London Super Comic Con 2016!

LSCC 2016 V Logo We arrive, fashionably late, to the Excel Centre for 2016’s London Super Comic Con. First priority? Coffee. Second priority: get photo of Brit Cit Judge having a fag. Third priority: make note to bring camera-to-laptop cable tomorrow.
All is in full flow and a busy day ahead. Got a good few creators to catch up with, mostly artists, and panels to see (can’t miss Mark Buckingham and John Totleben’s MIRACLEMAN: KIMOTA! panel for one!) and then there’s the parties and general pub meets after.
Yep that extra hour in bed was probably a good idea!

LSCC 16 Brit-Cit Judge 1 LSCC 16 Brit-Cit Judge 2 LSCC 16

I’d been in touch with a number of creators attending and headed first to try and catch Mr John McCrea first; only there’s a bit of a queue to his table as I arrive. Instead I took a wander – getting the ‘establishing shot’ so to speak.

And then I spot the Diego table.

LSCC - Desdemona Diego – publishers of Desdemona, Adam 2.0 and other top Italian comics in translation – just kept cropping up when I’ve been surfing the tinterwebs with regards to the London comics scene. When I saw they had a table at LSCC 16 I’d a note to stop by and find out more which I did (full article here). LSCC - Turncoat
I was also looking to catch up with TPub founder and (currently) main writer Neil Gibson, who I’d interviewed at last year’s London Book Fair. They’re in an interesting place and seriously going to more. Well if you won’t take our opinion for granted perhaps the opinion of some fans might help.

Who? Well a certain Samuel L Jackson? Or maybe you’ve heard of Frank Miller – or Mr Simon Pegg (!). Well we spend a good half hour talking TWISTED DARK, TORTURED LIFE, TABATHA and TURNCOAT…

LSCC - Captain Bearitain While waiting for the MIRACLEMAN: KIMOTA panel with Mark Buckingham and John Totleben I spot Gibson Grey’s Lloyd and the Bear stall and pop over to say hi. Gibson’s been creating Lloyd the Bear for nearly a decade, but what shouts out to me from his stall is his Lloyd homage to a classic Captain Britain image by Alan Davis: Nice work Gibson. CG - DC - The Demon Haunted Glory
After the Miracleman panel [article imminent!] I finally find John McCrea comparatively free. I’ve been aware of John from early collaborations with top writer Garth Ennis on, for example Troubled Souls.

Their partnership has continued over the years with Hitman, The Boys, and Dicks, though DC have just recently re-released their run on The Demon. Right now he’s working on MYTHIC with Phil Hester…

CGJJ16 - Ti - Feb - Surface Tension Then it’s time to pop by the Titan Comics table to touch base with Jay Gunn whose Surface Tension is debuting as a collection. Surface Tension is a rather different beast, and there’s more than a little back story to it as I learn (check out Surface Tension – Musical Influences by Jay Gunn on Carbas here (NB. New Model Army)). But from a different beast to a cartload: I finally get to meet in person some of the publicity team at Titan Comics. No no, I’m not referring to the staff as such, Lucy Ripper and Owen Johnson in this case. Rather I’d spotted from a past and upcoming Gosh! Comics event that Owen and co-creator John Pearson have recently launched their BEAST WAGON series. It’s getting some great attention as well: great stuff guys! LE - Beast Wagon


Gosh! do a brilliant job promoting creators through their fabulous ongoing events and Owen’s is not the only name on my radar at LSCC 16 from them. Next was a visit to catch Rachael Smith, who’s been on my radar variously from her The Rabbit launch at Gosh and credits from Titan’s Dr Who (10th Doctor humour shorts) and Singing Dragon; I also met Adam Cadwell, creator of Blood Blokes and founder of the British Comic Awards who was sharing a stand with her…

LSCC 16 Jessica Martin & Mark Buckingham I’d also been trying to catch up with Jessica Martin who’s sharing a table with Fables legend – also her mentor – Mark Buckingham, and has just released Elsie Harris Picture Palace (Miwk Publishing). Jessica, an actress by trade (most recently featuring in the Elf musical at London’s Dominion Theatre) has combined her long standing and new passions for 1930’s film and the comic medium in her work. Previously she’s released the comics It Girl and Vivacity; Elsie Harris is Jessica’s first full length graphic novel.
I just about manage to catch her and say hello to Mark after she’s had a portfolio review with a certain top tier comics publisher before she has to head; anyway I get to see the finished Elsie Harris book. Congrats to Jessica (also to Miwk!) – looks absolutely gorgeous. LSCC - Elsie Harris Picture Palace
LSCC 16 Jessica Martin Elsie Harris



LSCC - American Vampire Fast forward to Sunday after a much needed (and I believe deserved) lie in after last night’s festivities. It’s a much later arrival but with time to fulfill the last bits on the ‘To Do’ list. LSCC - The Eltingville Club
I’d dropped round to the Gosh! and Forbidden Planet stalls yesterday to leave some paper requesting staff picks of current comics and graphic novels, so I made sure to pick them up; I also bumped in to Nevs of Ray Gun East who I know knows his stuff so I also got some on spec picks from him of the same. Check them all out here…


LSCC - Knockout Then there’s two Indie launches I really wanted to catch. First up is Skywolf’s KNOCKOUT which is amongst the most collaborative of comic projects you can imagine, the creation of Andrew Richmond and Valentina Sannais, an urban horror mystery set in Andrew’s home town of Bath… LSCC - Zombies Hate Kung Fu 4
The other new indie venture I wanted to check out was ZOMBIES HATE KUNG FU by Ricky-Marcel Pitcher and artist David Velasquez which is being published as an original graphic novel through RMP’s Very Graphic Novels. Speaking personally zombies aren’t really my thing (yes I know, everyone else loves them and I’m wrong). Kung Fu on the other hand…

Well whatever your poison, pain or pleasure it’s really worth checking out – especially as the fight scenes are choreographed by Ip Man’s Leo Au Yeung!

Finally I make it over to A124 and catch Christian Ward, artist and collaborator with Kieron Gillen (Marvel’s Young Avengers), Nathan Edmondson (Olympus, Image Comics), Nick Spencer’s (Infinite Vacation) and Matt Fraction on current ongoing series ODY-C – check out that story here!


Well LSCC 2016 is all over but I did go to join a few folk at the bar where I got to meet Mr Steve Dillon who was drawing Hellblazer from the scripts of one Garth Ennis when I first discovered DC’s ‘Mature Readers’ comics, shortly to become Vertigo. Well his latest is return to The Punisher for Marvel, but this time working with Becky Cloonan who’s been writing Gotham Academy for DC! No art to share yet but it’s coming in May so soon hopefully…

All in all a fantastic London Super Comic Con – and not a bad way to end it either…



Tim Bayley


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