, less eagerly, heading for the jungles of Vietnam.

Now, in The Republic of Rock, Michael Kramer draws on new archival sources and interviews to explore sixties music and politics through the lens of these two generation-changing places―San Francisco and Vietnam. From the Acid Tests of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters to hippie disc jockeys on strike, the military’s use of rock music to “”boost morale”” in Vietnam, and the forgotten tale of a South Vietnamese rock band, The Republic of Rock shows how the musical connections between the City of the Summer of Love and war-torn Southeast Asia were crucial to the making of the sixties counterculture. The book also illustrates how and why the legacy of rock music in the sixties continues to matter to the meaning of citizenship in a global society today. Going beyond clichéd narratives about sixties music, Kramer argues that rock became a way for participants in the counterculture to think about what it meant to be an American citizen, a world citizen, a citizen-consumer, or a citizen-soldier. The music became a resource for grappling with the nature of democracy in larger systems of American power both domestically and globally.

For anyone interested in the 1960s, popular music, and American culture and counterculture, The Republic of Rock offers new insight into the many ways rock music has shaped our ideas of individual freedom and collective belonging.”

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NF - Mar - The Rise, The Fall and the Rise

THE RISE, THE FALL, AND THE RISE * Brix Smith Start * 9780571325061 * PB * £8.99 * Faber

The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise is the extraordinary story, in her own words, of Brix Smith Start. Best known for her work in The Fall at the time when they were perhaps the most powerful and influential anti-authoritarian postpunk band in the world — This Nation’s Saving Grace, The Wonderful and Frightening World Of … — Brix spent ten years in the band before a violent disintegration led to her exit and the end of her marriage with Mark E Smith.

But Brix’s story is much more than rock ‘n’ roll highs and lows in one of the most radically dysfunctional bands around. Growing up in the Hollywood Hills in the ’60s in a dilapidated pink mansion her life has taken her from luxury to destitution, from the cover of the NME to waitressing in California, via the industrial wasteland of Manchester in the 1980s. What emerges is a story of constant reinvention, jubilant highs and depressive ebbs; a singular journey of a teenage American girl on a collision course with English radicalism on her way to mid-life success on TV and in fashion.

Too bizarre, extreme and unlikely to exist in the pages of fiction, The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise could only exist in the pages of a memoir.

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WAKE UP AND LIVE: THE LIFE OF BOB MARLEY * Jim McCarthy, Benito Gallego * 9781783059676 * PB * £16.99 * Omnibus Press

A graphic novel telling of the life of Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim. Starting out in 1963 with the group The Wailers, he forged a distinctive songwriting and vocal style that would later resonate with audiences worldwide.

Diagnosed with a type of malignant melanoma in 1977, Marley died on 11 May 1981 in Miami at the age of 36. He was a committed Rastafari who infused his music with a sense of spirituality. He is considered one of the most influential musicians of all time and credited with popularizing reggae music around the world, as well as serving as a symbol of Jamaican culture and identity.

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Children’s & Young Adult

C - Mar - The Legend of Podkin One Ear PODKIN ONE-EAR * Kieran Larwood * 9780571328260 * PB * £6.99 * Faber * The Five Realms * 1
Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2017. *** UPDATE: WINNER OF THE BLUR PETER BOOK AWARDS! Many congratulations to Kieran! *** A thick white blanket covers the wide slopes of the band of hills known as the Razorback Downs…Podkin is the son of a warrior chieftain. He knows that one day it will be up to him to lead his warren and guard it in times of danger. But for now, he’s quite happy to laze around annoying his older sister Paz, and playing with his baby brother Pook. Then Podkin’s home is brutally attacked, and the young rabbits are forced to flee. The terrifying Gorm are on the rampage, and no one and nowhere is safe. With danger all around them, Podkin must protect his family, uncover his destiny, and attempt to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbitkind has ever known.
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C - Mar - The Devil's Paintbox

THE DEVIL’S PAINTBOX * Robin Jarvis * 9781405280242 * PB * £6.99 * Egmont * The Witching Legacy * 2

Legend of supernatural fantasy Robin Jarvis is back with his spellbinding sequel to The Power of Dark.

