June 2018 Book Highlights

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Here’s our round-up of fantastic and fantastical reading for June.

We take in Adult Fiction, fantastical and general, creative and socially minded Non-Fiction, Children’s and YA and Graphic Novels. Whether you’re a general or genre reader or a bookshop looking to make sure your customers aren’t missing out we try to balance an inclusion of the biggest titles with slipstream / crossover hits and those hidden gems for all concerned.

Selections are by Tim Bayley and are drawn from publisher submissions, The Bookseller magazine’s own monthly highlights, Buyer’s Guides and more.

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So relax and browse on and check out the great reads in print coming your way in June.


Tim Bayley


Fantastic & Fantastical Fiction


DOGS OF WAR * Adrian Tchaikovsky * 9781786693907 * PB * £8.99 * Head of Zeus

The unstoppable Clarke award-winner Adrian Tchaikovsky is back again, this time with a tale of a supersoldier called Rex in future Mexico who might just go against his programming…

THE BEDLAM STACKS * Natasha Pulley * 9781408878477 * PB * £7.99 * Bloomsbury

Slipstream literary fantasy concerning an expedition into deepest Peru for a cure for Malaria by the super-selling author of the Watchmaker of Filigree Street…

THE BOOK OF M * Peng Shepherd * 9780008225605 * HB * £14.99 * HarperVoyager

Liminal, concept-driven human level SF. Maybe you won’t lament the loss of your shadow, especially when you gain magic powers – unless the loss of memory each time you use them is a concern…

OUR MEMORY LIKE DUST * Gavin Chait * 9781784161323 * PB * £9.99 * Black Swan

Politically savvy ethicpunk from the brilliant Gavin Chait. Disorienting, affecting, and highly recommended

FREE CHOCOLATE * Amber Royer * 9780857667502 * PB * £8.99 * Angry Robot

Earth’s only valuable commodity is chocolate and a wild voyage ensues when the protagonist pinches a load. Sounds a lot of fun…


SUMMERLAND * Hannu Rajaniemi * 9781473203273 * HB * £16.99 * Orion

Hannu Rajaniemi made abig impact with his debut The Quantum Thief. Now he returns with the wild proposition of UK vs USSR espionage over territory taking place in the near-afterlife…

THE SEVENTH DECIMATE * Stephen Donaldson * 9781473221680 * PB * £8.99 * Gollancz * The Great God’s War * 1

Leftfield fantasy from one of the established masters. Nations war with apocalyptic magics – and now modern firearms. But then one side loses its magic, prompting a quest for the Seventh Decimate by its prince and his companions…

DEATHLESS * Peter Newman * 9780008228989 * HB * £14.99 * HarperVoyager *

Brand new fantasy sequence from the breakthrough creator of The Vagrant trilogy: Families of immortal beings keep the demons away from an otherwise defenceless human world – until one of them suffers an assassination…

BRIEF CASES * Jim Butcher * 9780356511689 * HB * £18.99 * Orbit * The Dresden Files * Short Stories

The Dresden Files pretty much established the Urban Fantasy genre as we know it. The next installment in Wizard PI Harry Dresden’s adventures is much awaited, but this collection of shorts will see fans through. Includes an original novella

THE SKAAR INVASION * Terry Brooks * 9780356510194 * HB * £20.00 * Orbit * The Fall of Shannara * 2

The future of the TV may be in doubt but the interest in the concluding quadrilogy of Brooks Shannara series is unquestionable. And if there’s any thought that Brooks is one of those bestselling but low quality fantasy scribes it’s worth knowing that Philip Pullman’s a fan…




THE DELIRIUM BRIEF * Charles Stross * 9780356508313 * PB * £8.99 * Orbit * The Laundry Files * 8

The latest in UK SF mainstay Charles Stross Lovecraftian Urban Fantasy series, now with the attention returned to core protagonist Bob Howard…

RAVENCRY * Ed McDonald * 9781473222052 * HB * £12.99 * Gollancz * The Raven’s Mark * 2

Follow-up to a widely praised grimdark debut: four years after Blackwing a new threat rises, necessitating a journey into the twisted heart of the liminal land known as the Misery…

THE BITTER TWINS * Jen Williams * 9781472235206 * TPB * £14.99 * Headline * The Winnowing Flame * 2

The latest flawed heroes drama from Jen Williams continues with a quest to find a way of uniting mankind’s reincarnated defending war-beasts who’ve been reborn a little too soon…


Children’s & YA Choice



THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN BLAKE: THE MYSTERY OF THE GHOST SHIP * Philip Pullman, Fred Fordham * 9781910989708 * PB * £9.99 * David Fickling

MG. Classic old school style comic adventure by one of our luminaries…

CANDY * Lavie Tidhar * 9781407184272 *PB * £6.99 * Scholastic

MG. In a world where sweets and chocolate are banned 12 year old detective Nelle Faulkner has to solve the disappearance of a candy racketeer… No, we haven’t the foggiest either but from recommendation, award and our own reading Lavie Tidhar has a habit of nailing the most bizarre propositions his mind concocts: no particular reason to suppose he won’t do the same for Middle Grade readers…


Non-Fiction Highlights


WTF * Robert Peston * 9781473661318 * PB * £9.99 * Hodder

The world has entered strange and troubling times: Robert Peston offers a personal account of recent years along with ways we can get things moving in a more socially engaged fashion…

AL-BRITANNIA: MY JOURNEY THROUGH MUSLIM BRITAIN * James Fergusson * 9780552173131 * PB * £9.99 * Corgi

Account of Muslim Britain by an award-winning journalist

JOSS WHEDON * Matthew Pateman * 9780719077814 * PB * £15.99 * Manchester University Press

Matthew Pateman investigates and summarises the impact of the work of the legend that is Joss Whedon, of course covering TV and film but going well beyond as well…

THE GRIP OF FILM * Richard Ayoade * 9780571316564 * PB * £9.99 * Faber

If you’ve never heard of Gordy LaSure, you might just have heard of Richard Ayoade? His legion of afficionados have already gone crazy for the Trade PB of this satire of film expertise: now the mass market paperback hits the shelves…

STREET TO STUDIO * Rafael Schacter * 9781848222366 * HB * £35.00 * Lund Humphries

Rafael Schacter profiles forty artists leading the ‘Intermural Art’ grafitti movement…


RAVE ART * Chelsea Berlin * 9781787391000 * PB * £14.99 * Carlton

Visual account of the rave scene, late 80s plus, with posters, flyers and more…

THE SECRET DJ * The Secret DJ * 9780571334483 * PB * £12.99 * Faber

Cautionary account of the highs and lows of being an internationally famous DJ – whoever it might be…

STRANGE STARS: DAVID BOWIE, POP MUSIC AND THE DECADE SCI-FI EXPLODED * Jason Heller * 9781612196978 * HB * £22 * Melville House

SF’s influence on Bowie and music in the 70s…

DAVID BOWIE: A LIFE * Dylan Jones * 9781786090430 * PB * £9.99 * Cornerstone

Dylan Jones biography of the great man, distinguished by being based on over 180 interviews with ‘friends, rivals, lovers and collaborators’…




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