January 2015 Carabas New Book Recommends

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The first month of 2015 brings readers a superb list from which to pick their next read, and anyone attempting to recommend an unenviable task in trying to pick the best – one we couldn’t quite achieve without allowing ourselves a joint award.

That’s not to say that the other authors and titles on this shortlist are anything short of excellent and naturally taste is king in prioritising your reading (there are links to our forthcoming by publisher articles at the bottom for a more comprehensive selection, covering their titles for the first half of the year). Nevertheless a bold tag of ‘Book Pick of the Month’ goes to the sequel of a mainstream super-hit, and an especially intriguing debut which, while we’re yet to read, we can’t wait for, both nudging ahead partly by virtue of their fantastical London setting.

But as mentioned there’s a great bunch of titles deserving of your primitive earth money and attention so read on and prepare to run to your nearest book store and part with both!


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CBP - Magicians Land
The Magician’s Land
Lev Grossman
The Magician’s Trilogy
Quentin Coldwater has lost everything. He has been cast out of the secret magical land of Fillory and now, friendless and broke, he returns to where his story began: Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic. But Quentin’s past soon catches up with him . . .
Meanwhile, Fillory’s magical barriers are failing, and barbarians from the north have invaded. To save their beloved world from extinction, Eliot and Janet, High King and Queen of Fillory, must embark on a final, dangerous quest. Quentin’s adventure takes him from Antarctica to the enchanted Neitherlands, where he finds old friends. But all roads lead back to Fillory, where Quentin must put things right, or die trying.
‘Richly imagined and continually surprising . . . The strongest book in Grossman’s series.’ New York Times Book Review
‘A triumphant climax to the best fantasy trilogy of the decade.’ Charles Stross, author of Accelerando
Lev Grossman is a novelist and Time magazine’s book critic. A graduate of Harvard and Yale, he has written articles for the New York Times, Salon, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York and the Village Voice. In 2005 his debut novel Codex was published to great critical acclaim. He is also the author of The Magicians, The Magician King and The Magician’s Land. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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Oct - Mime Order
The Mime Order
Samantha Shannon
Paige Mahoney
Carabas - BPOTM


Paige Mahoney has escaped the brutal prison camp of Sheol I, but her problems have only just begun: many of the survivors are missing and she is the most wanted person in London…
As Scion turns its all-seeing eye on the dreamwalker, the mime-lords and mime-queens of the city’s gangs are invited to a rare meeting of the Unnatural Assembly. Jaxon Hall and his Seven Seals prepare to take centre stage, but there are bitter fault lines running through the clairvoyant community and dark secrets around every corner.
Then the Rephaim begin crawling out from the shadows. But where is Warden? Paige must keep moving, from Seven Dials to Grub Street to the secret catacombs of Camden, until the fate of the underworld can be decided.
“Fabulous, epic fantasy thriller” –  The Times
“Dark, embattled, highly-wrought fantasy … there is no doubt that Shannon is the real thing” –  Observer
“Slick and vivid … Gives the fantasy genre a refreshing lease of life. The Bone Season is enough to transport even hardened sceptics of the fantasy genre into its imaginative realm” –  Metro
“A clever and courageous character, reminiscent of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games … gripped me to the marrow” –  Daily Telegraph
#LondonAuthor #LondonSet #Dystopian
CBP - Rush Jobs
Rush Jobs
Nick Bryan
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Hobson & Choi
Angelina Choi returns for her second and final week of work experience at John Hobson’s detective agency, ready for anything after their first successful murder solve.
After all that online buzz, they’re in phenomenal demand. Can Hobson & Choi solve a kidnapping, play chicken with corporate crime, beat back gentrification, save a dog from drug dealers and head off violent backlash from their last case?
Or will grim revelations about Hobson’s past leave them floundering in the chaos?
Rush Jobs collects the second major storyline in the Hobson & Choi saga, #1 on Jukepop Serials and #2 in Dark Comedy on Amazon, adding brand new chapters and scenes to the case.
Also included: bonus story Infernal Accounting, exclusive to this book. An unfortunate accountant is terrified of his first day working for Rush Recruitment – but they’re only a temp agency, right? How bad can it be?
