LonCon3! – Arrival at Excel, 5pm

A few days ago I was confirmed as having a press pass and, after recovering from a ‘Carabas presents: ALTERNATIVE DRINKS‘ night have made my way down to the great LonCon3!

Staff have been absolutely fabulous – a wonderful and busy few days ahead.

Here’s a few shots of the first hall which is half devoted to already campaigning for which country / city will host a future LonCon – and this one’s only just started! On arrival...
Particularly liked Beijing / China’s display with these banners of the Transformer’s leaders rendered in traditional Chinese art… Apparently you bring the banners together for their protective influence:Like would you really mess with a teamed-up Optimus Prime and Megatron coming at you with Cybertronian kung-fu?

Love it.

Back soon with more…