Lil and Verne may think they have quelled the Dark forces that tried to destroy Whitby, but they have no idea that the powers they’ve been meddling with are about to turn on them. Despite Lil’s crucial role in saving her home from destruction, she notices that the townsfolk have become wary of her – even fear her. More than ever she needs the support of best friend Verne and the witch Cherry Cerise, but they are preoccupied by their attempts to uncover more secrets of the golden Nimius.

When Lil finds an antique box of watercolour paints she welcomes the diversion, little realising that every time she uses it something nasty escapes. But it is while they are distracted an old enemy finds a path to their door . . .”

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C - Mar - George and the Blue Moon

GEORGE AND THE BLUE MOON * Lucy and Stephen Hawking * 9780552575973 * PB * £6.99 * Corgi * George’s Secret Key to the Universe * 5

George and his best friend, Annie have been selected as junior astronauts – part of a programme that trains up young people for a trip to Mars in the future. This is everything they’ve ever wanted – they get to be a part of up-to-the minute space discoveries and meet a bunch of new friends who are as fascinated by the universe as they are.

But when they arrive at space camp, George and Annie quickly learn that strange things are happening – on Earth as well as up in our skies. Mysterious space missions are happening in secret, and the astronaut training they’re undertaking gets scarier and scarier . . .

The fifth adventure in this series by Lucy and Stephen Hawking – also containing up-to-the-minute scientific facts and information by the world’s leading scientists.

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ZOMBIE 18 * Alan Cowsill * 9780995699410 * PB * £7.99

“I will not die.”

In a post-apocalypse world where everyone over eighteen has become a zombie, seventeen-year-old Alex Stevens and his friends fight their way across England to save Alex’s kid sister from certain death. But the dead are not the only threat they face in a world plunged into chaos…

* Indie Author highlight: Check out also Alan’s Punch Drunk Kisses in (Adult) Fiction above and our profile of UK comics veteran Mr Alan Cowsill on Carabas here!


Graphic Novels

G - Mar - Suicide Squad The Black Vault Vol 1

SUICIDE SQUAD VOLUME 1 THE BLACK VAULT (REBIRTH) * Rob Williams, Jim Lee, Philip Tan * 9781401269814 * PB * £14.99 * DC

A part of DC Rebirth! From writer Rob Williams, superstar artist Jim Lee and Philip Tan comes the new Suicide Squad! The government has once again handpicked the worst of the worst for its Task Force X. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a governement that wants them killed. But their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even this group of murderers and thieves can’t control. Behind the pencils of Jim Lee and Philip Tan, as well as the pen of writer Rob Williams comes SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1! Collects issues #1-6 and SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH #1. Rebirth honors the richest history in comics, while continuing to look towards the future. These are the most innovative and modern stories featuring the world’s greatest superheroes, told by some of the finest storytellers in the business. Honoring the past, protecting our present, and looking towards the future. This is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe. The legacy continues.

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G - Mar - Providence Act 1

PROVIDENCE HC 1 FINAL PRINTING * Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows * 9781592912919 * HC * £17.99 * Avatar Press

Due to overwhelming demand, we offer one final printing of the Providence Act 1 Hardcover! Alan Moore’s quintessential horror series has set the standard for a terrifying reinvention of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. It is being universally hailed as one of Moore’s most realized works in which the master scribe has controlled every iota of the story, art, and presentation. The result has been a masterpiece like no other and a true must-have addition to his essential works in the field. We present a collected Providence Act 1 Hard Cover edition that contains Providence issues #1-4, and all the back matter, in this one-time printing of the edition. There will be Act 2 and Act 3 Hardcovers in the coming months, also limited to single production runs. This will not be kept in print any further and this is the final opportunity to get a hardcover edition of the first chapter of Alan Moore’s horror masterpiece .

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G - Mar - Harley Quinn Die Laughing

HARLEY QUINN VOLUME 1 DIE LAUGHING (REBIRTH) * Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti * 9781401268312 * PB * £14.99 * DC

Harley Quinn’s crazy world on has gotten even more crazier when an unexpected, contagious enemy comes to town! Protecting her neighborhood just got a little harder, good thing they have chainsaws! Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti continue their mammoth run on this New York Times best-selling title in HARLEY QUINN VOL. 1! Collects issues #1-6 and HARLEY QUINN: REBIRTH #1. Rebirth honors the richest history in comics, while continuing to look towards the future. These are the most innovative and modern stories featuring the world’s greatest superheroes, told by some of the finest storytellers in the business. Honoring the past, protecting our present, and looking towards the future. This is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe. The legacy continues.