#LondonAuthor #LondonSet #HumorousCrime
CBP - EJS Jan 15
E. J. Swift
Del Rey
The Osiris Project
Fleeing from her family and the elitist oppression of the Osiris government, Adelaide Rechnov has become the thing she once feared, a revolutionary.
But with the discovery of a radio signal comes the stark realization that there is life outside their small island existence. Adelaide’s worries are about to become much bigger.
Meanwhile, as rumour spreads on the mainland, many head to the lost city of Osiris with their own devious objectives. But in a world where war is king and only the most powerful survive, there can only be one victor…
The thrilling, epic finale to The Osiris Project
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CBP - GA Jan 15
The Rain-Soaked Bride
Guy Adams
Del Rey
The Clown Service
Toby Greene is part of The Clown Service, a mostly forgotten branch of British Intelligence tasked with fighting paranormal threats.
However, the Rain-Soaked Bride is no ordinary assassin. Relentless, inexorable and part of a larger game, merely stopping this impossible killer may not be enough to save the day…
‘The Clown Service is fun and rips along like the finest episode of the old Avengers series’  – The Independent on Sunday
#LondonSet #UrbanFantasy
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Son of the Morning
Mark Alder
Lauded by fellow authors, a five star ‘SFX recommends’ title, adored by the bloggers, Mark Alder’s debut novel of angels, demons, kings and the Hundred Years War marks the beginning of a hugely exciting new series.
Edward III stands in a burnt English church, destroyed in a French raid. A raid on his land, a raid on him. He is in debt and surrounded by doubters, only victory against France will save his throne.
But Philip of Valois can put 50,000 men in the field. He has sent his priests to summon the very angels themselves to fight for France. Edward could call on God for aid but he is a usurper. What if God truly is on the side of the French?
But for a price, Edward could open the gates of Hell and take an unholy war to France…
Mark Alder has brought the epic fantasy of George R.R. Martin to the vivid historical adventure of Bernard Cornwell and has a created a fantasy that will sweep you to a new vision of the Hundred Years War.
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CBP - The Boy Who Wept Blood
The Boy Who Wept Blood
Den Patrick
The Erebus Sequence
Check out our Author Profile of Den Patrick on Carabas here and you can read an Extract / Preview of this title here!
With his rich evocation of the Italian Renaissance-like realm of Landfall, his uniquely appealing way with flawed yet empathic characters and his ability to write gripping scenes of both action and subterfuge, Den Patrick has already established himself as a new favourite for fans of Scott Lynch and Robin Hobb alike.
Ten years have passed since the disappearence of Lucien and his protege, the young swordsman Dino, is struggling to live up to Lucien’s legacy. Sworn to protect the silent queen Anea as she struggles to bring a new democracy to Demesne, Dino finds himself drawn into a deadly game of political intrigue as the aristocratic families of Landfall conspire to protect their privilege. Always ready to prove himself as a swordsman Dino is anguished to discover that in order to fulfil his vow he must become both spy and assassion.
And all the while the dark secret at the heart of Demesne is growing towards fulfilment.”
An ornate yet dark fantasy, with echoes of Scott Lynch, Robin Hobb and Jon Courtenay Grimwood. An original and beautifully imagined world, populated by unforgettable characters. A debut novel which garnered rave reviews on publication from fellow authors, bloggers and the likes of SFX magazine.
>>> Now in Paperback – see our October 2015 New Book Recommends for more…
The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
Den Patrick
The Erebus Sequence
Lucien de Fontein has grown up different. One of the mysterious and misshapen Orfano who appear around the Kingdom of Landfall, he is a talented fighter yet constantly lonely, tormented by his deformity, and well aware that he is a mere pawn in a political game. Ruled by an insane King and the venomous Majordomo, it is a world where corruption and decay are deeply rooted – but to a degree Lucien never dreams possible when he first discovers the plight of the ‘insane’ women kept in the haunting Sanatoria.
Told in a continuous narrative interspersed with flashbacks we see Lucien grow up under the care of his tutors. We watch him forced through rigorous Testings, and fall in love, set against his yearning to discover where he comes from, and how his fate is tied to that of every one of the deformed Orfano in the Kingdom, and of the eerie Sanatoria itself.
