Introducing ZOMBIES HATE KUNG FU – A Chat with Ricky-Marcel at LSCC!

LSCC - Zombies Hate Kung Fu 3 I’d spotted ZOMBIES HATE KUNG FU launching in the LSCC table guide. Speaking personally zombies aren’t really my thing (yes I know, everyone else loves them and I’m wrong). Kung Fu on the other hand… So before the con was out I made sure to head along for a chat with creator and writer Ricky-Marcel Pitcher.

So Zombies hate Kung Fu: of all the mash ups you could do in these waxing mash-up days (something for which the fast-paced comic medium is perfect for) it just struck me as a very canny idea indeed, quite aside from being a hell of a lot of fun. In Star Wars what we really want to see is Jedi kicking ass in the most massive way only this rather goes against their spiritual nature, quite aside from such trivialities of audience and certificate ratings; the best we get is ‘Robots hate the Force’.

But zombies vs wuxia (that’s Martial Hero in some form of Chinese by the by) is just the perfect self-legitimating excuse for uber-violence in the name of entertainment. And yes, this all certainly occurred to Ricky-Marcel Pitcher, writer and successful Kickstarter of the series. ‘Zombies are neutral’ as he says: basically perfect no-conscientious-objection wuxia fodder with the added potential bonus of high impact squelching sounds. LSCC - Zombies Hate Kung Fu 4
There’s also the secondary mash-up of the stoner buddy story as wuxia Mann’s pal is the pot-growing and smoking Ziggy, there to bring the comic relief, also to help establish that yes, there are still a good few zombies who would eat your brains or turn you into the same, but that life goes on. They’re touring post-apocalypse London trading ganja for other supplies.

LSCC - Zombies Hate Kung Fu 6*

LSCC - Zombies Hate Kung Fu 5

Still behind the fun is always business, and this little endeavour has been a long game the Kickstarter campaign having been successfully completed in September 2015. That means nothing of course: worthy projects take as long as they take and the real strength in all cases is perseverance. But Ricky-Marcel is also conscious of having a unique selling point and it’s a doozy. From the Kickstarter funding he’s hired Leo Au Yeung – fight choreographer on Ip Man and more – to choreograph the fight sequences for artist David Velasquez to draw in the comic!
Well it sounds like it’s all paying off. Of course there’s interest from comic readers and the dread legions of zombie fans – but he’s sold a whole bunch to martial artists and fans thereof as well. Great work Ricky-Marcel and all concerned!

Tim Bayley


[NB. All pictures pilfered from Very Graphic Novels]


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