Macaque Attack – The Song of the Book by The Boy from Space

11183_JKT CBP - Macaque Attack We’re all about alternative music here, and SFF as well of course. So when Gareth L Powell tweeted that a band called The Boy from Space were releasing a tune based on his cult hit Ack Ack Macaque books we were all over it.
Check out what The Boy from Space’s Guy Thompson had to say on it all… 

Some of my earliest memories involve watching TV shows and films such as The Boy From Space, Planet of the Apes and Marine Boy – Sci Fi has always been a huge part of my life. I always loved music and the first link between the two major influences in my life would be the theme music to these programmes. Music that has haunted me throughout my adult life.

CA - The Boy from Space BBC series 1 CA - The Boy from Space BBC series 2 These early influences surfaced as we sat in a pub trying to choose the name of our band (we were nearly called The Sea Devils and/or Marine Boy) and it just seemed logical to intrinsically link Science Fiction to the music we wanted to create – The Boy From Space had landed. I got a superficial pop buzz out of hearing Pop Will Eat Itself name-check Terminator, Watchmen and Transformers amongst others and wanted to replicate that somehow in our music. Our first recordings used samples from obscure Doctor Who Radiophonic Workshop sounds and I always loved 80’s synth sounds which seemed to fit nicely with the sci-fi theme.
70’s television wasn’t half creepy looking – The BBC’s The Boy from Space
The song Macaque Attack grew from an idea to encapsulate the wild, whisky drinking, cigar smoking, gun toting monkey from Gareth L Powell’s ‘Ack-Ack Macaque’ trilogy of novels in musical form. I loved the character, which in my head merged two of my favorite Sci-Fi creations – Kid from 2000AD’s Robohunter and the Planet of the Ape’s inhabitants. I’d written a crazy electro-punk song which seemed to fit the character of our simian ‘hero’ and asked Gareth if he’d like to write some lyrics to accompany the track. He agreed and the resultant track has seemed to work out rather nicely! CBP - Macaque Attack
The Sci-Fi/musical link is continuing as I’m currently working on a 30 second song for an album of 100, 30 second tracks to celebrate the playwright’s 400th anniversary this year (100×30 Shakespeare by The Pocket Gods & Friends – Out on Nub Music Label later this year). The premise is that Shakespeare was a robot who time travelled from the future to enhance British culture by writing all his plays in one day with his sonic quill. It’s a frivolous slice of synth pop and an example of how Science Fiction perfectly segues with Pop Music.

Science Fiction is a truly flexible genre that can use ideas that range from the ridiculous to the deeply serious and blends perfectly with the superficiality but layered emotional depths of Pop Music. From the sublime Flaming Lips ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’ to Geoff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’ – music and Sci-Fi have traditionally formed a rich artistic partnership and will hopefully do so for decades to come. The Boy From Space will be doing their best to create a hybrid with the alien DNA of Science Fiction forming a creative framework for beautiful, wild pop.

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