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The Unreal and the Real Volume 2
Ursula K. Le Guin
Selected Stories
THE UNREAL AND THE REAL is a two-volume collection of stories, selected by Ursula Le Guin herself, and spans the spectrum of fiction from realism through magical realism, satire, science fiction, surrealism and fantasy.
Volume Two, OUTER SPACE, INNER LANDS, showcases Le Guin’s acclaimed stories of the fantastic, originally appearing in publications as varied as AMAZING STORIES, PLAYBOY, the NEW YORKER and OMNI, and contains 20 stories, including modern classics such as the HUGO AWARD-winning ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’, NEBULA-nominee ‘Nine Lives’; JAMES TIPTREE, JR MEMORIAL AWARD-winner (and HUGO and NEBULA-nominee) ‘The Matter of Seggri’; NEBULA AWARD-winner ‘Solitude’; and the secret history ‘Sur’, which was nominated for the HUGO AWARD and included in THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES.
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CBP - Half a King
Half a King
Joe Abercrombie
Shattered Sea
A classic coming-of-age tale set in a vivid and richly-imagined world from Sunday Times bestselling author Joe Abercrombie.
‘Grabbed me from page one and refused to let go’ GEORGE R.R. MARTIN
Betrayed by his family and left for dead, Prince Yarvi, reluctant heir to a divided kingdom, has vowed to reclaim a throne he never wanted.
But first he must survive cruelty, chains and the bitter waters of the Shattered Sea itself – all with only one good hand. Born a weakling in the eyes of a hard, cold world, he cannot grip a shield or swing an axe, so has sharpened his mind to a deadly edge.
Gathering a strange fellowship of the outcast, he finds they can help him more than any noble could. Even so, Yarvi’s path may end as it began – in twists, traps and tragedy…
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CBP Jan - Empire
John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard
The Chronicles of the Invaders
An epic tale of intrigue, violence and love, set in a time when an elite alien race rule supreme. For fans of Rick Yancey and Pittacus Lore.
EMPIRE is the follow-up to CONQUEST in the epic Chronicles of the Invaders trilogy by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard. As captivating as Pittacus Lore’s I AM NUMBER FOUR; as vividly realised as Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT.
She is the trophy of a civilization at war with itself.
He is its rebel captive.
Separated by millions of light years, they will fight to be united.
And they will risk everything to make their world – all worlds – right again.
Biographical Notes
John Connolly was born in Dublin. He is the bestselling author of eighteen books, including the Charlie Parker series and THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS, and an editor of the prizewinning non-fiction anthology BOOKS TO DIE FOR. EMPIRE is his twenty-second published book. Jennifer Ridyard was born in England and grew up in South Africa, where she worked as a journalist for many years. John and Jennifer live in Dublin.
Paperback now available
CBP Jan - Written in the Blood
Written in the Blood
Stephen Lloyd Jones
The new, enthralling supernatural thriller from Stephen Lloyd Jones, following his highly acclaimed debut THE STRING DIARIES
WRITTEN IN THE BLOOD is the blistering follow-up to Stephen Lloyd Jones’ acclaimed debut novel and Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club pick, THE STRING DIARIES.
High in the mountains of the Swiss Alps Leah Wilde is about to gamble her life to bring a powerful man an offer. A promise.
Leah has heard the dark stories about him and knows she is walking into the lion’s den. But her options are running out. Her rare lineage, kept secret for years, is under terrible threat. That is, unless Leah and her mother Hannah are prepared to join up with their once deadly enemies.
Should the prey ever trust the predator?
Is hope for future generations ever enough to wash away the sins of the past?
With a new and chilling danger stalking them all, and the survival of their society at stake, they may have little choice…
Biographical Notes
Stephen Lloyd Jones grew up in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, and studied at Royal Holloway College, University of London. He now lives in Surrey with his wife, three young sons and far too many books. His first novel, The String Diaries, is available in paperback from Headline.
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CA - Smilers Fair
Smiler’s Fair
Levene, Rebecca
The Hollow Gods
SMILER’S FAIR – Book I of The Hollow Gods, the spectacular new epic fantasy series by Rebecca Levene.