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G - Mar - The Walking Dead Vol 27

THE WALKING DEAD VOLUME 27 * Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn * 9781534300521 * PB * £13.99 * Image


The time has come. The forces are aligning. The war has begun! Has Rick brought about the demise of everything he’s built? Or will he triumph once again? Know this… there will be a cost.

Collects THE WALKING DEAD #157-162.

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G - Mar - Wacky Raceland

WACKY RACELAND * Ken Pontac, Leonard Mance * 9781401268275 * PB * £14.99 * DC

The world has ended, but the race has just begun for Hanna-Barbera’s reimagined Wacky Racers! A time of hope and innocence with Utopia at the finish line has given way to planetary Armageddon and a desert wasteland full of radioactive lakes, nanotech dust storms, and cannibalistic mutants. Against this backdrop, Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect and the rest of the Wacky Racers vie for the finish line in a contest where the winner takes all and second place is death. Written by Ken Pontac with vehicle concept designs from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD lead storyboard artist, Mark Sexton, this reinterpretation of Wacky Racers has to be seen to be believed. WACKY RACELAND VOL. 1 is sure to shatter any preconceptions of this classic cartoon! Hanna-Barbera has created some of the most reconizable animation characters. As part of DC Comic’s reimagination of cartoons like Scooby-Doo, The Flintsones, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost and Wacky Racers, these new series will be infused with modern and contemporary concepts while keeping the heart and soul of the classic animation. Collects WACKY RACELAND #1-6.

#WTF?!!! With vehicle concept designs from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD lead storyboard artist, Mark Sexton
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G - Mar - Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk

GRIMM FAIRY TALES STEAMPUNK * Patrick Shand, Ryan Fassett, Annapaola Martello, Noah Salonga, Robby Bevard * 9781942275572 * PB * £8.99 * Zenoscope

In an alternate Steampunk reality, Cinderella, Robyn Hood, Calie Liddle, Captain Hook, and many other of the most popular Grimm Universe characters live in a stunning but dangerous world unlike any you’ve seen before.

When a group of outlaws led by the infamous Robyn Locksley pulls off a major heist, her and her crew are hunted down by the local Sheriff named Shang, an assassin called Cinderella and an extremely dangerous gangster who owns the town: Sela Mathers.

#Steampunk / If in doubt put a cog on it…
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G - Mar - All New, All Different Avengers Vol 1

ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS VOLUME 1 * Mark Waid, Adam Kubert, Mahmud Asrar * 9781302904098 * HB * £29.50 * Marvel / 9781846537073 * PB * £13.99 * Panini

The Avengers are dead…long live the Avengers! When a threat from beyond the stars targets our world, fate draws Captain America, Thor, Vision and Iron Man together again -alongside a group of young adventurers who will reinvigorate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes like never before! Welcome to the big leagues, Nova, Ms. Marvel and Miles ‘Spider-Man’ Morales! But who is the familiar villain pulling the reassembled Avengers’ strings? And can the new lineup last long enough to be more than a footnote in the team’s great history? Maybe not, when the events of Standoff make them forget their true identities! Then, feel the sting of the all-different Wasp! Will she be friend or foe? COLLECTING: ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS 1-12; AVENGERS 0 (ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT STORY); FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015 (AVENGERS) 1 (A STORY); MATERIAL FROM FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 (CIVIL WAR II) 1

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G - Mar - The Best we could Do

THE BEST WE COULD DO * Thi Bui * 9781419718779 * HB * £15.99 * Abrams

The Best We Could Do explores the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child. Thi Bui documents her family’s daring escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s and the difficulties they faced building new lives for themselves in America. At the heart of Bui’s story is a universal struggle: adjusting to life as a first-time mother. With haunting, poetic writing and breathtaking art, The Best We Could Do examines the strength of family, the importance of identity, and the meaning of home, providing inspiration to all who search for a better future while longing for a simpler past.

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G - Mar - Astro City Vol 13

ASTRO CITY VOLUME 13 HOMEGUARD * Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson * 9781401268282 * PB * £17.99 * Vertigo

In this new Astro City collection, learn the secrets behind the mysterious American Chibi’s origin, her powers, and the deadly threat she stands against. Then, another spotlight on Wolfspider! Take a look into the life of this Australian Honor Guard member. When Queenslaw, a cartoon super hero team from Wolfspider’s youth, suddenly turn up as real heroes, he has to deal with his origin, his childhood dreams, and deadly danger. Finally, a monster’s-eye-view of heroes, fear, battle and more, as the Living Nightmare–the embodiment of fear itself–goes up against the Honor Guard, and all its secrets come to light. This is a story that could change the team forever. Kurt Busiek’s critically acclaimed series continues here in ASTRO CITY VOL. 13. Collects issues #13, #22, #25, #27-28, #31.

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G - Mar - Astro City Vol 14

ASTRO CITY VOLUME 14 REFLECTIONS * Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson * 9781401268299 * HB * £22.99 * Vertigo

Kurt Busiek’s critically acclaimed series continues here in ASTRO CITY VOL. 14! In this two-part graphic novel, first a look in at Steeljack–from “The Tarnished Angel,” one of ASTRO CITY’s most popular stories–and how he’s been getting by the last few years. When he’s hired by a femme fatale from his past, he’ll wind up in deep trouble, with no one to turn to. Then, a spotlight on three generations of Jack-in-the-Box, as the second Jack-in-the-Box’s son must decide whether to follow in the family footsteps or take another path. Also featuring the Trouble Boys, Mister Drama, the Weirdies and more. Collects ASTRO CITY #32-36.

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G - Mar - Mr Punch 20th Anniversary Edition

MR PUNCH 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION * Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean * 9781401265625 * PB * £13.99 * Vertigo

A dark and frightening fully painted novella, MR. PUNCH tells the tale of a young boy’s loss of innocence results from a horrific confrontation with his past. Spending a summer at his grandfather’s seaside arcade, a troubled adolescent harmlessly becomes involved with a mysterious Punch and Judy Man and a mermaid-portraying woman. But when the violent puppet show triggers buried memories of the boy’s family, the lives of all become feverishly intertwined. With disturbing mysteries and half-truths uncontrollably unraveling, the young boy is forced to deal with his family’s dark secrets of violence, betrayal, and guilt. Written by New York Times best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman, with otherwordly illustrations by artist Dave McKean, this new paperback edition of MR. PUNCH includes bonus material.

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G - Mar - Torchwood Vol 1

TORCHWOOD VOLUME 1 * John and Carole Barrowman, Antonio Fuso * 9781785853692 * PB * £12.99 * Titan

Collection of the first 5 issues in a brand new series based on the TV show, Torchwood. The members of the Torchwood Institute, a secret organization founded by the British Crown, fight to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. * Prepare for Torchwood as you’ve never seen it before! From the mind and pen of Captain Jack Harkness himself – John Barrowman, with Carole Barrowman – comes an adventure that will challenge the immortal former Time Agent like nothing else! Join Jack and Gwen as they board the alien-tech-enhanced super-boat Ice Maiden (last seen in the epic Torchwood novel ‘The Exodus Code’), in search of an alien intelligence deep under the waves – an ancient being with ties to Jack’s past… and his future! With the world at stake and Torchwood under fire from enemies old and new, it’ll take every reserve of Jack and Gwen’s ability and skill to keep humanity safe… and discover the truth!” Collects Torchwood (2016) #1-4 (5?)

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G - Mar - Damsels Vol 2

DAMSELS VOLUME 2 * Leah Moore and John Reppion, Aneke, Cris Bolson, Dietrich Smith * 9781524102845 * PB * £17.99 * Dynamite Entertainment

Weeks have passed since the defeat of the witch Belladonna, yet “Happily Ever After” is still out of reach for Rapa, the once-and-future Queen Rapunzel. The wandering adventurer chafes in the trappings of her royal station, her heart yearning to once again roam the roads and wilderness of her magical world. However, her path is not at all safe… for the witches Gothel and Carabosse have formed a new black coven, and are amassing a new army of the wicked!

*** Check out our interview with Leah Moore on Carabas here! ***
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