Yron the moon god died, but now he’s reborn in the false king’s son. His human father wanted to kill him, but his mother sacrificed her life to save him. He’ll return one day to claim his birthright. He’ll change your life.
He’ll change everything.
Smiler’s Fair: the great moving carnival where any pleasure can be had, if you’re willing to pay the price. They say all paths cross at Smiler’s Fair. They say it’ll change your life. For five people, Smiler’s Fair will change everything.
In a land where unimaginable horror lurks in the shadows, where the very sun and moon are at war, five people – Nethmi, the orphaned daughter of a murdered nobleman, who in desperation commits an act that will haunt her forever. Dae Hyo, the skilled warrior, who discovers that a lifetime of bravery cannot make up for a single mistake. Eric, who follows his heart only to find that love exacts a terrible price. Marvan, the master swordsman, who takes more pleasure from killing than he should. And Krish, the humble goatherd, with a destiny he hardly understands and can never accept – will discover just how much Smiler’s Fair changes everything.
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Jan - isbn9781444707304-detail
The Eye of Zoltar
Fforde, Jasper
Last Dragon-slayer
The third in Jasper Fforde’s Last Dragonslayer series – his first series for children, with his trademark magic and invention.
The Mighty Shandar, the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen, returns to the Ununited Kingdoms. Clearly, he didn’t solve the Dragon Problem, and must return his fee: eighteen dray-weights of gold.
But the Mighty Shandar doesn’t do refunds, and vows to eliminate the dragons – unless sixteen-year-old Jennifer Strange and her sidekicks from the Kazam house of enchantment can bring him the legendary jewel, The Eye of Zoltar.
The only thing that stands in their way is a perilous journey with a 50% Fatality Index – through the Cambrian Empire to the Leviathan Graveyard, at the top of the deadly Cadair Idris mountain. And it’s a quest that sees Jennifer fighting not just for her life, but for everything she knows and loves . . .
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The Galaxy Game
Karen Lord
Jo Fletcher
For years, Rafi Delarua saw his family suffer under his father’s unethical use of psionic power. Now the government has Rafi under close watch but, hating their crude attempts to analyse his brain, he escapes to the planet Punartam, where his abilities are the norm, not the exception. Punartam is also the centre for his favourite sport, wallrunning – and thanks to his best friend, he has found a way to train with the elite.
But Rafi soon realises he’s playing quite a different game, for the galaxy is changing; unrest is spreading and the Zhinuvian cartels are plotting, making the stars a far more dangerous place to aim. There may yet be one solution – involving interstellar travel, galactic power and the love of a beautiful game.
“An engrossing picaresque quest, a love story, and a moving character study of two very different people coming to understand themselves . . . Lord is on a par with Ursula K Le Guin’ – Guardian
‘Perfect for those looking for a new kind of story to read, one told without the usual trappings of the genre and envisioned in an innovative way’ – Speconspecfic.com
‘The author is clearly a class apart, and doubly so in terms of her prose . . . Utterly astonishing’ – Tor.com”
Karen Lord has been a physics teacher, a diplomat, a part-time soldier and an academic at various times and in various countries. She is now a writer and research consultant in Barbados.
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Jan - the-invisible-library-book-one-978144725623601
The Invisible Library
Genevieve Cogman
Carabas - BPOTM


The first instalment of an adventure featuring stolen books, secret agents and forbidden societies – think Doctor Who with librarian spies!
The redoubtable Irene is a spy for the secretive Library. And along with her enigmatic assistant Kai, she’s posted to an alternative London. Their mission: to retrieve a dangerous book. But when they arrive, it’s already been stolen. And London’s underground factions seem prepared to fight to the death to find her book.
Adding to the jeopardy, this world is also chaos-infested – so the laws of nature have been bent to allow supernatural creatures and unpredictable magic. As Irene juggles a heady mix of danger and clues, she finds out her assistant is hiding secrets of his own. While she’s up to her eyebrows in thieves and murderers, the stakes rise. For this assignment could endanger the Library – and the nature of reality itself.
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